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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Mr Brett
    What are cable recommendations for:
    Astell&Kern RWK100s to Traid Audio L3?
    I have a Moon Audio, and Kimber KCAG replica cable.
  2. bugger43
    Hi Mac, I am pretty new to this forum myself but love all these hi res gadgets and things. Welcome!
  3. tiedyeMacaroni
    Thanks dood!
  4. damier
    Hello Head-Fi'ers,
    Long time lurker. Joined to mingle and bounce ideas.
    Enjoy modding and prodding. Decidedly average at it (not good and not bad).
    Naturally I also like noise :D -- and clean noise is best
    Inventory is kind of weak: Sennheiser HD650/HD800, ASUS Xonar Essence One (MOSES/BURSON hybrid)
    Have a keen interest in growing it. Subject to funds though :frowning2:
  5. greytomorrow
    Good day to everyone!

    My name is Andrey. I had an account for so long, but didn't use it. Previously I was using only local Russian forums like player.ru, but for now I'd like spread my experience on international platform too :)
    My DAPs: Hifiman HM-801 Symmcat Edition, iBasso DX100 Symmcat Edition and Ihifi 960 (with one DAC).
    My IEMs: Etymotic ER-4S, Alclair Reference, InEar StageDiver SD2 and Fischer Audio TBA-04.
  6. FraterOiram
    Hello everyone, my name is FraterOiram.
    I am pretty much a newb to the audiophile world but intend on learning as much information as I can.
  7. wing962
    Hi All

    I am wing. Just know here is a famous website about head-fi, I am glad to join it today
  8. Viper2733
    Hello, I'm also new here.. I joined yesterday [or maybe it's still today, depending on your time zone].. I'm really amazed by how big the subject of audio is, and how much knowledge is shared in this forum.. I made my own thread with introduction, but no one posted there [​IMG]
  9. Shinry
    I'll take a minute to introduce myself.
    I'm a german college student and not yet experienced with expensive Hifi.
    Though I'm no basshead I don't have as many neutral headphones as I would like.
    My collection is based on
    Qpad QH-85,
    Superlux HD 330 (With a no-bass-mod),
    Klipsch Image One II,
    Sony XBAC10B
    Rock Zircon
    KZ ED3 
    But I want to get more into the topic with the help of this forum.
  10. 7Goku7
    Hi guys
    New here and would to do some research here before getting my pocket empty.
    It had survive a few major injury before since I get a glance on the CHORD Hugo and some IEMS.
  11. DancingBlue
    Hey all! Greetings from NYC [​IMG]
    Another longtime lurker here, finally took the jump and signed up. Head-Fi has been of tremendous help to me over the last couple of years as I've eased back into the hifi game after a few decades hiatus. The landscape sure has changed!
    Now that I have some new gear (which I'll add to my sig as soon as I have privileges to do so) I'd love to be able to contribute back and provide advice/help/impressions where I can. 
  12. Wyatt Y
    Hey guys!  Greetings from Grand Rapids, MI!
    I've very recently gotten into headphones, thanks to this site and the guys over at r/headphones.  I figured I should probably make an account for when I have questions or if my experience could help other people out some time.
    I went on a spending spree not long ago and picked up a beyerdynamic DT 770 80 Ohm, Sennheiser HD 598, and an Audio-Technica ATH-M50x.
  13. Fidalgo
    My name is Paulo Fidalgo, I'm from Portugal and I have been around for some time... but without registering!
    Keep rocking!
  14. Mark R-S
    Hi Everybody. After years of lurking I finally joined. I've been into hifi for years; I remember saving up my pocket money to buy my first CD player in 1986. Now, for family reason, I'm not allowed to make so much noise, so I listen to headphones - At least I give myself the luxury of open-back phones though.
    I'm based in the UK, in Oxford. I'm sad that I wasn't able to make it to the recent canjam in London, but I hope to make it to the next one - My wife will be very happy if I get some more upgrade ideas :)
  15. wangwu
    Hi, new guy here . nice to meet you all !
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