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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. AHorseNamedJeff
    This, this man knows and understands humor. I think we can agree that the guys over at schiit deserve to be in the top 10 funniest Head-Fiers, among which Bowei and Wink and of course yours truly belong,correct? :p
  2. TMRaven
    I can't believe anybody took that review as something other than satire.
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  3. Jason Stoddard
    Just trying to keep it light-hearted!
    Remember, if you aren't having fun with your equipment, your equipment is having fun with you.
    Seriously, some people need to switch to a decaffeinated brand. This ain't the secret to world peace or the cure for cancer. It's music. It should be fun! 
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  4. Mshenay Contributor
    yay, and chances are it was cheaper at the end of the day q.q
    I admit that gave it away pretty hard core for me too imo... lol I enjoyed the silly review, and I'm glad Jason liked it as well! 
    Not too wacky, I just got into a car accident... so all I can afford for uhh the next like 6 months is going to b the Vali, out of my $600 ish Dac
    That said, Looking forward to getting the vali in Spring! Maybe sooner if I'm REALLY lucky
  5. SMG52
  6. AladdinSane
    Hope you're okay. Get better! 
  7. FraGGleR
  8. purrin
    There were a lot of "inside" jokes (and some that I probably don't even get) on that one. Not going to elaborate.
  9. moriez
    Hail Mary, Good Lord, Amen!
  10. AladdinSane
    113 pages of posts. I think we can stand one with a little humor. Not like the thread never goes off topic! 
    Finally ordered a Vali and hopefully have by the weekend. Chain will be: Asus Xonar STX > Vali > HD600. Been over analyzing amps and DACs for weeks now, then, this shows up. At $120 decided to stop thinking and just do it. Been listening to my relatively new HD600s through my JDS C5 as I don't have a proper desktop amp. Will be interesting to compare.
  11. Maxvla Contributor

    Wow. Is Head-Fi a restricted, no-fun zone? Both you and Sweden need to lighten up a bit. This isn't a science journal, it's a community of enthusiasts.
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    This sounds good to me, as I was intending to try the hd800 at some point and didn't want to do the whole 'you need this particular amp that's been kissed by the pope to sound good' thing. Next stop is replacing my hrt music streamer II. Been looking at that Concero you have, I wish I could get hold of your gear for an hour  :wink:
  13. stratocaster
    It is. You just have to read the loads of posts in this thread and enjoy! Seriously, everyone should have to spend a good amount of their hard earned money for the entertainment factor present in this very thread. As a subscriber of this thread I would walk away without any good clue on the Vali, but I would walk away satisfied like after a very good comedy show. 
  14. kstuart
    I specifically said "majority" because it was simply a demographic analysis, not an assessment of any particular person.
    Usually it is older people who have the money and interest in more expensive audio gear.  These days, due to the economy, it is even more true - younger people are having even more difficulty than usual getting jobs, paying off student loans, etc.
    And, for whatever reason, polls and sales show less interest in acoustic music amongst younger people than ever before.  It seems possible that classical music and acoustic jazz music may both die out in the coming decades.
    So, not referring to any particular person, but statistically, a thread on an inexpensive amp is going to get more younger head-fi'ers, and thus less acoustic music use.
    I did listen to a bunch of EDM (older Daft Punk) last night uisng the Vali with the Mad Dog and my laptop's built-in DAC, and it sounded very enjoyable.  I'm going to keep it for that late night use.  The excellent detail and fast response of both the Vali and the Mad Dog makes the pairing ideal for modern electronic music.
  15. Maxvla Contributor
    That's too bad then. I consider electronic and all its different subclasses one of my favorite genres, it's actually about half of my entire collection, but I think on the whole it has less depth than even simple acoustic folk. I have fun listening to the electronic stuff, but I get more out of the folk. Jazz and classical are some of the deepest music types possible.
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