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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. leesure


    Here's an ever more obvious clue from earlier on "How big a deal are microphonics? To find out, I asked the average "man on the street" if they were worried about microphonics or if they thought it was a non-issue. Most people ignored me, but one man dressed as Jesus in a diaper stated in no uncertain terms that "aliens kidnapped his baby and that's where applesauce comes from." Strong words indeed, and something that should make Schiit think twice before downplaying microphonics in the future.

  2. Stapsy

    I think you are giving him too much credit. Eric Idle seems more apt.
  3. FraGGleR
    I think this thread should go back to user impressions as opposed to review criticism.
  4. leesure

    Gosh, sorry dad.

    I guess there haven't been enough user impressions yet, eh?

    I provided mine weeks ago...where are yours?

  5. doublea71

    I took it as a guy who thought he was being funny, but inappropriately since he is a vetted head-fi contributor who was sent a piece of gear. I've never read such a flippant review on head-fi that didn't at least try to include some useful commentary. As funny as it may be to some or even the people at Schiit (and I do appreciate not taking this stuff too seriously), I'd be very hesitant to send him something to review if I were a manufacturer from a country where the humor doesn't translate - not every manufacturer is a native speaker of English and I would imagine most expect a modicum of professionalism when they go through the trouble of sending gear to a guy with a bona fide head-fi name tag on his profile. I reserve the right to be completely wrong about all of my assumptions. Good night and good luck.
  6. Jason Stoddard
    This. I will be linking to this as The Best Vali Review of All Time.
    I knew it was parody at the first sentence. In addition to Schiit, I'm a published, award-winning science fiction author, so either (a) I know a thing or two about writing, or (b) I also write complete dreck. Either is fine by me--the review was hilarious!
    Schiit Audio Stay updated on Schiit Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Schiit/ http://www.schiit.com/
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  7. doublea71

    It just says new vali schiit amp!!! in the title, nothing about it being an impressions thread. I get your drift, though.
  8. SMG52
    In rereading your review (thanks for that), I noticed that you seem to have only used the Modi with the Vali. With all this talk about the Vali responding very well to 'better' dacs, I wondered if you were able to check it out with any other dacs while you had it? From your experience with it, would you even consider  using the Vali to drive your LCD-X?
  9. Zojokkeli
    Okay, so I received my Modi and Vali today and hooked them up to my PC.  Apparently my Windows (Win 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1) doesn't recognize Modi. Are there some special drivers to be downloaded in a case like this or something? 
    I linked Vali and my old uDAC 2 together and they sound fine, but without my Schiit stack complete I feel dead inside. I'd hate to return the Modi, plus I live in Europe so there's that extra hassle over international shippings etc. Wat do? [​IMG]
  10. leesure

    Sadly, my Vali had to go home before I had a chance to test it with other DAC's. If I were listening at the studio, where I have the Schiit Mini-Stack, I would absolutely use it to drive my LCD-X's. There's plenty of power. That said, I would probably reach for the Mjolnir first if I were at home.

    I would probably drive the X's with the Vali before the Lyr. I wasn't crazy about the synergy between the X and Lyr. Too lush.
  11. FraGGleR
    Slow your roll, son.  I have posted several times with my impressions.  
    I thought the review was good satire, too, but you can't convince someone who doesn't see it as such that it is so.  
    Seems like it would be a waste of your time and not really relevant or useful in a thread about an amp.
  12. K.T.

    Yes, the 580s can be great and sometimes more musical than the 600s. But you have to pair it with the right amp to get the most out of it (true for all phones generally).

    Both can sound glorious, but how would I describe the differences? The 580s are warmer and maybe less resolving (even though they supposedly use the same drivers), but there's a suppleness and organic quality to the sound that is just hypnotic. But if you don't have just the right phone/amp combination, they can sound like a overly-warm, bloated mess.

    The 600s, on the other hand, sound more dynamic and clear, but lack the suppleness and organic quality I just described above. They sound stiffer in comparison. Still, they can sound great.

    For those of you who know tube amps, the 580 would be akin to a really involving single ended tube amp (like 2A3 or 300B), whereas the 600 are akin to a really good push-pull tube amp.

    But, IMO, you have to get the right phone/amp synergy with both, it they can sound really wrong.

    I will try both with the Vali when I have time and report back.
  13. leesure
    Sorry if I came off as aggressive there.  I just take issue when people try to shape the conversation.  Sometimes the most interesting points are made i posts that skirt the edges of 'on topic'
  14. AHorseNamedJeff
    ITT: oblivious folk
    come on people I was laughing the whole time. Very well executed subtle satire. Maybe if he'd read it aloud you would've heard it in tone and thus, funnier. :rolleyes:
  15. Barry S
    I accidentally posted the following comment on the HD650 thread, but meant to post it here. Reposting because there's a lot of interest in the HD650s out of the Vali--sorry for any bad forum etiquette.
    After my disappointment with the Modi>Vali>HD650, I've been auditioning the Gungnir>Vali>HD650, and I'm shocked at the difference in sound. With the Modi chain, the HD650 sounded flabby and hazy with compressed dynamics.  The Gungnir chain largely cleans up those problems and makes the HD650 sound very rich with exciting dynamics. I have to listen to the Gungnir>Mjolnir>HD650 again, but I'm not sure I've ever heard the HD650 treble with this much sparkle and clarity. The mid-bass punch of the HD650 hits like a prize fighter--maybe a bit too much, but very fun. The soundstage is intimate, but instrument separation and detail are very nice. This is one of the best chains I've ever heard for the HD650.  I think some of the preferences for the HD600 comes from plugging it into muddy signal chains.  The Gungnir>Vali>HD650 may make you forget about the HD600.
    Schiit should never have used the Modi-sized chassis for the Vali, because the Modi doesn't begin to take advantage of the Vali's potential.  The Vali deserves a high quality DAC.
    Added: I realize it may sound a little looney writing about a $119 amp and a $749 DAC, but I'm just trying to make some observations with the gear I have available. If the HD650 is your love, the Vali with a good DAC is a nice combination. For whatever reason, the Modi>Vali>HD650 is a weak combination, so it's worth testing other DACs.

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