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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. SofaSamuraiX
  2. fabian.1991
    Hey guys,
    my name is Fabian, i come from germany and I bought my first „good“ headphone yesterday.
    Now I own a Fostex TH-610 :)
    All the next things I am going to post at the „cable“-Thread.

    I hope everybody understand my denglisch . If not, please let me know, I try to to my best :)

    By the way:
    Normally my interest is home cinema, loudspeakers, AVR, 4K and so. Not so far away from headphones :)

    Best wishes
  3. BunnyNamedCraig
    you're 2 hours away from Pittsburgh. If you ever feel like doing a road trip i'll make sure I come into the shop that day to give you a grand tour.

    I have a friend that is trying to get a meet together with the Cleveland crew. He is outside of Cleveland but there were a bunch of guys in your area trying to get something together. i'll find the thread for you....

    Hmm cant find it for some reason. I ran into it the other day.. here is the page though for meet ups.

    by the way- ill be holding another get together some time when the weather gets warmer. look down that thread and check out "pittsburgh headphile" if interested. I'm trying to have people come out when its NOT freezing rain conditions ha
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  4. SofaSamuraiX
    Awesome. I might have to take you up on stopping by! Hearing things before purchasing is something I learned is important the hard way.
  5. BunnyNamedCraig

    I do have to say though, I have taken what others have said here and bought blind before. I was really happy with the cans! It’s just way easier to know your tastes and what is out there when it’s all in front of you.
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  6. malingo7
    Hi just joined. Diving in to the headphone market got myself an oppo dac and looking to upgrade my sennheiser momentum... off to the classifieds I go!!!
  7. DavidHwang
    Hey guys, I am new to here too. New to audio as well lol.
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  8. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @malingo7!! Real sorry about your wallet... ----)
  9. Rinaldin
    Hello all! I'm a new user, as well.
    I listen on a beautiful pair of Meze 99 Classic, which I love for their design and quality of sound.
    I recently designed and handcrafted a headphone stand for my headphones, something different than I've been able to see online, and I can't wait to post it on Head-Fi to get feedback from you guys.
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  10. mystikalfogz
    Hey everyone, new user here. My gear currently consists of the IM07 and HD600, looking to upgrade my IEMs in the near future. Nice to meet you all!
  11. SofaSamuraiX
    Welcome! Enjoy music!
  12. bbbiker800
    Hi All - New UK Newby here saying Hello.

    Found the site thru links to Schiit - very interested in the Schiit Saga for 2 sources plus if its possible my Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 (with rolled valves). Headphone user with Sennheiser HD600.
  13. ababyduck
    Hi, I'm new here. I've been on a bit of a headphone kick lately and this seems like a great resource.
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  14. Abtr
  15. Coltblue
    Hello, first post. Can’t wait to learn more!
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