New Member Introductions thread

  1. Bluemeanies
    $19.00 a month is IMO CHEAP. I have been a member of TIDAL for 2years. You have access to approximately 46 MILLION songs, cataloging, and the ability to make up numerous playlists.
    Tidal combines lossless audio and hi definition videos.
    Lastly storage.
    TIDAL is a bargain..also if you are a veteran you are eligible for a substantial discount.
  2. nadezhda 6004
    I think I'll try it.
    How does it work? Does it have a search engine?
  3. buke9
    Where is the Veteran discount never say that.
  4. buke9
    Works like any other streaming service and yes it has a search engine . You can also download songs to hear offline .
  5. Simon-in-Suffolk
    New to Head-fi
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  6. jfvny
    Hi I'm new to Head-fi though I'm been browsing for quite a while

    Wouldn't call myself an audiophile, maybe an enthusiast at best
    for one, I mostly use Apple music (pls don't kill me)
    gear at the moment is simple too - Sony A1-AP iem, and AIAIAI TMA-2
  7. mattdevil
    Hi everybody! I remembered consulting these boards the last time I needed headphones but now I need to ask questions so here I am.
  8. Gustavox
    Hi guys, new to Head-Fi and looking to learn more. Cheers
  9. orderingrabbits
    Hi everyone, I'm pretty into headphones and I'm looking for basically additional places for discussion so obviously this would be the place to go. What would be the most active threads here to post in to engage in discussion? Thanks a lot guys.
  10. chris6878
    Hello all...New guy here.
  11. MTMECraig
    The Chord Mojo could fit really well for easier to power headphones and its a killer DAC. I think it could fit the needs you described. Its also solid state but by no way sounds "digital" to me.

    In the search bar search your other hobbies as well as headphone interests. There is a HUGe community of people talking about things from Anime to pen collections... Just jump around and try to take it all in. Also don't forget to hit the subscribe icon for the threads you would like to get new notifications about. Have fun!!

    -Craig at MTME
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  12. auriculo
    Hello. Ready to learn. Thanks
  13. afonsoocosta
    Hello, only saying Hi, because already a member for some time.
    Now looking to swap my IEM's for a headphones :D
  14. ManiaxMax
    Hello, I've been a lurker for a while and have decided to sign up, lots of information available here. I am a Sennheiser headphone fan, started with home audio (Klipsch Heresys and various tube amps) and decided to convert to headphones after finding an HD 545 Reference at a thrift shop a few years back. I love the hobby.

    Currently own:
    HD540 Reference Gold's
    HD545 Reference
  15. afonsoocosta
    That is a good collection, god!

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