New Member Introductions thread

  1. Lebowsky
    New member, looking forward to joining the community!
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  2. Kamal 27
    Hi head-fi members .. I m new on this forum wanted to ask a question about headphones can any one help me ..
  3. sinus34
    Hi all .
    I've been here for a while . Lurking for recommendations mostly. Hope I can contribute.
  4. bgbdbstrd
    Hi guys!

    been a member for a few months, already had a deal and some good private chats w some members here, about time I post on the intro =)

    I'm glad the forum format is alive and kicking here, unlike other forums (in other hobbies) that Ive been on which were eventually killed by social media
  5. arvin999
    Hi all,new to the forum and a very big hello.I own a Darkvoice 336c with 6080 tung sol power tube with grado ps500 headphones.Any ideas as to whats the best 6080 tube or equivalent

    to match my amp and 32 ohm ps500 headphones?

    Thank you all.
  6. neptunegarand
    Hi! Been reading for years and soaking in the knowledge here. Finaly registered :) will update my info/ amps/ headphones shortly! Thanks for having me!
  7. Jennifer Zeng
    Hi buddies. I saw a review on Sennheiser IE800 or IE800S just these days. I searched but couldn't find it. Can anyone tell me how to spot it or offer the link? Thanks so much.
  8. HiberniaScholar
    Hello everyone,

    I must admit I am really a novice when it comes to audio equipment. I have a slight hearing impairment that means that for the finer levels of audio enjoyment I generally miss out. However I like well made things and I see audio equipment as an investment as I know that a good set of headphones, speakers etc can still make a big difference even for me when it comes to enjoying music.
  9. GunnerXL
    Hi everyone, name's GunnerXL, relatively new in audio. Started with Alessandro MS1i, Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro. Recently bought two vintage AKGs(K140 & K340) on flea market and ebay. Visited here a few times for the help of building my first amp back in few years ago. Currently waiting for parts to start PMillett's Nuhybrid.:beyersmile:
  10. SunZenith
    Hello, I'm a dance music fan/musc producer who has taken a keen interest in headphones. I've got a specific question to ask about the new headphones I've just bought, hoping you guys can help me out!
  11. Kiddo McDerp
    finally registered - excited to be here! just getting ramped into the hobby...

    rolling w/ x00, k712pros, h6xx, and a schiit stack
  12. Bo Jangles
    Hi and hello everybody.I've looked on Head-fi many times&it's been a mine of information that's helped when it comes to choosing what to purchase.I have mostly been a full speaker set up man.But the last few years i have moved to mostly headphones&DAPs.Currently enjoying Fiio x3/sony A15 with Fiio F5/9s.I also have AKG 702&Sennhieser HD 600.I listen to them all but seem to be going towards IEMs as i quiet like listening when i'm out&about.
  13. Dreamer43
    Hi everyone. i would like to join a community :). I am going to buy a new DAP in range to $50 and looking for a good recommendation. I've been reading a lot and have my leaders (A50 and T6) and maybe some other suggestions.
  14. m_bryant
    Hey Everyone! New member here. Im into pretty much all music and my current equipment is Sony MDR-V6, behringer x 302 usb mixer, and Ultravoice XM8500. I have a pair of HD6xx coming in December and am hoping to get a Modi Magni stack here soon for the HD6xxs.
  15. brocrusher
    New to the headfi game and joined to get advice and recommendations as well as just look at gear porn.
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