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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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    The world changes. Even if it were to disappear, there're more than enough out there for your entire lifetime. 
  2. Nic Rhodes
    just finished listening to Mahler 4 Solti and then  the amazing Ataulfo Argenta doing 'Espana' with LSO in 1957. The Vali is incredible as an amp. What fun... This rocks.
  3. kstuart
    The Vali doesn't sound closed in - it sounds very open - the excellent detail includes room reflections and other cues that help it sound open.
    But the soundstage is shallow and slightly narrow, and that makes things sound "up front" and present.  It is first row seats, not the middle of the hall.
  4. Xyzygy
    Since you're unable to show a correlation between any of your citation-less statistics that would create an accurate profile of a "younger head-fier," your conclusion is baseless.
  5. manbear

    The thing is, you don't need to listen to classical or jazz to hear a variety of instruments. I don't know if jazz really has a greater variety of instruments than a lot of rock music, either... I'm not actually offended (since I am a young person and it's true that I neither listen to jazz nor classical much), it just seems like you're making an unfair characterization that comes off as rather dismissive. You'll hear just as many if not more different instruments on a Shpongle or Dead Can Dance album than you would on a classical album, to give an example. There is also plenty of acoustic indie rock and folk music that benefits from timbral accuracy just as much as Diana Krall or whatever the old farts listen to these days [​IMG] 
  6. TheGame

    Hi Zojokkeli,
    According to Schiit:
    USB Powered, No Drivers
    Modi plugs into virtually any computer—Windows, Mac, and some of the most popular Linux distros, as well as iPhones and iPads—and requires no drivers to deliver great sound, up to 24/96 sampling rates. It features asynchronous transfer with individual crystal oscillators for the 44.1 and 48k sampling rates, and uses the USB Audio 1.0 standard over USB 2.0, and is powered by the USB port.
    So no you shouldn't need any drivers for the Modi. Have you tried different USB ports, prefererably a USB port that is directly on your PC's Motherboard (not a USB hub)? It is also recommended to use a USB 2.0 cable 3 Meters or less.
    Have you went into the Windows Control Panel - > Sound -> and made sure that the Modi was set as your default audio device?
    Make sure to do the above step, and after you click on sound select the "Playback" tab. With the Modi connected via USB, under the playback tab it should show up as a playback device. Make sure you select it, then right-click on it and select "Set as Default Device"
    Hope this fixes your issue. If not, please report back.
  7. Nic Rhodes
    I would avoid USB3 ports (stick to 2) and also prefer driving the Modi from a powered USB HUB box (with separate PSU) in preference from just the laptop.
  8. Zojokkeli
    Hi! And thanks for the reply!
    I tried all the usb-ports on my PC and none of them recognizes Modi. I have an usb 2 rated cable and it's less than 2 meters short. I also tested Modi and Vali on a Macbook Pro and they worked perfectly, so there's nothing physically wrong with Modi. Modi shows up as an Unknown Device on my device manager, and it doesn't show up in audio devices either. I contacted Schiit and they told me that the problem is with my Windows, which I don't doubt. Here are a couple of screenshots, if they would clarify the problem.
  9. Traum
    Hey Zojokkeli,

    Are you hooking your Modi up to a USB hub of some sort? Have you tried plugging it directly into the PC?

    Another possibility is, you might not have installed the chipset drivers that are supposedly required for your computer's motherboard. Depending on whether your PC is a whitebox or brand name machine, I would go to the motherboard manufacturer (for whitebox PC) or the brand name manufacturer and look for the motherboard chipset drivers to download and install. But this is unlikely to be the problem since when I did a fresh re-install of Win7, the OS recognized my Modi right off the bat from the DVD installation. But it is still worth a try though.
  10. Zojokkeli
    Hi Traum!
    It's hooked straight to PC. I tried the chipset driver install but it didn't work. Thank you anyway!
    Hopefully the problem can be resolved somehow, I'd hate to let it go. 
  11. Traum
    If you are feeling brave, I would consider frying your copy of Win7 and do a complete fresh re-install. It is a major PITA, but it is also something that I try to do once every 12 - 24 months when my copy of Windows starts getting sluggish and acts weird. Still, it may or may not solve your Modi issue, but again, is something worth considering.
  12. leesure
    These are the times I thank God I made the switch to 100% Mac about 10 years back.

    /stirs off topic pot and runs
  13. RMiller

    Same problem happened to me once and I did have to reinstall in the end... maybe there is another solution to that problem, but finding it may take more time than reinstall itself :)
  14. Traum
    LOL~ I know of some Mac issues and quirks in regards to our lovely hobbies as well. :wink:
  15. Murdocderdon
    Do someone uses DT880s with the Vali?
    I would like to know how this pairing sounds.
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