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New model Cowon - Plenue D2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by tiddlywinks, Jan 1, 2019.
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  1. someyoungguy
    In all honesty I’ve found even with database update on startup the Plenue DAPs have faster startup than other players. I recently sold my SR15 because the startup was 30-40 seconds, you had to start it, do something else and come back when it was ready, made grab-and-go use more inconvenient. Likewise the DX200 had about the same delay. I remember timing a Plenue V and R when I had them and startup was about 8-12 seconds.

    Also, Plenue players have an indexing limit on the number of files/folders that the system can handle: it’s in the manual. A bigger card won’t make a difference if the firmware can’t handle files above that limit. It’s on all Plenue players (bigger limit on the larger screen range), even the PL, so there must be some technical reason why it can’t be increased.

    I think you might want to troubleshoot those FLAC files and try to figure out why they don’t work. Yes it’s annoying but probably be faster than waiting for a fix. I had a similar problem on the SR15 where filed that worked fine on other DAPs wouldn’t play, and on a ZX300A I owned for a while it took plenty of troubleshooting to get album art and artist tags all working properly. Bottom line is all DAPs seem to have some issues.
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  2. maira
    As you heard lots of other players, how would you rate Plenue D2 on SQ alone?
  3. someyoungguy
    Actually I haven’t heard PD2, just came looking on this thread to see what impressions of the new model were! At various points I’ve owned D (version 1), R, M (version 1), V and P2mkII. I loved the V which has a single CS43131 DAC/amp chip, so wondered how the PD2 with two would stack up.
  4. maira
    Thats interessting. Can you write a bit more about this player? Cant find too many reviews of the PV....
  5. someyoungguy
  6. mbphotox
    8-12 seconds?

    Dude, we're talking about 8-12 MINUTES here!
    I didn't stop the time, because my PD2 crashes whenever it "updates" (the other times, I gave up after 15 minutes) the database with the 128gb card inserted.

    If I remove the card, then it will boot within 1-2 minutes and do a "quick" 1-2min update after inserting the card (into the running player).

    Glad to hear that Cowon didn't shuck this up for other players, but they definitely delivered crap with this one!
  7. someyoungguy
    It’s strange that your player hangs with the card inserted on startup, but takes 1-2 min when inserted while going.

    My experience with the V (another smaller model Plenue with same UI etc) was about 1-2 mins the first time I inserted a 128 GB card, with about 96 GB of FLAC files loaded. Then, on subsequent startups the player only scans for changes and took 8-12 seconds. Was similar for my Plenue R (larger screen and zippier UI).

    Have you tried a different microSD card?
  8. PaganDL

    Hi @maira,

    In all honesty, just in my humble opinion, PD2 sounds exactly the same as PD but with slightly lower noise floor, more features & lower battery life which is still more than most other DAPs.

    I have heard a lot of DAPs too so it depends on what kind of sound you like, Cowon Sound is hard to beat.

    Hope you have a great day !
  9. kalibur
    Thats something I have always been curious about. Whats the Cowon sound?
  10. Soundtrap
    Lush, Velvety smooth, yet punchy and glass shattering.
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  11. PaganDL
    Hi @kalibur,

    @Soundtrap has it pretty close in their description, though I will add COWON SOUND has an 'IMPACT' or 'PRESENCE which is hard to describe as it is more a feeling than a sound.
    Then when you add specialised DSP EQ system like their Jet Effects, makes it more interesting as personally & subjectively, I tend not to use any EQ but like one particular setting as it lifts the bass response by 3 db across the entire frequency range.

    So @kalibur, I would suggest you experience it yourself one day, the Plenue D or Plenue D 2 are a good intro to Cowon Sound, especially if you're on a budget.

    Hard to go wrong either way.

    Hope you have a great day !
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  12. kalibur
    the Plenue 2 is going for a good price now on Amazon, tempted to pull the trigger to see whats the Cowon fuss about :)
  13. PaganDL

    All I will say @kalibur, is I doubt you be disappointed !

    Hope you have a great day !
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  14. silverfishla
    Is it me, or did the sound get fuller with the 1.02 update? I can’t hear any clicks when switching tracks anymore. Cool.
  15. trivium911
    Has anyone done anymore comparisons with the Plenue D2 ? Looking to possibly sell my fiio x5ii, upgrade or side grade? The battery life on the x5ii is annoying, still usable though.
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