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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. imackler
    I just have to say I have never enjoyed the HD650 more than with the Vali. Such a good next step for thus who want to get more out of their phones. 
  2. Mshenay
    Yea I hear alot about the need for helping hands! I might try to start doing recables actually! Start with a cheap ole headphone and see how it goes lol! 
  3. 4nradio
    I've been soldering HD800 connectors recently; Mini-XLR plugs seem like a big, comfy sofa to relax on in comparison  [​IMG]
    The basic tools like a decent temperature-controlled & grounded soldering station makes a world of difference. Ones like these are an excellent value for around forty bucks:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/121144589108  
    In addition to the usefulness of a small vise and the "helping hands" accessory, I'd add a small needle-dispenser bottle of rosin flux or at least a flux "pen". 
  4. meanandgreen
  5. meanandgreen
    I'm curious if you have tried the HD650 with any other Schiit amps like the Valhalla and if so what you thought compared with the much less costly Vali. (Edit - according to the Guide on the Schiit website they recommend the Valhalla).
  6. jim723
    I connected the line out of iBasso to the RCA input of Vali. I would assume the line out of your FM tuner should work too. I have always felt the SR80 was too bright and bass light (bought it out of curiosity). With Vali the SR80 still sounded a little bright but it's more tolerable. The bass is now more solid and present. I also was wondering if I should try a higher Grado or the AD900x on Vali.
  7. rwitt
    Hi Jim!
    Thanks for getting back. I am not familiar with the iBasso but a line output is what every stereo component has in my way of figuring they should all work. I have literally no line outputs left anywhere in my actual systems. The preamp outs and tape outs are all in use. So the Vali will need to go with a dedicated component line out such as my tuner in a stand alone bedside system - Tuner or CD player plus the headphone amp. It should work fine even with a cassette player line out! (Fingers crossed).

    I have really only recently heard the 80's with a proper level from a vintage receiver and did notice some extended highs and much fuller bass with a wide soundstage. Much nicer sound than a simple connection to a CD or tape deck. I'm hoping the Vali will continue that trend for me. I called Schiit for some questions I've had on using a line level component rather than my amp as an input. I'll post what they have to say.

    Right now I am considering buying a better set of phones as well as I tally my Christmas debt! I am completely taken by how much headphones have taken over my audio mind after the time I spent building two beautiful high end systems in my house. I'm amazed....
  8. jpalenzuela

    D42 mamba with vali amp looks like an amazing combo. Im getting D42 Mamba for my SR80is and when I upgrade to MS2 im going to buy vali
  9. mangler
    Don't know if it's already been mentioned, but Radiohead's hilarious "review" is actually on Schiit's Vali review page, just like Jason promised
  10. kelvinquanqi
    Hi, I am just into head-fi community. I have a HD700 and am looking for a good budget amp. How does your HD700 sound with Asgard 2? And which dac do you use? Any suggested combos? Thanks!
  11. MickeyVee
    When I had my HD700, it sounded awesome out of the Lyr/Bifrost combo so I would suggest Vali/Bifrost or Bifrost Uber.  I've got a feeling that the A2 may accentuate the treble on the HD700 too much.
  12. dunkrag
    Another vote for a glorious sound coming out of my iMac into the Vali and listening with the HD650s. 
    Any advantage to getting a dedicated DAC? Would adding the Modi up the quality compared the the iMac's internal one... ? 
  13. shipsupt
    A friend and fellow Head-Fi'er was kind enough to lend me his Vali over the holidays (before he had even listened to it himself! THANKS!).  I jumped at the chance to spend some time with this little $120 wonder, and have enjoyed every minute with it since.  I've primarily been splitting time between the HD-800 and Paradox. 
  14. Purrin would hate that setup. He's a Motzart man.
  15. kelvinquanqi
    Thank you so much for your quick reply, MickeyVee! I have ordered my Vali this morning and paired with my Fiio E7k. I guess my next move is the lyr/bifrost uber combo! Thank you for your suggestions!
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