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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. brhfl
    I think so... Don't know what the output stage in an iMac is like, but I would assume my Mac Pro is comparable, and even Modi was a huge improvement. Of course, at the time there were six spinning drives, etc. inside the Pro, lot of room for interference..! But even the TOSLINK output never seemed that great to me, not sure the internal clock is quite up to snuff... Async USB is nice, and Modi ran incredibly reliably on my Mac when it was connected.
  2. brennanx1
    Hey guys, I just opened mine up to test with the Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm. 
    Let me just say that I already notice a difference in sound quality, most likely from the modi I bought as well. Now, there is one thing that I'm wondering about. Since I have to keep my volume kinda high most of the time to drive these headphones, I'm not sure if this is my fault or just the equipment burning in. First of all, the bass isn't as strong as I expected. That may improve later on though because I haven't even used it for an hour. Lastly, I noticed a slight buzzing when there are vocals. It's kinda like the sound your voice makes when you talk in front of a fan. It only happens sometimes, but I'm not really sure. 
    Everything is great otherwise, and maybe it will resolve itself when it burns in anyways. 
  3. ryant
    Here is my little mini review of the Modi/Vali combo with the HE-300's. First off, I only have about 10 hours time on this as I just got it yesterday evening. My other sources for comparison are my computers onboard sound card (not great).

    Fit and Finish


    As you guys probably already know, the fit and finish are fantastic. I was really impressed with both components. The stack looks very elegant and doesn't feel cheap in any way. You can tell Schiit really pays attention to the details on their gear. It's surprising to see this in such low cost units. Build quality seems very good as well. The coating seems very clear and even and the rubber feet are a nice touch. The lettering and logo on units are both well done and classy. All the holes and screws are nice and clean. I did find the LED's a bit bright but honestly not too bad. My Vali is 772 and upon first opening the package I looked to see if my tubes had come up off the board as so many others had reported happening. So far no sign of them being lifted off the foam.

    There are a few things I didn't love about the combo. I feel like the volume pot is a bit stiff and not as smooth as I would hope. Granted I do feel a bit silly saying that given the ridiculously low price point this amp is at. Aside from the volume knob feel, I have an ever so slight channel imbalance at the very start of the volume pot. If I start at 0 and very slowly turn it up, the left channel comes on first and then the right picks up shortly there after. This is at levels so low that you can barely hear the music so it's not a big deal. The only other thing I would change is the gain. I find that it's exceptionally loud at about 10 O'clock. I feel that with these cans, I would never need to turn it up higher than that. I wish I had a bit more play in the volume pot. Granted I can see the trade offs that must be made for an amp that is going to be used for a wide variety of cans. I would hate to have some inefficient cans that couldn't achieve the volume needed. I know I can adjust the volume going from the Modi via the windows volume but I like to try and run that at 100%. Those are my only gripes with it but overall they are no where near deal breakers. I am still floored that I could get a DAC and tube amp of this quality for $220. This is just an INSANE deal. 


    I will say right up front it takes a few minutes to really get warmed up. This is my first foray into the wonderful world of tubes so I really didn't know what to expect. I brought the package into the house and let it sit for about an hour to let it warm up from the cold. I sadly didn't have any good quality cables on hand so I'm using a generic RCA and USB cable. I will be buying some proper cables shortly. After hooking it up, my computer immediately recognized the Modi and I was all set. Upon first flipping the switch I heard a very faint ringing for about 5 seconds. I had honestly expected a lot more ringing from this unit but was pleasantly surprised with almost no issues. I can rap on the case and hardly get a peep out of it. Adjusting volume or pounding on the desk doesn't trigger any ringing either. I may have just been extremely lucky with my unit and I can imagine with variances in the tubes themselves some could be worse than others. 

    I decided to just jump right in with the music and see how it compared to my onboard sound card. Here are some early impressions once it was warmed up.

    Paper Hearts and She by Silver Trees:
    Mp3 128Kbps
    Even though these tracks are low bitrate MP3s, I love to use them to evaluate systems because there are so many interesting layers to the music. The guitar picking on both tracks were very defined with a hint of warmth. The vocals were just fantastic. There are some interesting reverb and layering effects used on the songs. I feel that it takes a system with a fair bit of resolution to be able to distinctly pick apart all the reverb and layers while not clouding the whole presentation. The drums were overall clear but suffered from compression of the MP3. All in all the vocals really stole the show with these tracks. The resolution and presentation were far and away greater than my onboard sound card. 

    Heaven by Los Lonely Boys:
    This is another go to track for me. I feel that for a mainstream album, it's mixed and mastered well. Right away the electric guitar riffs were smooth and very well defined. I could hear the reverb and hint of distortion on the instrument which is great. I could hear the separate guitar riffs clear as day. The cymbals, toms, and snare were all nice and sharp with only a tad bit of smearing on the cymbals. The bass came through defined and with some amazing warmth. I feel it can tend to get lost in the mix with this track but I didn't have any trouble picking it out. The vocals were the star of the show on this track. They were buttery smooth and just fantastic.

    Fix You by Coldplay:
    I've always felt that Coldplay tended to master their material a bit to hot in the treble so I love to use their material to test how a system will handle the treble when it. I felt the Modi/Vali did a wonderful job on this track. The organ and piano sounded a bit warm to my ears but overall had a clean and clear presentation. The guitar came in a bit hot but very controlled and never seemed to edge over the line for me. The vocals again were stunning through this track. I can't get over how buttery smooth they are! Even though they can tend to sound harsh on this track, the Modi/Vali combo didn't skip a beat here. When the song picked up speed with the distorted guitar and drums it still maintained composure and very good instrument separation. I could hear the compression on the track (mainly with the cymbals becoming splashy) but I believe that is a product of the compression applied to the recording. 

    Back's Against the Wall by Judah & the Lion:
    This is an interesting track. I love the variety of instruments and even though I think the recording isn't the best I've heard, I still love to see how a system will present this track. Right away the guitar and upright bass sounded well defined with a bit of a laid back feel. The mandolin and banjo both came through with incredibly realism and separation. Drums on this track typically sound a bit muffled and compressed and that was represented here as well. I feel the vocals have an interestin grunge applied to them. I don't know if that was on purpose or an effect of the mastering but they were well layered and defined. Overall the Modi/Vali did a great job providing a clear defined and spacious sound to this track.  

    Overall Sound
    I can honestly say the Modi/Vali combo is a pretty staggering difference from my onboard sound card. The amp itself was still cold to the touch on the first few tracks and had a bit of harshness to it. Once It physically warmed up that faded away to an incredibly sweet and clean sound. The onboard card had always sounded dull and veiled while being slightly splashy in the higher treble ranges. The Modi/Vali really took control of the sound. The extension seemed great and instrument separation was phenomenal. So far I would have to say the main attraction here is the buttery smooth mid range and incredible detail that this combo can pull out of the music. Even with poorly recorded tracks and compressed MP3s I found myself hearing so much detail and clarity. I don't think I've come across a track that really sounded harsh. It's just such a pleasant sound signature. 

    Final Thoughts


    This combo is literally a no brainer in my opinion. I have been out of the audio world for the past 4-5 years and this combo along with my HE-300's are my entry back into it. I listen to this setup and am shocked at the quality I've gotten for a mere $370. I could honestly say that I don't need anything better than this combo. I'm sure I will still purchase more gear because I love to hear different things and tinker with equipment but the detail, resolution, and overall presentation of this setup is just off the charts. I can't wait to get more play time with this combo and see how it changes and matures over the burn in period.  

    [Edited to make more sense]
  4. mikemercer
    GREAT job!!
    My Vali is on the way!!
    I LOVED it at CanJam (see our collective report at Audio360.org HERE)
    Psyched to dig into my own review!
    Again, hats off on your effort here!
  5. jaywillin

    mike, the vali is so good, if i weren't for my need/want of a preamp functionality, i might let the lyr go, and maybe try a balanced amp
  6. Mshenay
    That's not good, could be an issue with your dac, the amp or the headphone. I notcied with my DT 880 600 ohm as well, the bass had an inrease of GRIT and punch WAY down into the Sub Bass, adn the vocals are crystal clear on my Vali and DT 880. I did notice that sourced out of my UAC 202 dac [I had to use the Headphone out on that unit which meant I was double amping] I noticed some issues with the bass... but not a lack there of. 
  7. gidgiddonihah
    I just opened my new HE-400's for Christmas.  Loving the hell out of these things but I am of the opinion it needs a bit more than my Dragonfly can offer.  Anyone have a Dragonfly > Vali > HE-400 setup and can comment? You know your audiophile is bad when you get $400 headphones and want to upgrade your system along with it [​IMG]
  8. brennanx1
    Well, now that is has burnt in for about 8-10 hours, it has definitely improved. I actually cannot hear the vocal problem anymore. The bass isn't as strong as my other amp, but I was able to fix that with a little EQ adjustment. It sounds 3x better than it did yesterday. :)
  9. nabwong

    Congrats on the he400. I have the modi-vali-he400. I previously used the e17 and i thought the he400 was a little fatiguing but the vali has tamed the highs really well. I wouldn't say the vali is warm. I think just south of neutral. It's a great pairing I think. I haven't heard many high end amps recently but I'm not sure it's worth spending much more on an amp after the vali. I think after that, it's just differences of sound and not so much the technical aspect. But maybe I'm wrong.
  10. Rem0o
    You'll say the same thing at each step up [​IMG]
  11. rwitt
    ryant-Super nice review and great pics. Just your enthusiasm shows how nice these products are!
    Thank you...
    Ron :D
  12. nabwong

    Haha. How much of that is just me trying to justify the money I'm spending. :wink:
  13. mikemercer
    are you stuck to tubes?
    I only ask because I enjoy both SS and tubes...
  14. theOmni
    Hello everyone. I have the Titanium HD sound card. What is the best way to connect this to the Vali? 
    Sound card's Headphone 3.5mm -> Vali's RCA
    Sound card's L/R Channel-> Vali's RCA
    I intend on having this connected to my Q701 headphones.
  15. mikemercer
    whenever you can go RCA-to-RCA do it
    less possibility of noise
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