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New model Cowon - Plenue D2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by tiddlywinks, Jan 1, 2019.
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  1. Soundtrap
    Yep, those are from their first years around 2005 -2007 if I'm not mistaken. I am getting old you know. Days when posh A&K was just a good old Iriver, much better players with great analog sound and vastly cheaper than todays daylight robbery pricing by A&K.
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  2. jmills8
    I still have two of them. 2006 and 2008.
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  3. betula
    My expectations were probably too high towards the Plenue D (version 1). I have decided to return it.

    The sound quality is not quite there. Yes, the sound is highly customizable but 95% of that customisation only brings distortion and exaggerated coloration. The 'normal' setting is a bit boring, I used just a bit of BBE in custom mode which helped. I find all the other filters too much.

    At this price point I expected a bit of a compromise in sound, but not this much. (Where is space, lifelikeness, balance?)
    I am considering Fiio Q5 or a good condition secondhand Chord Mojo at the moment. Even though it is much more bulky and uncomfortable to use them, they both offer light-years better sound quality which worth the hassle (even better sound but more hassle with Mojo to Q5).

    Looks like nothing will satisfy my need regarding SQ under £300, so it is not entirely the Plenue D's fault. That might be a good value for £200, but for a £100 more there is so much better.
  4. RAFA
    Could I flash the firmware on my old Plenue D and then have DSD playback on the D?

    Has this been atempted? I know, backnin the days, I could flash the same firmwares on the Cowon D2 and D2+.
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  5. taffy2207
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
  6. k_j
    Apologies if this has been posted already but I stumbled upon RMAA: Cowon Plenue D2 24-bit by ohm-image - http://ohm-image.net/data/audio/rmaa-cowon-plenue-d2-24-bit

    Fascinating stuff!
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
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  7. TooPoorForHiFi
    Someone needs to verify that the 512GB card works on the D2.
  8. silverfishla
    I can try when I get it. Should be tomorrow.
    Has anyone even verified if a 256gb card works?
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
  9. jmills8
    Ill be afraid to try 512 gig in the PL.
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  10. silverfishla
    Why? What would be the repercussions?
  11. jmills8
    File support
  12. silverfishla
    Well that would be fine if it simply won't work. As long as it doesn't brick it.
  13. Soundtrap
    Well, if it's anything like the issue I've had with my X9 when I tried 128gb card. The thing immediately went dead and would not wake up until I left the battery drain completely. only after a few weeks it started charging again and lIved to tell the story. Of course from that point on I religiously follow Cowon's instruction with any of their players and didn't have any issues since. Safe to say if Cowon states: "support UP TO..." I wouldn't question and play with fire.
  14. Mhog55
    Can anyone compare D2 sound quality to the Opus #1s? I'm leary to make the switch. I find the UI of the Opus #1s bug / problem free, simple and basic.... Just the way I like it. The UI on this device worries me a bit, so the more important sound quality would really need to be an improvement.
  15. silverfishla
    Do the sD cards have to be formatted in fat32 or exfat to work?
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