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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. buke9
    Welcome to Head-Fi. While the K7xx’s are not real exciting they are good headphones and I think it takes about a week to get your brain to get with the sound of new headphones. There are definitely better ones out there though. Yes your best bet is to make a thread in the Help and Recommendations thread and state what sound signature your looking for I’m sure you’ll get many opinions on what to look for next.
  2. tizman
    Hi All!
    I have recently got back into headphones with the build of Aren van Waarde's OTL amp. I have built a few dozen tube amps over the past 5 years but this amp was my first headphone amp build. The amp and a new pair of HD600s has renewed my interest in headphones. I have done a lot of lurking on this site, but I now have questions to ask and, hopefully, information to share. I'm looking forward to joining in on the discussions with you alll.
    Cheers, Tiz
  3. Munki

    Have been a long time lurker of the forums and decided to finally create an account to possibly contribute with my very limited knowledge on headphones and other audio related experiences.

    Currently sporting a pair of Audio Technica ESW9, Brainwavz m3 (sent back for warranty) and an AKG Y50BT. Still have a pair of Yamaha EPH-100 lying around, however the left channel suffered a case of significant volume loss.

    I've been eyeing the new Brainwavz B400 for a little while, and looking forward to asking some questions about it down the track.

  4. nadezhda 6004
    Hi there,
    I am new in this forum.
    What are the threads I can post messages in?
  5. nadezhda 6004
    I've got a question.
    What are the budget player reading DST files? Almost half of my SACD albums are in dst format.
  6. FireDragon76
    Hello. I have been a headphone audiohplie for years (I used to prefer small, semi-open, on-ear types, such as 8 dollar Panasonics), but I've gradually been upgrading in terms of money I am willing to spend. I've never been a fan of bass-heavy or "dynamic" headphones with V-shaped curves, I prefer slightly warm or neutral sound. I use Panasonic in-ears with my Sandisk Rockbox because they are so efficient, but I also have a cheap pair of Sony on ear-headphones (MDR-ZX100?); they are harder to drive and the audio quality is nothing special.

    Currently I'm using Tascam TH-02's and a Soundblaster X-Fi. I also have a Yamaha receiver that I use with headphones sometimes. I live in an apartment now and some times of day a headphone is the only real way to do detailed listening to music or movies, because I live near a busy highway (I am also looking into mass-loaded vinyl curtains in our apartment).

    The Creative X-Fi has strange outputs, the volume is too high for powered speakers and headphones compared to most consumer electronics. It also has high impedance- I usually use an inline volume control and it seems to help sound quality some, as well as making it safer in case the operating system accidentally increases the volume to maximum. I have thought about getting a dedicated headphone amp with lower output impedance.

    My wife has Bose and Status headphones and she uses a Schitt Vali 2 hybrid tube amp and it sounds great. I have a Chinese tube preamp I sometimes use with my Yamaha to stream digital music on my TV setup (I don't use my Yamaha as a switcher/receiver), nevertheless, I don't see myself getting a Vali 2 as I want something more compact and less finicky for my PC setup than a tube amp.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
  7. nadezhda 6004
    Hi there,
    What are the parameters to convert ISO DSD files to flac with the best sound quality one can hear? I understand that the bigger the file is the better sound quality you have. But some frequencies can't be heard so there is no point to convert to the biggest size. I hope I made myself understood.
  8. TheProfessor1987
    Hello Everybody,
    This is my first post on this forum. I am fairly new to audio. I like all types of music. My favorite performers are Michael Jackson, Tom Jones, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker and James Brown. I can listen to anything though - from Bollywood oldies to Honey Singh. I hope to learn a lot on Head-Fi. I currently use a Signature Acoustics C-12 version 2 wooden earphone, mostly with my laptop or Motorola mobile.
  9. Character
    Greetings to all head fi-ers I am new to this and was just lurking around learning and finally got my self the courage to join your group...

    Thanks for the approving my request to join your group
  10. archiyo
    a bit too late for my intro,
    Hi I'm Archyo, my current headphones are the ath im70, ath ckr9 ltd, elecom bs100 aqua, sony mdr v6, ath m40x. I'm currently looking for an upgrade with a neutral sounding iem.
  11. nadezhda 6004
    Does anybody get answers for the questions asked here?
  12. nadezhda 6004
    OK. Then I will just get posts here.
  13. nadezhda 6004
    I need 10 more posts to be able to reply in different topics.
  14. nadezhda 6004
    Can't wait any more.
  15. nadezhda 6004
    I need 8 more posts to be able to reply in different topics.
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