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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. elwappo99
    Gah that's super annoying, especially since you're so far from home base for Schiit. I'd try finding another computer to hook it up to. It could be that the Modi isn't getting enough power from your USB port, or an issue with your Win7 installation.
    Or you could follow the other advice and buy a Mac and then drop $200 on Amarra (to make sure you get the highest fidelity).  [​IMG]
  2. Transformatron
  3. bearFNF Contributor
    If the other dac you used has drivers it may be a conflict with those drives not letting go of the hub.
    If you feel comfortable with it, I would try going into control panel->device manager and removing all the USB components under "universal serial bus controllers" and let windows redetect and install the devices again.  When you reboot it will detect the USB controllers and install the devices again.
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    The T90 sounds fantastic. I can't imagine the DT880 sounding less than wonderful for any reason. 
  5. leesure
  6. TheGame

    You can try Microsoft's "FixIt" Program. it's supposed to diagnose and fix Windows USB problems automatically. I cannot guarantee it will work, but it might. Worth a shot. Here is the link:
  7. DarknightDK
    Without having to read the whole thread, is there any recommended time that the Vali can be switched on continuously without damaging the amp / tubes?
  8. kstuart
    Clearly the lack of citations shows that I am not trying to "prove" what I am saying, but it doesn't make it less true.
    Which point are you disputing ?
    Note I am not blaming anyone ... someone cannot be interested in something they do not know exists.  Nor is there anything "better" about any genre of music.  If you are using the words "unfair" and "dismissive", then you are getting a negative spin from my comments that I am not intending.
  9. kstuart

    If you are concerned that something you are going to do might damage the amp, then email Schiit on their web site.  They will get back to you quickly with the answer.
  10. Soundsgoodtome

    Try going into Windows under safemode (press f8 on boot-up after first post, before windows logo) with your Modi plugged in. Then go to your device manager and remove the the items. Sometimes what shows in Safemode and regular boot up are different, going into safe mode is a sure bet of removing device drivers installed. Also be sure to turn off your USB power saving under power options and have internet connection when you boot up with the modi for the first time (after removing in safe mode).
  11. Maxvla Contributor
    Assuming the tubes have a MTBF of 10,000 hours, you'd get about a year and 2 months before having to replace them. As to damage, I wouldn't think so as these tubes don't get all that hot, I don't imagine, but ask Jason.
  12. Zalithian
    Excited to get my cables for this tomorrow. Looking to test the Modi/Vali with the HD600 and HE400. Shame on me for not ordering the cables earlier. I thought they would have been included. I'm sure if I had read more carefully I'd be enjoying them already. Oh well, live and learn :)
  13. MickeyVee
    Cr@p! Ordered Vali on day 1 in the am and still waiting on delivery.  USPS to Canada (mainly Canada customs) is brutal.  In the interim, enjoying reading the impressions.
  14. Modular
    Agreed. There's no reason to speculate on the customer service of a company that you've never had a customer service experience with. 
    That being said, I had the wrong top plate shipped to me with my Project Sunrise 2 DIY amp. Jeremy at Garage1217 sent me the correct one and also included the black volume knob for free. He was also extremely helpful in answering my questions about his product through emails BEFORE I had purchased anything. 
    Top notch group there.
  15. Xyzygy
    It's as clear as the Vali now. At least the hook isn't barbed, and is therefore easily removed. Have a good evening.
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