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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Fcojav
    Hello everyone, my name is Francisco and I'm from Chile. I'm an audio enthusiast. It has a great collection of music and I have some equipment of good lineage. I recently bought an astell&kern se100 player to use in my Mazda Cx9 (Hires player). Impressive machine. I hope to be a contribution to this community. Thank you very much for accepting me.

    My audio systems are:

    In my house I have pass lab int-250, chord hugo, speakers atc.
    In my truck I have focal amplifiers fps4160, fp4.75, Mosconi as300.2 and as200.4, dsp alpino pxa h800 with rux, pioneer main unit with CarPlay and now a beautiful astell&kern.
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  2. Pammie359321
    Hi there, I’m T.H From Singapore. I just got addicted into audio recently.. and I got myself quite a number of acquisition since then..

    My current players:
    AK sp1000+sp1000amp, AK se100 and FIIO m7+MOJO

    NOBLE khan, UM maven, MEZE rain Penta, SHURE 846 & 535

    Effect Audio Janus b, Horus, Lionheart and
    Leo II
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  3. MarcoC978
    Hello, everyone!
    Im Marco, Italian/Romanian guy that is starving for good audio quality.

    Im new to all this hi-fi stuff, so please bear with me if I post stupid questions. :)

    See you!
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  4. serman005
    Welcome aboard, Marco!!
  5. MarcoC978
    Aww, you`re too kind :)
  6. terryflap
    Hello everyone!

    I'm an Aussie on the lower spectrum of income with an interest in decent portable audio equipment that won't make my girlfriend question my spending priorities.

    I've recently purchased a pair of Shure SE535's and I'm having trouble with the sensitivity of them, I run the attenuator that comes with them but the volume wheel is constantly being moved while they are in my pocket. If I use the IEMs without the attenuator, I hear the hiss from my phone.

    Obviously what I need is a decent portable amp with low gain, but the choices are completely overwhelming to me as I have a fairly limited understanding of most of the science behind these devices.
    I've pre-ordered the Note10+ which no longer has a 3.5mm jack at all so I'm looking for an option that will take a USB-C as an audio input without drawing too much power from the phone to run. Alternatively I guess I could use a USB-C to 3.5mm dongle, but I'm worried that I will still have the hiss.

    I find that the IEMs are loud enough without any amplification, but I haven't actually used an amp before, so I guess I wouldn't really know if I would enjoy my audio more with one. I really just want to eliminate the hiss without having to use the attenuator.

    Sorry for the ramble and if it would be better for me to make a post in the recommendation forums, please let me know and I will make a separate post.

    It's lovely to meet you all and be a part of the community and I look forward to hearing the advice you have to give me.
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  7. Ivory

    I'll admit I only registered to post a few queries on a thread, and would probably stay silent from then on. We'll see how it goes, thanks for having me ^^
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  8. Ninth Wave
    Howdy folks. I'm also another Aussie with an interest in all things audio, although I do have limits in terms of what I'd be willing to purchase. Since getting more involved in head-fi in recent times, I've been shocked by some of the prices of equipment but I'm getting used to it. Personally, I wouldn't pay some of the prices I've seen for cans, DAPs, DACs or amps, but that's because I'm a tightar...I'm frugal. In saying that, I do want to "invest" in good quality gear, but it does come with limits, as I said.

    In the past, I've been more into home theatre and multi-channel music listening, but with my gear currently in storage because of space limitations in our home, I've resorted to a smaller setup; desktop speakers and 2-channel amp for audio from the computer (running via an FX-Audio DAC-X7), and a DAP/headphone amp & headphones setup for when I want to really focus on the music. I've been using an Onkyo DP-X1A DAP for the last two years but recently purchased the Fiio M11, which will be my go-to device for dedicated music listening. I'll pair it with the XDuoo XD-05 headphone amp (which I've upgraded with the Burson OpAmp - and for the life of me, I can't tell the difference).

    As far as headphones are concerned, I have the AKG K702 (which I use sparingly) and the Onkyo A800, which are lovely. I had the B&W PX but sold them recently because they were too tight on my head and just didn't feel right. In recent times, I've been looking to step up the experience by exploring planar magnetic headphones. A pair of Mr Speakers Aeon open back are due to arrive today and I'm rather looking forward to what these will do to my music. So, that bit earlier where I said I was frugal? Yeah, that doesn't always apply. :)

    Anyway, I've been a lurker here for a while and I have appreciated the insight and knowledge of the community. It has certainly helped me make decisions about some of the gear I've purchased. And I may need to call upon your expertise again soon enough.
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  9. oreo1298

    I've used this forum many times to read reviews but I'd like o get more engaged now. My love for headphones came from my Dad buying me a pair of HD650's which I've used since 2014 until I got my Focal Elex in March of this year. In my journey to experience new things I purchased a pair of ER4XRs and fell in love, then got the ER4SR and I love those even more.

    I hope to find headphone nirvana here. :)
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  10. pichoock
    Hello. CK here. A newbie who've been introduced to the world of high-end IEMs by a friend. Exploring for a new IEM and player.
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  11. DunkFealer
    Hi all!

    I'm Tom from Illinois. I'm a music enthusiast (listening, playing, composing) and only as of the last 2 years or so I've been into headphones which turned me into a lurker here. However, this past year things sped up a ton lol... I own an OPPO PM-3, CA Comet, Jerry Harvey JH3X, an AK100ii. Last but not least, the reason I'm finally joining is that I just bought the CA Andromeda SE Gold, and I'm really looking forward to discussing once they're here!
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  12. serman005
    Hey, Tom, welcome aboard and congrats on the Andro SE Gold--that should be a lot of fun.
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  13. zr0dfx
    Hello everyone!

    I am Alan from Scotland and I love high quality audio :)
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  14. Chris Kaoss
    Hey guys,

    i've been in this forum as a silent reader and guest for many years.
    As a music addicted guy, it was a great pleasure to read about the head gear developments and there impressions to us all.
    This place was a helpful inspiration to me in the past years, so i decided to be a bigger part of it.
    I thought it was time to get involved in lively discussions more often and closely.

    After my last visit here i've bought my game changing gear in listen to music, the Quad Era-1.
    It's a spectacular piece of hardware and bump up my experience to an unknown level.
    Thanks for that. :)

    I'm glad to be part of this community.

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  15. Jeev
    Hi guys, I'm new here. Kinda new to audio I guess, my first pair of actual headphones were M40x's and down the line, I got Superlux 668b's as well as Tin T3 and TFZ Galaxy T2 iem's.
    I ordered a pair of Fidelio X1s's and was wondering if I could find more deets about them bcz there aren't any reviews. Like how do they perform compared to the X1's, X2's and X2HR?
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