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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. Barry S
    I popped my Vali open and carefully pressed down both tubes--it took less than 5 minutes.
    My advices:
    Use a small phillips screwdriver and put the screws in a small cup.
    Gently remove the chassis cover by pulling it straight forward.
    Press down the tubes with a microfiber or other clean cloth.
    Gently replace chassis cover by moving it straight forward onto chassis--keep your eye on the power led to make sure it comes back through the hole.
    Replace screws.
  2. lord_tris
    VALI yay next to the Magni. :)
  3. ssrock64
    A lot of small-shop manufacturers ship their products with Monoprice cables. My previously-mentioned ODAC came with a USB to mini-USB from them.
  4. tdockweiler
    Wonder if there is something people can use to be sure the tubes don't pop back out again? Or is the foam still sticky enough?
    Something that won't catch on fire (I know the tubes are not hot)?
    Maybe a dot of Silicone Door/Window sealant? Most of that is rated up to 400F
    It's pretty cool that Schiit allows this since I know opening amps normally voids a warranty.
  5. 4nradio
    That sounds like a good idea to me. Jason explained in an earlier post that the tubes are basically at room temperature; it's the solid state amp parts that are hotter.
    A blob of the silicone that fully surrounds the tip of the tube and is stuck to the PCB could provide enough stability or restriction to keep the tube from rising off the sticky foam again over time.
  6. stratocaster
    Just press down the tubes and don't wet your pants. This is a >$100 device, not a $10000 diva. The Vali can take it.
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  7. lord_tris
    I am sorry but all you people that complain about this ringing from vibrations...Really you can barely hear it and its gone in seconds.  I had to literately tap on it hard AF to get it to ring and it was gone in 2-3 secs... And when I had unplugged the headphone and plugged them right back in it happened was gone in 2-3 secs... I guess you have to have something to complain about. LOL.  And I just got it in the mail today about 40 mins ago. Since it was like 28 degrees outside today I turned it on and left it be for about 30 mins before I  started listening. This Amp is excellent sounding with with HD700s I am borrowing. Next to the SPL Phonitor I really liked. In this price range this amp IS some GOOD SCHIIT. 
  8. AxelCloris Administrator
    Are your tubes elevated at a 45º angle like mine was, or are yours still properly dampened by remaining attached to the board? That's probably why. :p
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  9. lord_tris
    Could not tell you.. Just plugged it up and let it warm up and now I am enjoying some Dave Matthews. DAMN good This HD700 and Vali Great match up.
  10. imackler
    I had no ringing with my Vali. It's awesome. But... let's be patient guys! Those people with the tubes dislodged hear much more ringing than those who didn't. And for some people, myself included, $131 is a big deal. I can't remember the last time I ordered something costing that much that needed me to open it up and fix it upon arrival. Schiit runs a business (and a good one)...not a charity. Its ok if some people are concerned that they fix their amp and do it the right way; I know i'd be nervous how the best way to push a tube back in would be! It wasn't until someone risked ruining their warranty (which I'm glad they didn't!) and posted pictures that Schiit was even aware that the tubes had come dislodged.
    I just don't want to see fellow headfiers teased or dismissed because their product isn't working as Schiit intended or are nervous about fixing it the right way. 
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  11. lord_tris
    Not teasing or dismissing, If it did not sound right send it back. My Magni got the Volume Pot noise, I sent it back and its perfect now. Schiit is an awesome company and Jason will work with you to fix the problem. All I was saying that its not half as bad as others are putting it out to be. Which could deter a future head-fi'er from looking at the amp. Schiit backs the amps 100% so give them a chance to fix it. 
  12. stratocaster
    You guys read Jason, right?
    Begin quote ---- "Nope, won't affect the warranty at all. I wouldn't have suggested it if it would. Sorry for the trouble!" ---- End quote
    End post
  13. Redcarmoose
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  14. imackler
    I agree with all that about Schiit.
    But I'm not sure how you would know "its not half as bad as others are putting it out to be"...if your's doesn't have the same problem? If you wanted to take off your top and dislodge the tubes, you might be able to tell people its not bad. But right now, it's like saying "my tire is not flat, so stop you're whining"... That make sense only as long as no one has a flat tire!
    I'm with you. Mine works great. But obviously there were two different experiences of the "ringing". Jason just told us the same and told us how to fix it. 
  15. imackler
    I know. But the first guy who popped his lid off to find the problem/solution didn't know that because Jason hadn't said it yet :)
    Edit: And for the record, I love the Vali, love Schiit, love headfi. Over and out. 
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