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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. lis10
    Good afternoon everyone! I‘m one of the new guys... Reading a lot in the forum and trying and testing some audio gear.
    At the moment using the following:
    MacBook Pro - Audirvana - RME ADI2 DAC - HD660S
    OTG: IPhoneSE - Ultrasone Panther - Ifi IEMatch - Shure SE846
    Beoplay H6, Shure SE535, Koss PortaPro
  2. endless.skai
    Hi all, of course new here, heavily addicted I'm afraid since last may now with iems, I have owned some, including:
    Final Fi-Ba-SSt35, Periodic Audio Be, Custom Art Fibae BLACK, RHA T20, V-MODA Forza Metallo, Onkyo E700BT, SENFER EN900, Astell&Kern Billie Jean, 1more Quad, Etymotic er3xr, Final E4000 & E5000, Shure SE215/425/535.

    I actually own: Campfire Lyra-II & Polaris-II, Custom Art FIBAE 4.

    Looking for: Campfire Atlas for its bass and replace the Polaris-II, thinking for Earsonics (don't know which one yet) for a more relaxed/reference sound to replace the Lyra-II. Any advice is welcomed.

  3. Rocfort
    In earphones trade and seller section you can find 2 Hyla 5 in sale the best if yolike bass. And Welcome to this e pensive hobby.
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  4. endless.skai
    Thank you Rocfort, never heard of Hyla CE-5 before, I'll look at their reviews briefly...
  5. Wretched Stare
    So glad to be a part of a community of fellow enthusiast.
    I joined a long time back but I want to be more active here in between my blog and YouTube and Facebook postings.
    Thanks for having me.

    Headphones and Coffee
  6. jriano
    Hey, I am from Florida, and enjoy reading here about headphones and amps, I have had an account for a while but had never posted before :)
  7. serman005
    A belated welcome aboard, then!
  8. Interceptor69
    Hello from Nashville. I have anyways been into audio but have lately gotten more serious about the gear I buy. I look forward to learning the most I can about high end equipment.
  9. hotwings
    Hello Head-Fi'ers!

    I am from Michigan and have been an audiophile at heart my entire life however just am figuring out i was missing a key component in my life (Portable DAC!).... Yeah..

    So this week i have received 3 DACs! Previously i was always using the best sound card i could find in a desktop... (Currently NU Audio by eVGA... - Anyone find something better?)
    -Started with Dragonfly RED - (A-)
    -Recieved HifiBerry DAC+pro yesterday - (A)
    -Recieved ifi xDSD today - ?(WOW!!) (A+)

    Dont have a lot of the fancy headphones many of you guys have, but have always been a "Senn-head". Go to everyday set are my HD 650s OR my wireless (Sony - yuck.. aside from these) WH-1000XM3s if im roaming around..

    Have a set of (no longer made) Tannoy 501/601s + Adam audio monitors which i have always preferred over headphones when at my desk until recent (maybe!).

    Also have some custom gear in my vehicle which any DAC upgrade helps significantly with.

    My background is in Electrical Engineering (gEEk) and Optics. Would like to help where i can with EE knowledge and am looking to start a team project (for fun and see if it goes anywhere) if I find some folks with the same interests and background on here/elsewhere.. (We could make the next "Mojo"!)

    ...Always learning and easy going.

    Been a "leech" on head-pi the last week until i stumbled upon the Michigan meet up which I finally said "time to register" :)
    Glad to be here and look forward to meeting you all!

    Jon (AkA "hotwings")

    (#@admins - I have also ran web communities in the past running phpBB/other and can help with design/admin stuff if you guys are in need of assistance..)
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  10. fourtwizzy
    New kid on the block here. Just bought a set of dt990 pro 250 ohms that I'm waiting on delivery for. Now looking to get a DAC and amp. Hello world.
  11. Coreantes
    Hi all, I'm from the Netherlands and a long time lurker. Now it's time to also post something to let the world know what I have. Currently also selling some gear, so keep your eyes on that as well. Bye!
  12. TheNavigation
    Hi everyone, new here but not new to the world of headphones. Currently using on a day-to-day basis AKG K7XX, Arcam rHead, Rega DAC, with Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANCs alongside two regular stereo hifi setups. Have been through a bunch of headphones over the years. Listen mostly for pleasure now, have done some studio work in the past. Cheers!
  13. EZAndante
    Long-time lurker. Not sure if it's still obligatory to post a who-am-I here before posting anywhere else but may as well.

    Over-the-hill Canadian male, started on the serious-amateur classical guitar journey half-a-lifetime ago. Burned out on that. Now listen to boring acoustic music instead of trying make it. Only a few years into the hobby. More focused on EQ and frequency response accuracy than gear. Very happy with my DT 1990s.
  14. CyberBob845
    New member here. Currently using a HiFiMan 400i with a DragonFly Red, and liking this setup very much. Have been a Senn user historically. Long time lurker, first time posting.
  15. JMacdaddy
    Hi Guys!
    New to the forum, been pointed here from a few regular members to the forum so decided it was time to join in to!
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