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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. GPDopey
    Hello everyone, I have been learning from this site for years. I've finally joined the community and hope that I can contribute my experiences in the audiophile world for the betterment of others. I aim to be a positive voice in the community and want nothing more than to help others as much as you've all helped me in my quest for audio knowledge.
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  2. caje77
    Greetings all, I probably won't be posting all that much, but figured I'd at least go ahead and follow the instructions on my initial PM welcome and get 1 on the books in this forum.

    I enjoy the site and keep it up as one of my default browser tabs. I've mainly been watching to see what went up for sale, possibly to add a cable, accessory, or even new headphone or amp to my office space, but did use the forums while researching headphones before ultimately buying the Focal Utopias last year.

    Arriving tomorrow....Massdrop X Noble Kaiser 10 Universal IEMs

    Contemplating/Stalking in the future a good deal on...Chord Hugo 2, Sennheiser HD800s, and possibly the HD820s

    Initial post...complete.
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  3. akãjerovia
    Hello fellow Headfiers, i been reading headfi for some time now. i want to thanks you all for sharing your personal experiences.i am a noob and i can't talk about frequencies and peaks and all that, but i enjoy learning from you. I'm from south america and i think we are just starting to upgrade our listening, but we sure like music, as an universal art form, it unite us all, so, hope to contribute in the future. Saludos!
  4. IkSak

    It's nice to see people from South America over here. I'm from Colombia and the audiophile community here isn't as strong as in other countries.

    Where are you from? How's the hobby in your country?
  5. akãjerovia
    Hello IkSak, i'm from Paraguay. So i'm really glad to talk to a Colombian!, we love colombian culture here, vallenato!!. I don't know any person here who is searching audio quality here in Paraguay. people don't understand the difference, but there is a big difference in quality. i just bought the sony mdr z1r and it change my perspective, and currently pairing it with the plenue 1, and is really nice pairing, but i hope to find a nw-mw1a to upgrade that sound. Saludos!
  6. gotheadphones
    Recently bought the 1More Quads and a Schiit Multidac. This place can be bad for your wallet.
  7. Silthrax
    Hello all,Silthrax from Croatia. Long time reader but I have a few questions regarding DACs and pairing them with amps. So i decided to finally stop lurking and start posting :)
  8. IkSak
    Welcome! I'm certain you'll find your answers here
  9. Jemsheed
    Hi All,
    Nice to be in this wonderful forum. Lot of information. I am a newbie to high end audiophile world. I have an LG G6, ZuperDac DAC, Google Pixel 2 XL(current device), SoundMagic E10C earphone, Bose Sound-ink 2 Bluetooth wireless devices. I still want to expand my audio listening capabilities.
    Going though the threads and finalising some dedicated high resolution players and headphones.

  10. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @Jemsheed!! You should find some answers here (and some ways to spend your money... ---)).
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  11. y.ganusyak
    Hi, all

    I'm Yuriy from Ukraine, and i'm a headphone noob, but hope to dive in the high quality music soon :)
    I'll appreciate any help and advices, and hope to share my experience in the future to help others to avoid my own mistakes.

    Cheers and have fun!
  12. Luigi Milazzo
    Hi, Luigi. I’m a classical tenor from italy, music addicted. I had these:

    Shure E2c
    Sony Mdr-ep50
    Sony Mdr-ex700
    Sennheiser cx300 II
    Sennheiser Ie7
    Sennheiser Ie8
    Yamaha Eph100
    Apple Earpods
    Shure Se215
    Rha Ma450i
    Rha Ma750i
    Creative Cal!
    Akg K271 mkII
    Audio Technica Ath-m50s
    Akg k167 tiesto
    Rha Ca-200
    Meliconi hp100
    Beats Pro
    Akg k550
    Sony mdr-1r
    Pioneer Se-a1000
    Ultimate Ears Ue6000
    Shure Srh940
    Sennheiser Hd25
    Akg K81dj
    Akg K518dj
    Akg K545
    Sennheiser cx3.00
    Sony Mdr-ex650ap
    Tdk St-750
    Shure se425
    Sony Mdr-100aap
    Sony Xba-c10
    Hifiman Re-400
    Skullcandy Crusher
    Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 oe
    Philips Fidelio M1MKII
    VE Monk plus
    Sennheiser Hd598SE
    Audio Technica ATH-CKS550i
    Akg Y50
    Marshall Mid Bluetooth
    Philips Fidelio S2
    Brainwavz B100
    Marshall mode
    Audio Technica Ath-E40
    AKG K712 Pro
    Koss KSC75
    Sony Mdr-ex110
    Akg K518le
    Sony Mdr-ex110ap
    Marshall Mode Eq
    Beyerdynamic Dtx350m
    Marshall Monitor Bluetooth
    Akg K845bt
    Yamaha HPH-PRO500
    Yamaha HPH-MT8

    The mt8, while not perfect, with k712, is my favorite. If the srh 940 wasn’t made of the worst plastic ever made, i’d continue to listen to that... but it is. and if my se425 wasn’t taken by an ass..le i’d not end to listen these cheap but wonderful marshall mode, a very underrated set. Being a father my addiction is very careful... so i decided not to spend more than 250/pair, and not to have more than an open, a closed and a in ear. Thank you
  13. IkSak
    Welcome! Way a road you've walked!
  14. scotjo
    Now that I'm part of the conversation, where should I start? Headphones, DAP, or DAC/Amp? I've heard I should focus on the component closest to the ears, and work backwards. My current DAPs include a 4th gen iPod(with a wheel, not a touch), a Benjie S5, and a phone (Moto Z Droid, with PowerAmp). My headphone preferences are over the ear cans while stationary, or earbuds while in motion. I have some Monks and Vidos, which I really like, but I'm open to any and all suggestions. I'm looking for good value, not top of the line (yet, give me time).
  15. IkSak
    Hi, and welcome again

    Where to start largely depends on your interest and your budget, although there consensus is that headphones are the most important part of the chain. That said, your question belongs to the recommendation forum, so feel free to post it there.
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