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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. Xyzygy
    That's a great term for it. Hydrated without being damp.
  2. achristilaw Contributor
    It's actually dependent on where the tubes are used and what type. Signals on the inlet of a hybrid will offer more tones and timbers and add roundness and flesh to the notes being played.... which the Vali seems to accomplish, in spades. Thanks for your gushing endorsement.... or I would have never had given it a second thought!
  3. purrin
    Damp is actually a valid term too. I love these fluffy audiophool terms because they piss the hell outta nwavguy's minions and the wannabe scientists/objectivists in the Sound Science section (where sound science and rational discourse goes to DIE!) As many may know, I've taken more than a few headphone measurements; and I love measurements myself. However, at the end of the day, measurements can only tell us so much. There's just weird stuff <cue spooky music> that's subjectively obvious that no measurements can show nor words can precisely describe. This is the juncture where we start to use analogy and metaphor. Oh yes, there's a lot of imprecision with such seemingly nonsensical poetry. But the beauty of it is that if we keep on trying, not succumbing to frustration or cynicism, we can actually end up building a common vocabulary with consistent meaning.
    I highly suggest folks revisit this episode of ST:TNG

    In the past, I've been mostly accused as a "hater" on HF because of my many many many negative reviews, oftentimes using the word "FAIL" when referring to products. It's been extremely fun to be a shill for Schiit and hype the Schiit out of something. But I stand firm in my belief that the Schiit Vali should indeed receive the Product of the Quinquennium Award.
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  4. tdockweiler
    Well, whatever the Vali is supposed to "add", it's not adding to the Q701. It doesn't do a thing to it.
    I kind of expected perhaps some slightly fuller mids or something, but no real change which is nice.
    On the HD-650 it's most definitely making it sound dramatically different. No doubt. Not in a good way. Fuller in the low mids and maybe a little more pronounced in the mid-bass, but really sloppy bass. No real changes in treble. Anytime there is bass there is like a whole fog over the sound. Pretty subtle but it's there. Same results on every single source. Best results were on my CS4398 DAC, but still not good enough. Honestly It really sounded no better than an E9 with the HD-650.
    I would say that on budget (under $400) gear it's impossible to get the HD-650 to sound clear with the Vali.
    Basically I'm only curious if I'd get the same results with the DT-880 as I did with the HD-650. I sure hope not. What the Vali did to my HD-650 it also did to the DJ100.
  5. purrin
    You said it yourself. It adds "extremely good" to the Q701.
  6. Maxvla Contributor

    That's because the HD650 just doesn't sound clear, period. I've heard them on many systems, budget, high end, unbalanced, and balanced and I've never been all that impressed by them. Always preferred the HD600, and even those are not that clear compared to what's available today.
  7. Transformatron
    This is exactly what I am wanting from it. Wet detail. I haven't wanted to say anything like that for risk of getting attack for my descriptive terms.
  8. purrin
    Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra!
  9. Maxvla Contributor
    When the walls fell!
  10. tdockweiler
    I know exactly what you're saying and I've heard these unclear (veiled) HD-650's before. This pair is something special because it's crystal clear, yet very full sounding in the mids and has smooth treble. Not dark at all and no recessed sounding upper mids. There is a graph somewhere on Dr P's website that shows what mine would kind of look like if measured. Maybe I have that one. When I compared it to the HD-580 and 600 it sounded as if it had more extended low-bass, but just slightly.
    You might find this strange but years back I had about 3 HD-650s and always was nit-picking about their stupid sound and didn't like them much. Too dark and muffled. I have the same amp and source around still. It wasn't just me getting used to the sound. I'm extremely picky.
    This one is actually very close in sound to my (bass) modded Q701. Slightly fuller mids and slightly less treble. Obviously the Q701 has a larger soundstage and is more airy/spacious sounding. There is no real mid-bass hump on my HD-650. Nothing that sticks out really.
    So anyway, i'm glad I gave the HD-650 another try. It all started when I bought an HD-580 for dirt cheap and found it better than the HD-600. It was the grills! It reduced the bass and sounded much more neutral and clearer. Probably not measurable.
    Haha, maybe some HD-650s are just a complete fail with the Vali, but probably not.
    I'll probably be keeping my HD-650 and Q701 for about forever since they have my favorite sound signatures.
  11. TheGame

    Hi tdockweiler,
    I should be getting my Vali Thursday or Friday. And although I do not have the DT-880's, I do own the DT-990 Pro's which probably have over 200 hours of listening time if not more (yes, they are not the same as the DT-880's but I can at least offer an opinion on the sound of the Vali with a Beyerdynamic Headphone). If you'd like, I can report back if you are interested.
  12. zackzack
    Is Lyr 2 supposed to come out Summer 2014?
  13. TheGame

    I haven't heard anything on the Lyr 2, latest I have heard from Schiit other than the Vali is the Ragnarok, which, according to Jason, should be just about ready for production in about 5 weeks, although he said they are still trying to push for December.
  14. oddsocks
    Just got my Vali in today and had a few hours of listening to some of my favourite tracks. I must say, even with my very noob ears, I feel as though the Vali adds a tinge of warmth to the tracks on my K701s compared to the Magni. The bass hits just a little harder, and the instruments feel a bit more forward than the vocals(?). I also feel that the music is a little more intimate and closer than I heard on the Magni for the same tracks.
    This is all fed through the Modi I got with the Magni. I think I'm pretty satisfied with both amps, they bring out the best in different genres I think.
    Now just need to save up for a Bifrost.....
  15. shipsupt
    I agree.  It's completely irresponsible for a contributor who is paid to write reviews here and gets free gear to abuse his power of influence like this!  I think he should have to turn in his Vali!
    I'd like to add; Temba, his arms wide!
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