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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. lord_tris
    get some power conditioning for it.
  2. K.T.

    Yes! As long as you're not a Treble Monstrosity, all is good!

    Say, you aren't related to Count Chocula or Frankenberry, are you?
  3. First Gen Hun
    Well, Elizabeth Bathory and Vlad the Impaler were both from former Hungarian regions so... [​IMG]
    And why have only those two?  Mix ALL the Halloween cereals!
  4. Transformatron
    Mine shipped! I hope I get it by Wednesday. I got my Modi today and it's just sitting there mocking me...
  5. bigbenrfan99
    Is there any problem with using a DAC with only a 3.5 mm out with the Vali?  I have the cable I would need, but I am wondering if there would somehow be a lower sound quality than using a comparable DAC with RCA output.
  6. thegunner100

  7. darinf
    FYI, I just received a 75ohm adapter that is meant for Etymotic ER4P's to make it into an ER4S, but it also works great for using IEM/CIEM's with the Vali.
    Here's the item I purchased from EBay, but there are lots of them if you search for Etymotic ER4P adapter:
    I ordered it on 12/3 and it arrived from Hong Kong in today's mail.
    I have only had it for a few minutes, but it definitely makes my Noble 6 IEM's useable with the Vali. Previously at around 30 Ohms, the Noble 6's were way too noisy with the Vali. Now with this 75 Ohm adapter, I can have my AK120 at full volume (75.0) and the Vali volume set to about 9 o'clock for good listening levels. But the  best thing is that there is absolutely no hiss/noise. I will try some other CIEM's, but I assume this adapter will work also.
    I briefly compared the adapter to my Nano Patch + which also works to tame the hiss. I can't say for sure, but I think the sound is better using just this adapter instead of a pot on the Nano, as you would imagine given that the sound is going through a resistor vs. a potentiometer.
    The adapter itself doesn't seem to change the sound, but it's hard to compare with all the hiss without the adapter.
    Anyway, for the $13, it was worth it. Someone else was getting a cheaper adapter that was shipped from the US. I wonder how that worked out?
  8. Skolar311
    Ok, I have a question for you guys.
    I just sold my HiFiMAN EF2A because I've been so happy with the Schiit Magni/Modi combo. It just seemed to be a far superior combo from what the EF2A could provide.
    Now, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it (and perhaps miss it a little) but now that the Vali has come out I find myself excited about tubes again. What I didn't like about the EF2A was the limiting 16/44.1 support, channel imbalance, and slightly closed sound-stage. And that's where the Magni/Modi excels for me.
    I watch lots of movies, play lots of games and listen to lots of music. Would the Vali excel anywhere where the Magni could not?
    Any feedback is appreciated :)
  9. tdockweiler
    Yes, it's a bit fuller in the mids, less thin/metallic sounding and has smoother (but no lack of) treble.
    The Magni has better controlled bass in my experience and the soundstage isn't as closed in.
    I would say that if you're using the Vali with a headphone it plays very well with than it's slightly more neutral than the Magni (to me).
    My Magni was fairly neutral, but sort of bright sounding. Nothing too bad but I wouldn't pair it with a DT-990, SR-325 or similar. It's OK with a Q701.
    VALI IMO is a side-grade. Not as good as an "all-rounder" IMO. Not a big deal if you don't plan on having more than a few headphones.
  10. jaywillin
    man, this little amp has got some juice !!
    it sounds really good driving my lcd2.2
  11. Skolar311
    Thank you for that detailed explanation! I didn't really think it was going to take much to push me to get it because it's so affordable and I'm quickly becoming a Schiit-head. In fact, I already am a Schiit-head. The only headphones I own at the moment are the Shure SRH-840's and the Sennheiser HD600's. I've found the Magni/Modi runs them both beautifully, so now I look forward to my Vali experience.
    Like you said, I don't plan on owning more than a few headphones. My 3rd and final pair will probably be the HE-400/500's because I gotta at least jump on the Ortho bandwagon :)
    Thanks again for the info!
  12. hans030390
    Monoprice is fantastic for how little you have to pay. Blue Jeans cable offer a nice step up from Monoprice...noticeably more pricey, but I'm sure you've seen pricier. It's great stuff without the ridiculous pricing. I did not have a Monoprice cable to compare, but against a generic RCA cable, I measured a -6dB reduction in 60Hz noise and distortion moving to the BJ RCA cable. Very thick, presumably good shielding, solid. Better than anything I've gotten from Monoprice in terms of overall quality (likely little to no sound difference except maybe in particular situations or in electrically noisy environments like my own), but I also paid a good bit more...something like $30 for a 6' cable vs just a few bucks from Monoprice. But I have to say I was very impressed once I got the BJ cable in my hands. Obviously, I listen to cables with my hands.
  13. tdockweiler
    Sorry for the off-topic post, but BJC also uses Belden Wire too I believe and it's made in the USA. I actually find it better than Mogami. IMO Mogami W2893 has the best shielding and it's dirt cheap.
    I know the thickness of the copper doesn't always matter, but the Monoprice stuff is thread-like thin inside. It's like 99% all plastic. It has good shielding though but doesn't even look like copper wiring!
    I actually think the Wal-Mart RCA/GE brand crap is just as good.
    Right now I use a DIY Double Helix (DHC) interconnect cable I made from scraps I stole from a friend.
    Redco is a bit cheaper than BJC and another good option.

  14. UmustBKidn
    Two words: Rubber Grommets.
  15. UmustBKidn
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