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New model Cowon - Plenue D2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by tiddlywinks, Jan 1, 2019.
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  1. silverfishla
    I like that I can add lyrics to the screen of the D2. I even have some with the chords over top for songs that I like to play on my guitar. Add the fact that I can slow down the music by percentage, and it becomes a very useful device for playing guitar. Love it.
  2. stec74
    This sound bad to me, but I had never heard about lags until now
  3. Ymzable
    It could be just my unit. Sound-wise it's fantastic though.
  4. bachankas
    How does D2 compare to Sony A-series DAPs?
    I am looking for something with nice battery life to pair with my Fiio FA1 and Audeo PFE 111 (maybe something different in the future).
    I need gapless at least in FLAC. ReplayGain is also very nice, but AFAIK neither Cowon nor Sony DAPs have this feature.
    Did anyone compare D2 with Fiio M7 which has up to 20 h of playing?
  5. No Deal
    So is there a way to fix whatever is causing the song titles to not display?
  6. technobear
    You'll have to provide more info than that but based on just that one sentence I would say 'fix your tags'.
  7. someyoungguy
    Yeah I used to use the playback speed feature on my old J3 to help figure out drum lines back when I was playing, so handy. Glad they brought it back with the V and D2, it’s pretty unusual to find a DAP that allows you to do this :)
    silverfishla likes this.
  8. someyoungguy
    I haven’t heard the Sony A-series to make comparisons but just wanted to throw in that gapless with FLAC isn’t working for me, which is pretty unexpected as Cowon and flawless gapless has been a sure bet for as long as I can remember. Hoping a firmware update will fix it.
  9. No Deal
    I tried fixing the tags that were fine on my Plenue D. Didn't work I still get this for some song lists and album titles.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2019
  10. N.Mendes
    It might upset some people here, but i heard guys claiming that the Plenue D has plastic edges and that only the back and the top were made out of metal, is that true?
    If yes, is that also the case with the Plenue D2?

    To be honest, it's kind of a deal breaker to me.. Thanks in advance for your replies all!
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
  11. cdsa35000
    I'm glad it was plastic so...
    Yes, whole chasis is plastic except top end is metal (hp jacks side) and backplate is metal.
    Goto post #578 for inside look.
  12. N.Mendes
    Thank you!

    But i just got an answer from Cowon France who said to me : (Translation)
    "The body of Plenue D/D2 is made of high quality reinforced Aluminium processed with a CNC machine",

    The body is full metal it seems.. Which is great for me :wink:
  13. silverfishla
    Hmmm. That sounds like two different answers. Not that it matters to me. Most of the front is glass.
  14. cdsa35000
    Don't believe French fantasy bots fully, like I had hacked/mod the machine/internal memory and make a SLOT-opening in the plastic side see post #578.
    Open your eyes, take a good look at pics, only the silver top and black back plate is aluminium/metal, all black edge/surround/chassis are black plastic.
    even their homepage only mention metal head = metal top:http://www.cowonglobal.com/product_wide/PLENUED2/product_page_3.php
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
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  15. Supercharged
    Hi everyone, my first post here on Head-Fi!

    I've been lurking here for a while, looking for a good DAP to invest in. Based on the reviews online and the threads here, the Cowon Plenue D2 seems to be exactly the DAP I've been searching for. I could care less about input ports, Android, WiFi, Bluetooth, fancy i-faces, apps, streaming services, etc. I just want a portable DAP that excels at three primary things: 1) Small size 2) Great sound and 3) Great battery life. The D2 definitely seems to tick those boxes. (Although I do wish it also offered better (larger) microSD card support... still, I guess I can live with 256GB (by expanding the internal card from 64 to 128 and also loaded a 128gb card externally.) Most of my files are all FLAC anyway, so I doubt I'll run up against the firmware file/folder count limits.

    So, I took the plunge... ordered the sliver and black version off of B&H. (They were ~$40 cheaper than Amazon.) I also spent the last week looking everywhere for the official Cowon D2 gray leather case for it... seems no one in the U.S. carries it. I was about to give up and just order it internationally or perhaps settle for the plain "D" case that folks say also works, when it just suddenly popped up on Amazon's inventory this weekend. (Yay!) It was listed there last week, but always as "unavailable". Well, it just popped back up this last weekend... so, those of you in the U.S. that are looking for the official Cowon D2 leather case, check out Amazon.) Anyway, all the stars have seemed to align... both my new D2 and its case are expected to arrive tomorrow. I'll post back here with my impressions after I've had a chance to muck around with it for a while. Cheers!
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