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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. Rudiger
    What about vali and akg k550 ? (And modi) For the moment i use the magni. Thanx !
  2. K.T.

    So just a tip to those of us opening up the Vali. The screw are on the smallish size, but that doesn't mean you will need a small screwdriver. You can use a large one.

    HOWEVER, your screwdriver must have the correct tip profile.

    What I mean is, the tip of a Phillips (cross) head screwdriver forms a "V" shape, from the tip to the shoulders. You will need to have the correct angle or the screwdriver won't grab the screw properly. When that happens, the tip can slip out and you can strip the screw head. Of course, that deforms the metal, and the next time you try to screw, there's no material for the screwdriver to grab onto.

    When you have the correct tip profile, the screwdriver will fully and firmly seat into the screw head and fully engage with the internal surfaces.

    In the case of a large screwdriver (with the correct tip profile), you'll only be using a tiny bit of the tip, but it will seat fully and correctly into the screw. That is the key thing.

    Also, you will want to keep fairly firm downward pressure whether you are closing or opening the screw. It seems counter intuitive when you're taking out a screw, but that downward pressure is necessary to keep the screwdriver firmly seated in the screw. Too little pressure and the torque will cause the screwdriver to slip out of the screw head, possibly stripping the metal.

    Just some tips (pun incidental).

    Btw, the most common tip profile is a #2. The screws on the Vali use a finer/steeper tip profile. I don't recall what is is, but you probably shouldn't use a standard screwdriver from a tool kit. That will probably be a #2, which is too big.

    Also, I tried to use one of those smallish jeweler screwdrivers to start with. I had one with the correct tip profile, and big enough to fill the entire screw head, but those pencil thin handles didn't give enough torque to undo the screws. The screws come fairly tight from the factory.

    Better to use a screwdriver with the correct tip profile and a normal sized handle.
  3. Stapsy
    I would say it is the Head-Fi Amp of the Year...it is that good
  4. K.T.

    I think you got an amp with less microphonic tubes.

    Remember that the internal structure of these tube is mechanical, and is very fine and minaturized. There can be significant variation of machanical characteristics from sample to sample. So, yeah, you probably got some of the better tubes in your amp.

    It is, indeed, a great sounding amp and a terrific value.
  5. FraGGleR
    Congratulations!  You are so awesome that yours doesn't ring much!  LOL.  You are totally right that people like me who have ringing that can last up to 45 seconds upon plug in or tapping are either making it up or just complaining about nothing.  ROFL!
  6. First Gen Hun
    I'm the non audiophile girlfriend of lord_tris and I wanted to listen to both the Magni and the Vali
    I listened to one of my preferred artists for comparison: Enya - Memory of Trees
    Headphones used were HD700 with DHC Cable and foam mod borrowed from EeePee 
    Source Yamaha s2500
    DIY interconnects 
    Vali - I listened to the first track and noticed an immediate difference from listening to MoT on regular CD players.  There was a warmth to the song which I have not heard of before.  There was also a significant emphasis on mid-range and heard low-range a lot more.  Typically, I'm not a huge fan of low-range (bass) but there was more "life" to the song.
    Magni -  I don't want to be a downer since he just got the Vali, but I really like the Magni far more.  I was able to hear a lot of the highs that I don't hear on a regular CD player and the bass was not overpowering.  I'd take the Magni over the Vali any day.
    ...after I voiced my assessment, I got called a Treble Monster.  That's a good thing?
  7. Misterrogers
    Thanks for chiming in First Gen Hun! It's kinda cool to hear impressions from those not steeped in this hobby. And yea, it's perfectly fine to be a Treble Monster. We each have our preferences, and they have much to do with our gear preferences.
  8. AxelCloris Administrator
    It's perfectly fine. After all he does own DarthBeyers... :wink:
  9. thegunner100

    Treble monster... yeah, solid state + hd700 definitely fits the description of a treble monster :p
    Welcome to head-fi!
  10. First Gen Hun
    :D  He figured it be a good idea for me to post and then therefore any new item he comes across he could have me listen to it and I can give my own assessment.
    Won'tcha be my neighboooor?
    Well, I can see why he joined the Dark Side.  I hear there's cookies.
    I really do like the wood cup thingies but he uses waaay too much bass.  I can't hear a lot of the highs that I'm looking for.  It also helps keep all the sound contained as opposed to the HD700's that I can hear from the next room over.
    Thank you!  As that being my first post and first "official" review, I thought I'd not outright say I hate bass.  Hate is such a strong word.
  11. Eee Pee
    ...that have been sitting on my shelf doing nothing since I got the HD 650s last Monday.
    He's gonna get used to the HD 700s and put the Darths back on and be in for quite a shock.
  12. purrin
    LOL, as you already know, many of your friendly neighborhood HF / audiophile friends used to call you a "Treble Monster". And that was perfectly fine among all of us.
  13. Misterrogers
    Heh. Guilty as charged [​IMG]
  14. lord_tris
    Not that the hd700 wouldn't be doing the same thing.
  15. Eee Pee
    Might be true, though it was an 800 and Sonett weekend.  Buzzy transformer on the Mjolnir... 
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