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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. techboy
    Which amp do you like the HD 650 with?
    Thank You
  2. hans030390
    Wow, that's a REALLY bold (and nonsensical) assumption to make! In what way is the cost of an amp or someone's budget at all indicative of the type of music they listen to?
    The folks at Schiit have a good sense of humor and probably enjoyed the review quite a bit (assuming they read it).
  3. Murdocderdon
    Because of my bad english skillz i normally don´t write here but i just want to say something about the HD650/Vali pairing.
    I was kinda surprised that the HD650s aren´t get sounding warmer on the Vali. K701 & HD800 get a well rounded dry bass from the Vali what makes the K701 imo an amazing great pairing. I like the HD800 on my more neutral Corda Symphony more but they also sound great with the Vali whats kinda surprised me too. On the HD650 it feels a lot more clear and a bit brighter with the Vali what i really like on these warm phones. The pairing sounds first a bit weird for my ears but then i get used to it and would recommend it to try in case of you don´t like the 650s darkness.
    Just a bad written noob-opinion so don´t kill me. :wink:
    Greets from Germany
  4. leesure


    You recognize it was humorous satire, right?
  5. UmustBKidn
    I would really like to hear how the Vali stacks up against:
    Modi -> Bravo V2 -> Beyerdynamic DT 770
    Preferably with a pre-1958 Mullard D-getter 12AU7 driving it.
    Go, budget-fi.
  6. UmustBKidn
    On relative truth: Relativism on Wikipedia.
    Bottom line: if a brick falls on your foot, it will hurt. It doesn't matter if it's my foot or yours.
    On all the disagreements over SQ: a recent post of mine on sound science.
    Bottom line: We're not comparing our ears. Sometimes argument is pointless.
    On lightening things up, again:
    Chuck Norris and Superman once fought each other on a bet. The loser had to start wearing his underwear on the outside of his pants.
  7. doublea71

    It was sophomoric humor at best. If SA likes it, then no harm was done.
  8. leesure

    We'll have to disagree on that point. I think it was genius and played ever so nicely off the standard review double speak. It injected some much-needed levity into this thread. Knowing Jason, I can say he would laugh out loud at that post. It was well written satire. That you did not recognize it as satire is not the author's fault.
    mhamel likes this.
  9. Misterrogers
    Can you elaborate a bit on Vali vs. Crack/Speedball FlySweep? 
  10. anetode

    More like sophmoronic humor, LOL! You're right, he's no John Cleese. He's barely even a Michael Palin.
  11. doublea71

    I saw that he was trying to be funny/clever, but no, it didn't cross my mind that it was all satirical, just taking the piss out of the typical review speak - I literally thought he was just a god-awful writer. I couldn't fathom that a head-fi contributor who had been given a review sample would be allowed to treat the entire review as a big joke and offer so little of value to the reader (the joke is on me, I suppose). Since you know Jason, it seems like it'd be taken well.
  12. Sweden

    It wasn't exactly obviously funny so no.
    You really need to know the prior writing of he person to figure these subtleties out. It's not exactly like people's reviews make less than sense some times and use exactly those type of words. Some places only give you those type of reviews.
    Looking back it was perhaps a bit too loose even for a head-fi commentary.
  13. leesure

    I don't know the author at all and by the end of the first paragraph I recognized it as a parody of the typical review. It was obvious...but I guess not obvious enough for some...which is what makes for good satire.
  14. Sweden
    "The DSHA sounds like butter while the Vali sounds like I can't believe its not butter"
    Kind of obvious when reading it two times. 
  15. FraGGleR
    After listening for a few more hours with my HD800s, I am really liking the pairing.  This is still out of my Nuforce HDP, which I like better than the ODAC and Modi as a DAC.  I'd say upper budget fi, as the Resonessence Concero is better to my ears and is lower-mid mid-fi on my arbitrary scale (where the Bifrost seems to also sit).  I love the "wetness" added to the sound.  I already loved the HD800, but I had forgotten how much better they sound with just a sprinkle of tube magic.  Aural memory isn't very reliable, but I enjoy the Vali/HD800 pairing as much as anything I have heard in the sub $1000 range though personal trials at home and at meets.  
    And on the soundstage thing, I don't think it sounds closed in at all.  Maybe it is my HD800s and the music I listen to, but I just don't agree.  Then again, all I currently have to compare to is the HDP headphone out and my CEntrance HifiM8 (and the memories of amps gone by).  I'd say it presents a more natural sound both in timbre and soundstage and positioning than either of those two.  I really wish I still had my HD650s to test on the Vali, as I am surprised that they don't sound good to the couple people who have reported back.  Then again, I had removed all the foam in mine to reduce whatever "veil" people had talked about and never had an issue with it.
    Definitely think it sounds overall better than the old Bravo amp that I had, even after I had modified it and rolled tubes.
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