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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. cbnbmore
    Lol, first post and I blew it. Sorry MassDrop Elex.
  2. buke9
    Awesome. Wasn’t having a good day but that definitely put a smile on my face sorry if it was at your expense .
  3. Miliboi
    You'll you already know who this is, finally I'm someone who can bring scientific insights into this community as I'm
    1. A Doctor, for real
    2. Music Producer
    3. Audiophile

    I see you sense the paradigm shift we're in because when I'm deep in the game you know I'll bring a revolution
    Your Miliboi is here
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  4. serman005
    Wow, I'm impressed. Welcome.
  5. darylobert
    Hey all, Just getting into the hobby!

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  6. Sloper
    Newbie here, alot of my Google searches have led me here. Figured since there seems to be a lot of intelligent insight, I might as well join and soak up some knowledge. Thanks for having me!
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  7. Coran
    Hey all, just signed up after a few years of being way too into this hobby. Figured it was time to end the lurking. I'm in this to enjoy and consume music as much as possible. I'm a DJ on the side, so always looking for new tunes!
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  8. Papergami45
    Hey, I'm new to the hobby and to the forum, been watching audiophile stuff from the sidelines for a while but thought I'd jump in (albeit gradually, student life doesn't lend itself to huge spending).
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  9. Tonymac136
    Welcome. Not having a huge amount of cash needn't be a bar to good sound. The quest for good sound is a bar to ever having money. Enjoy being broke for your entire working life!
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  10. aak71994
    First post! Came here to learn how to optimize listening to my Westone W80s off an iPhone with Tidal HiFi. Do I need a portable dac/amp? Can it be Bluetooth? Should I buy the Bluetooth mmci cable for the IEMs? Do iPhones natively compress lossless audio? So many questions... I trust the answers are buried here!
  11. Ninth Wave
    Yep, same for me. Head-fi was always coming up in searches too.

    Nice avatar, btw. :smile:
  12. Sloper
    Thanks! My wife doesn't appreciate me using it as profile pics though hahaha
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
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  13. KPzypher
    Hey all,

    First post and a long time lurker here. Finally decided to join to one-up the game and look for some answers.

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  14. serman005
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  15. Swann36
    Hello all,

    I'm a new member having lurked about and read some really helpful stuff here over the last few months, I found about HeadFi from using google searches about audio gear i was interested in and have today not only joined you all here to be a proper part of the community but also made direct contact with a certain Iceland based member in order to buy a pair of Electrostatic Earspeakers.

    I'm looking forward to add more to my profile once I'm approved enough to do so :gs1000smile:
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