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New model Cowon - Plenue D2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by tiddlywinks, Jan 1, 2019.
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  1. cdsa35000
    Yes, worth for hi-res and if you can diy the internal slot-opening, you can easily swap cards.
    If you can convince Cowon to lift the limit in the Firmware because its just a simply a software limit, a programmed value.
    The limit is to distinctive their expensiver/totl models.
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  2. silverfishla
    Does the PD2 accept cards higher than 128gb as long as you don’t go over the file limit then? I haven’t tried. Someone said that a 200gb card worked in the slot.
  3. cdsa35000
    I dont know, you can try it as the first one to confirm for us, but I guess the limit 128GB int/ext would be probably the same as PD1?
  4. technobear
    Yep, sad but true. I still love the sound of my PD, with IEMs or with the LCD-X, but the 128GB limit spoils what would otherwise be the perfect DAP for me. These days I keep it by my bed with the LCD-X for late night listening before sleep.

    For out-and-about use I have a Shanling M0 which I have just upgraded to 400GB because I filled the 256GB card right up. The M0 only has 15 hours of battery life against the 50 hours of the PD but at least it will be cheap to replace when it deteriorates too far. Sounds great with SoundMAGIC E80. Sounds great with IT01 too but I didn't get on with the over-ear wiring. I prefer wire-down.

    I would love to try balanced output some time but it won't be a PD2 because of that card limit and it won't be any of the current competition because of poor battery life. Waiting with interest for the new Sony ZX500. That might tick all the boxes.
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  5. cdsa35000
    If you can't do mods (like I did added some big tantalum capacitors in the powercircuit, the balanced output from PD2 only makes 2x louder, but SQ is still power-capped as there are no high capacity capacitors in the power-circuit makes the SQ "harsh" sounding because the lacking of power peak current delivery to the amplifiers.

    If there are big capacitors for current peaks buffering in the power-circuit the SQ will sounds better transients/smoother, fuller and wider soundstage as all the tiny reverbs/sounds will be reproduce clearly and benefits the balanced output with higher dynamic range.
    Compare the powercircuit with SONY, I'm sure SONY has better SQ because the big capacitors.

    PD1/2 powercircuit has none big capacitors.
    SONY NW-ZX2 powercircuit has plenty big capacitors = better SQ.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  6. silverfishla
    Do you have a photo of your mod with caps, and does everything fit back in the case?
  7. someyoungguy
    Like silverfishla, I’d love to know this too! How do you stick the new capacitors onto the board, just glue? What specs are required for a replacement capacitor, presumably you have to match some specs with the existing factory issue ones?

    Comparing this photo of the PD1/2 board with your photos from a few pages back of the PD2 internals with the SD card mod, I can’t figure out where this photo lines up.
  8. cdsa35000
    Datasheet Active 8810QJ: http://www.datasheet.hk/view_download.php?id=1348160&file=0199\act8810qj1c1-t_4553710.pdf
    First here is the schematic showing the added Tantalum SMD Capacitors in green circles.
    The top 2 yellow caps are 2x Tantalum Capacitors 470uF/10V Type D SMD 7343, they both need a litlle bit sanding so to exactly fit in the hole deep enough to keep the backcover tightly. The bottom left corner are 2x Tantalum Capacitors 100uF/6V SMD 1206 connected to the OUT1: +3.3V, in my final mod I made it 4x. The more capacity the better SQ.
    Final mod.
    The backcover doesn't stick out much as same with stock.
    On the backside of the pcb is the power chip, compare with stock pic, you see I added 3x 100uF/6.3V caps each to the 3 main Outputs, which in my final mod I doubled it as below.
    Final mod.
    Is it worth it doing the mod? Yes, if you have good quality headphone and good hearing and don't want spend a SONY.
    I use a modded TH900 hp without JetEffect/EQ just Normal mode, then you can hear the upgraded SQ right away.
    Its like from harsh/edgy/loudness war'ish/mono'ish sounstage/constipated dynamics/power clipping stock-sounding upgrades to full surround 3d life-like/ smooth/micro detail dynamic SQ.
    Now I can listen at much higher volume due less distorted SQ before listening fatigue kicks in.
    Happy ending mod.
  9. someyoungguy
    Awesome, thanks for the detailed write up and photos.

    I’ve built and changed around a few watches before so am okay with small, delicate fixes, but I’m not sure if I have the skills for this mod. I’m curious and will contemplate it though :)
  10. iwc1889
    Hi all new to the forums so be gentle ! I have just ordered a Plenue D2 to replace my trusty X7 (which incidentally has survived 2 days in the freezer when it bricked last year and once firmware reloaded works fine !). My question regarding shuffle / random play. When in random mode will it play randomly from internal memory and 128Gb micro card ?
    Also I have Shure 535s and 425's but am considering upgrading to Shure846 but have seen a couple of reviews saying that with the 846's you may be able to hear a slight hiss in quieter moments ? Has anyone tried these buds with the Plenue 2 ?
    Thanks in advance.
  11. silverfishla
    The random play does pull from both the internal memory and the external card.
    I have a pair of Shure 535? (Forgot the number but 500 series) and I can’t hear an audible added hiss.
  12. mlavende
    Anyone know if it can do random album play. I really miss that from my iPod. Not sure what that browser with all the album art in is...

  13. No Deal
    Does this player benefit at all from the addition of an external amp?
  14. silverfishla
    It can. Even though I think that this dap has great sound sculpting features that make it sound the closest to using an amp with another dap. I’ve used it via 3.5 out (headphone amp off: low gain setting) into the Monolith Portable THX amp, and it sounds pretty darn amazing. Big, open, robust sound. Fun to play with the DSP settings through the amp, because they remain clean.
  15. No Deal
    Thinking about using this balanced with an xCan. Just wondering if it would be a good idea.
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