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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @lesaAR!! I haven't heard the ZST, only the ATE, which I like a lot. I hear good things about the ZS3 as well. I like the M6 Pro and also the SoundMAGIC E10 ($41.99 on amazon at the moment) a whole lot. You might read about it and see what you think. It is possible it could work for you.
  2. Goodie
    New to this site, have been using headphones for years in different applications, wireless for tv, on ear while working/driving / commuting, open back with amp for personal pleasure. Thanks for accepting me and look forward to future involvement.
  3. IesaAR
    Thanks! I guess the only way to find out is by trying them. Good to know that people have heard of KZ, otherwise I probably wouldn't buy from them. But the 1 year warranty should keep things in check, thanks again :)
  4. funkymartyn
    Hi all, its been a while, I joined this forum before it changed the format..lost touch for about a year, had trouble trying to log in , but tonight I stuck with it.....as it didn't recognize my name, or e-mail, password, etc....anyway all looks back on now..so good to be back..still been buying, checking out headphones, speakers, audio players....just got to get used to the new site layout ....cheers all......Martyn.
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  5. sageamagoo
    Hello Head-Fi!

    I'm just starting down that road towards a perfectly immersive headphone experience, something I've learned to care deeply about.

    My very first (not cheap) can was the Sennheiser HD 280 pro, which I absolutely loved at the time. My first memories of really enjoying the activity of listening to music on headphones came from playing Angel Dust on repeat and learning for the first time how good it felt to pour all my energy into perceiving (and feeling) sound.

    As I spent more and more time listening to music, I learned how important it was to me, and come 2012 I stumbled upon reviews of the Audioquest Dragonfly DAC and decided to splurge and get it. I loved the device, and started spending more time than ever with my music.

    It was in my freshman year of university that I had my first "complete immersion" experience. It took an isolated room with no fear of intrusions or authority interactions to bring my mind to a state where it could accept removal from the outside world. I started experiencing closed-eye hallucinations from deep states of concentration, and it became something I lived for. I wanted more. So I got new headphones.

    The Sennheiser HD598Cs seemed like the obvious choice because they were only $99 and I loved my other Sennheisers so much. But it turned out to be a bad match for my preferences... presentation was too in-your-face, with the soundstage unnaturally clumped at the sides, not to mention the completely absent subbass. Definitely clearer/more detailed than the HD280 pros, but it was a sound I had to force myself to enjoy. With these two points triangulated, I decided to do some research and head in the opposite direction for my next purchase.

    After much deliberation, I ordered a used pair of Audioquest Nighthawk headphones for its glowing reviews regarding bass and nuance. I was particularly intrigued by the fact that people had to concentrate to understand why it was so good, which seemed like a plus over the immediate-but-fatiguing approach of the HD598Cs. And oh my god, what an amazing purchase that was. I'm just a noob to the audio world, so my fawning is bound to fall on deaf ears, but WOW is this the most immersive, engaging, detailed headphone I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. If you want a deeply immersive experience, Plastic Beach on the Nighthawks is the closest thing to audio nirvana I've found.

    There's something new with these headphones that I've never experienced before, where crescendoes seem to do the opposite of compression and suck you into the music in a profound way. When demoing this headphone to friends, I use the track I Alone by Live to show off this special characteristic.

    Anyway, now that I have a headphone capable of bringing the best out of whatever gear I throw at it, I've decided to upgrade to a Massdrop x Cavalli CTH + SDAC to drive it. I'm so excited to see how it pairs with the Nighthawk, which I know is limited severely by the haze of the original Dragonfly. My main fear is that I might lose that magical subbass I've come to associate with the Nighthawk, which really would be a shame. If I ever get the opportunity, I'd love to hear it through a Schiit Jotunheim to learn what "slam" is all about. Maybe one day I'll travel to a hifi meet and make it happen. Or maybe the CTH will come and I'll be too impressed with the detail to ever worry about upgrading my gear. Who knows.

    Regardless, this is a fun journey through sound that I know will last the rest of my life. Keep rockin', Head-Fi! :)
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
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  6. jazzk
    hello fellow head fiers i have been reading and learning from this site since i bought my first ipod. now i have officially joined this awesome community. my love for music has been ongoing now for 5 decades. having gone down the rabbit hole of hi end audio gear for my house i have recently turned more and more to my headphones and the pursuit of headphone nirvana. 3 ipods, and over a dozen headphones later with countless cmoys and portable gadgets i am trying to nail down a great home hp setup. i have always been a senn fan owning first the 600 now a 650, 660 and 800 i am waiting for a pair of hifi 400,s to try and branch out of my senn cocoon. presently my set up is modded ipod thru an onkyo digital media transport to an antelope zodiac dac to a Gustard H10 (with bursons, thanks to u guys at head fi) to my senns(whichever one i choose but most of the time the 800's) three things i think u guys can help me with 1 step up to a better amp 2 switch to a digital media player (ipod so last year) 3 different headphones to consider although i luv my 800's. thanks to anyone that will take the time to respond and will look forward to ur help.
  7. BunnyNamedCraig
    have you heard the Sony Z1R? It could be a good change up from the sound of the HD800. Focal Clear would stay more neutral if that is what your after, but the punchy sound and speed it delivers is very fun! Detail retrieval is really great as well.

    In regards to amps and the HD800 I am a total sucker for tubes. The Rogue RH5 is exceptional synergy with the HD800. That is probably my favorite combo in the store regarding synergy. Next would be the Utopia out of the Chord Hugo 2.
  8. jazzk
    thanks mtmecraig for u reply i have an older chinese tube amp unfortunatly no headphone jack darn it!! i live in an area that does not have any hi end stores to listen to diff amps or phones. i will look out for the sony"s and the focals i know they are pretty well regarded and that mite make me smile to hear something different from the senn signature. i will also research your suggestion on the rogue and chord, mite be a little past my pain threshold $ wise. at this point buying bryston and pass labs amps for my home setup what the heck!!!! i quit buying new gear for the home and now just want to expand my HP addiction LOL
  9. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @sageamagoo!! We are all sorry about your wallet... ---)
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  10. jazzk
    thanks for the reply one of the things i would really like to learn is how to get off the ipod train and on to a better digital music player. computer skills are my achellis heel so i have been hesitant to try another way of listening other than itunes can someone point the way to try and learn another way to listen to my itunes library thru someother digital format? thanks for any help guidance anyone can offer!!!!
  11. BunnyNamedCraig
    It’s sad you don’t have any high end Audio store in your area. We have demo units of killer stuff but not a ton of foot traffic for people to appreciate it which is the opposite problem.

    We are BIG fans of Rogue Audio for their price to performance. The Sphinx integrated amp is a huge seller from a 2 channel perspective but not a lot of people realize how good the Rogue RH5 is for a stand alone headphone amp that they make.

    Rogue is about an hour away from Philly so it’s nice that they are in PA as well. Supporting “local” Ha.

    Sorry to hear your amp doesn’t have a headphone out. That obviously would have been nice.

    Definitely check out Focal if you can. They are making quite a stir right now and rightfully so. They hit it out of the park with the Utopia and the Clear.

    I hope your wallet can take a break at some point but all that matters is your enjoying your self!!! Nice talking with you @jazzk!

    -(MTME) Craig
  12. Lendrix68
    Hi everyone while not new to audio I’m quite new to headphone gear. Thanks to this site over the last year I have managed to put together a nice portable set up that has kept in the music for the last year. Looking forward to continuing the journey.
  13. Ronnegarth
    Hello Head-Fi and fellow Headfiers. For some time I've been reading to this amazing forum and now I finally decided to register an account here.
    A little bit about myself: beginner audiophile from Russia, with some low/mid-low gear. Currently interested in different mid-tier CIEMS.
    Looking forward for some new expirience and new people to talk about our common passion - music and sound.
  14. jazzk
    probably a good thing i cant demo some of this stuff because my dollars would fly out much faster than normal!!!!
  15. IkSak
    Welcome to the forum!,

    although your question belongs elsewhere, I'd give a quick answer: if you don't plan buying an amp, I suggest you decide if you want an open or closed back. If your choice is going for an open one, I consider investig a bit more, say 200 for an used HiFiman HE400S. It sounds pretty well from any phone and it scales with amps, should you choose to buy one later. Another option is the AKG K7XX, but you should ask in the forums how they sound from a phone. If you want a closed back, look for a second hand NAD HP50, they can be found for about 200.
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