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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Fonrain
    Hi I'm new here, have been read-only for years.
    My gears Sony ZX100,Fiio X5iii , 64audio U6,Hifiman HE-4xx massdrop.
  2. talmadge
    Not new to the high end audio world but only recently joined this forum. I've been moving from speakers to headphones the past couple of years and the transition is pretty much complete. Lots of good information here!
  3. CyberAmplified
    Actually joined back in October 2017 or around there but I'm mainly quite silent and stalk the headphone/amplifier market. But Head-fi is a very knowledgable community indeed and their opinions and reviews have helped me many times in deciding my next adventure into equipment purchasing and acquisition. Now sitting happily with some Schiit DAC & AMPs and Fostex TH-X00s as my primary can of choice.
    Thanks for reading.
  4. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @talmadge!!
  5. Alokiano
    I am so glad for meeting new hi-fi friends online :)
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  6. antonybunn
    Hey there headfi people. I've been a member for a while...I figured it's about time I introduced myself and said hi. Looking forward to sharing ideas for improving my setup - Grado SR325, Schiit Vali 2, Wryd, Standing Point Systems NOS DAC 3 and raspberry pi running picore.
  7. BunnyNamedCraig
    like @IkSak said, it starts with the headphone, since that will make the biggest difference in the sound.

    It is best if you can hear a bunch of different headphones so you can know what your tastes are. That way you don't get a set of cans and think "well i paid $$$ so they must be good" and then just try to build around them.

    I see your from CA, but don't know how far The Source AV is from your house? They are a big store that is dedicated to headphones/amps and DACS and located in Torrance CA. You would also have someone there to help direct you to what cans fit your tastes. We (Music To My Ear, MTME) are located in Pittsburgh PA so sorry I can't help you listen to all of ours ha.
    We held a meet at our store and that is where I got to hear the Grado sr325. We don't have one in demo but carry a bunch of the Grado line. I really liked it!! I'm not sure what your next step could be... Hmm have you tube rolled at all with the sr325? I think it would be cool to do that.
  8. AndyKatz
    Greetings to all. I'm actually a returnee, having spent a great deal of pleasant time here a decade or so past (or even longer still:).
    As my interests changed, I moved away from headfi, putting my resources into macro-stereo. Then, after buying our first condo, our layout wasn't acoustically-compatible. So I sold off some of my better stereo components. The only item I kept from the old days were my Shure e535s, which I used with my iPhone 6. About a year ago I stepped on them, breaking off the nozzle, so I decided to upgrade to the 835 ... talk about spectacular! Finally, after a year of the less-than-satisfactory pairing of e835 with iPhone, I bought a Cowon Plenue, which has just arrived, & sounds great playing such lossless files as I have right now.

    I dug through my once impressive collection of portable amps: the SR 71 has a burned out circuit. One Xin Mini suffered corroded batteries. That left a Supermacro iv & another mini, both of which work & sound great. (I also a Fiio A3 that I bought to help with voice recordings I make for news stories, but it's not on the level acoustically with the Xins).

    So, it's cool to be back, even if just to say hello. I think my timing might be spot on as there's an NYC meet coming soon unless I'm mistaken.


    HeadFi Intro.jpg HeadFi Intro.jpg
  9. silverbot01
    Hello, just introducing myself to you all finally. I just love headphones and speakers sometimes too. Finding the differences between amps and tubes vs SS is all good fun for me. I don't really use forums anymore but I will be around here in case I feel the need to.

    I'll list some of my equipment for fun (this isnt all of it):
    phones: HE1000 V1, HD 540 Reference Gold, DT 990 600ohm
    source: Teac UD-301 -> Mjolnir 2/Darkvoice 336SE

    I plan to review/discuss some of this gear later. Most of it has had plenty said about it, but I may have some unique views on this equipment.

    Thanks! :)
  10. slinkyjynx
    Hi everyone, I'm Louis and I'm an al-

    Wait, wrong forum! I've been a long-time lurker on the forums, been getting into good audio over the last few months and found the threads on here really useful!

    Hope to learn and share more with you guys in future!
  11. paulfiio
    Hi folks. New here and new to high end listening. Have a fiio x5iii arriving tomorrow which ill use with my P5s to see if i need to spring for something more gucci. Im guessing i will but hoping to be surprised
  12. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @paulfiio!!
  13. lengyeljani
    Hi there Head-fi community

    I'm a long time reader, first time poster. I stepped on the journey to find my optimal closed over ear cans and it's source/amplification and was till now relying on other people's help requests. It's time to get my own recommendations, so a registration was inevitable :) (not that I regret in any way :wink: )
  14. SofaSamuraiX
    Hello Head-fi. I am newish to the site and am wondering what sort of community there is in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Where the hell can I check out gear here?
  15. ranfan
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