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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. RayceManyon
    Hello everybody! This is my first post, so hear is a little about me.

    Headphones I own: Sony MDR-V700, Superlux HD 562 - modified for large pads, Massdrop HE-4XX, Fostex T20RP Mk3 Mayflower.

    Headphones I bought and then immediately returned: Monolith M560 - I hated these because they sounded like you're listening to music through 2 plastic cups even after a lengthy break-in, SIGVA SV002 - Too heavy and "the sound" just wasn't there, V-MODA XS - The shape hurt my ears... bought the HD562 and figured out that all on-ear headphones hurt my ears.

    Headphone Amp: Maasdrop XDuoo XD-05
  2. jawks
    Hi everyone! I'm a new Head-Fier and am excited to participate in this community.

    I just made the decision to purchase a pair of new Sennheiser HD800s after spending a few hours auditioning cans at a local shop. They're being shipped from Germany, so I expect to pick them up at the end of the week. I'm thinking of upgrading my amplification as well and would welcome any suggestions. I listen mostly to jazz and classical but also like listening to other genres of music from time to time.

    I currently own a pair of HD650s and Massdrop EDC IEMs for travel. I've previously owned T1's, LCD-3's, AHD7000's, and MDR-ZR1's. My current amps/DACs/portable devices include an Audioquest Dragonfly, Chord Mojo, Decware CSP2, and FiiO M9.
  3. itchyyy
    Finally registered after lurking for quite a while, getting first post out of the way here.

    Addicted, just like everyone else, headphones because never really lived where speakers are suitable to listen to (apartments in major cities)

    Registered cause I am looking to pick some stuff up used if any should go up for sale at the right price (LCD2C, Focal Elex, etc)

    Current setup is HD6xx, Fostex THX-00, SHP 9500's, Sony WH1000XM3, Fiio F9 pro, Monolith THX AAA 788
  4. Mr.Jacob
    Hey guys - latest newbie checking in.
    I've been around audio for a long time and work in the industry. I've been dragging my feet on making the jump from lurker to Head-Fier.
    Happy to be here!
  5. celticprince
    Hello Everyone.

    Joined today and glad to be here. I live in the UK, but currently travelling Europe in my old motorhome and have finally decided to abandon my large, heavy and currently 'mobile' CD collection and replace with a DAP. Was heavily into my music and 'separates systems' in the 80/90's and still have original Acoustic Precision Eikos FR1 speakers, CD and amp at home. Now, I would like to copy my CD's to hard drive and begin to collect hi-res material.

    I have been following the Dethonray DTR1 thread with great interest, as it seems very suited to my musical ethos.

    Cheers :)
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2019
  6. serman005
    Welcome aboard!!
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  7. celticprince
    Thanks :)
  8. Old Guy8
    Hello to all.
    Just found this site, few days ago. I frequent another forum, and found this one from a product search. Enjoyed that thread, and look foreward to contributing here.

    I primarily listen to jazz on 2-channel speaker systems. I have Rogue amps driving Magnepans, ADS, Ohm, Canton, KLH speakers. CD, vinyl and streaming radio sources.

    For headphones, I have Senns HD58x, Hifimam HE4xx, AKGs (not sure model), Koss Portapros. Also KZ and Tin Fi IEMs.

    I don't yet have a dedicated headphone amp. May change that. I don't want to burn up tubes and heat room with my tube integrated driving headphones. I use a 80's Sony integrateds headphone jack. Think I can improve on it.

    I rarely use headphones. Looking to change that, by improving my setup. Reducing the negatives I hear and feel using phones. Why I'm here.
    I really don't have to use headphones. I have a basement listening room where I can listen without bothering wife and neighbors. Just want to give them a fair go.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2019
  9. serman005
    Welcome. I was strictly a 2-channel guy until 4 or 5 years ago. Now, I'm almost all headphones. No real reason, just was something new to learn about and experience. I will say, there are some pretty darn impressive headphones to be heard out there. You should dig in and see what you find. All that being said, I will always be a Magnepan guy. There's nothing like 'em.
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  10. kid vic

    Hardcore headphone guy here; there is a subset of us who believe there is nothing a dedicated headphone amp will beat an integrated at. There might be a better amp than your current sony but it might just be an older integrated.
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  11. brooksgraham
    Hey all!

    I've been lurking for long enough. Time to register and participate.

    My love of quality audio gear along with quality recordings started around high school in the very early 1980s when I saved up my money and bought my first headphones: Koss Pro/4AAA. Then came the Nakamichi cassette deck (I can't remember the model number, but it was the least expensive 3-head model at the time and I distinctly remember that I bought it at the Magnolia HiFi store in Seattle the day Reagan was shot) and then came the Sony reel-to-reel, Dual turntable, and so on. Some of the gear had to go during college, but the Pro/4AAA headphones followed me everywhere.

    Since then, I've been peripherally involved in audio/film production as a hobby and have used many Sony and Sennheiser models over the years (HD Pro 280s at the moment)- but mostly as a means to monitor the audio tracks. Most recently, when I realized that I was being distracted by co-workers in the cube farm where I work, I decided that I needed some headphones and maybe a headphone amp. Long story short (too late) I found Schiit Audio and paired a Lyr 3 with some Massdrop HD 6XX headphones and I am loving it. I've since added a pair of B&W PX wireless headphones and a second Lyr 3 for my home office.

    Next up: perhaps some tube rolling and maybe building a two channel system for home listening.

    I'm looking forward to becoming a part of this community.
  12. serman005
    Welcome! Do you still have that Nak?
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  13. brooksgraham
    I wish that I still had it. But it helped to contribute to my room and board expenses at college. It was all part of learning the lesson that stuff is just stuff. It comes and goes.

    I moved around a lot in my career after college so I didn't get a chance to start rebuilding a respectable system until just around the turn of the century. Had a good job with a great Silicon Valley company during the DotCom bubble and got heavy into Theta Digital. (partially explains my attraction to Schiit Audio) Downsized the system once more when I did a startup and now it's on an upward swing again. The fun thing is that each time that I've built a system, the method of researching and buying the gear has drastically changed.

    I don't think that there's a high-end audio shop anywhere near me now. I'm not sure that it would matter if there was.
  14. serman005
    Yeah. I have found finding really great headphone shops is fairly difficult to do. It's one of the reasons I think Head-fi has been so successful, personally. Have fun with the new build, whatever it ends up being.
  15. Glenparva
    Hi folks.
    Thought I would introduce myself.
    Just discovered the world of High Res audio and thought I would join these forums for advice and recommendations.
    Love hifi, love music.
    Gear: Hiby R3, Chord Mojo, Naim Nait, Rega Planar 3, Monitor Audio Silver RS8’s.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2019
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