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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. bugger43
    What four sets of cans do yoy have now?
  2. olsonjr
    1. Senn HD-650 With Cardas Blue Cable into Musical Fidelity X-Can V3 with a Chord Qute EX DAC is in daily use.
    2. Etymotic ER-4 for use with the PONO and previously iPods (mainly used when flying or mowing the lawn or blowing leafs)
    3. Grado Over the Ear Portables not even sure what these are called these days. eGrados maybe.
    4. Some bargain bin Sennheisers with a closed design that I used to use at work, 
  3. bugger43
    Nice, it all starts somewhere. I may have to get a pair of HD600s or 650s to see what all the fuss is about. Lol. I am certain they are serving your current needs. Seems as though the 600s were the standard set for mnay years. I'd really like a pair of HD800S' but at their price, ouch. Considering the Elears just set me back a grand. Yikes.
  4. SuperPollito
    Hello everyone, I've been into car audio forever and last year took up home audio, but only recently discovered the idea of head-fi gear. I picked up a pair of Oppo PM-3 and a Woo Audio WA7tp and I think this may be my favorite audio system as I can play as loud as I want with excellent sound and not bother anyone in the house. Cheers everyone!
  5. Mr Brett
    What is the etiquitte here?
    I have asked a handful of questions.
    They have been answered.
    Do you just let the response slide? So as not to clog up a thread?
    Or do you acknowlege the reply with a thanks and a comment?
  6. BunnyNamedCraig
    you try to do your best to think "is this pertinent to the thread". if you want to thank someone for their answer to your question, feel free to! When you do thank them, try to keep it short and to the point. granted these are just one persons opinon of the threads... also dont be afraid to Private Message someone if you feel like what your asking isnt 80% pertinent to the convo at hand. my 2 cents :wink:. anyways you gave an excellent question.
  7. Aliante
    Doing my part by saying "Hi" to everyone (and meaning it) :) Came here to learn more about hi-fi (duh), and well... Thank you for the amazing info that's already on the site/forum :) Let's hope I'll have something to add (or at least ask, heh). Cheers :)
  8. leroik
    Hi. I'm new here. I guess I can ask a question: How do we get to where we can send and receive more than 2 private messages each day?
  9. ibbanez
    Welcome.  I to am new.  I just looked up the Woo Audio WA7tp that you listed and holy mother of god those look frickin awesome.
  10. Frozen Rat
    Hello, community. I'm a fellow headphone lover. 
    Currently I own a pair of Grade GS1000i headphones and I'm looking to expand. In the past I owned an RS2i, a RS1 and an RS1i. 
    I'm looking to add a PS1000 or PS1000e to my system. I'm also looking for a good amp to pair with them.
    I also have a stereo hifi system made up of a Musical Fidelity M5Si integrated amp powering two Martin Logan electrostatic speakers. The lower end ones with the not low end sound.
    If anyone wants to sell their PS1000 or PS1000e headphones, drop me a line.
  11. verbositynow
    Well, I just got my start in this audio-centric world at the RMAF CanJam.  I didn't realize people were making $4k headphones.  [​IMG]  It was nice to get a chance to hear the stuff I probably will never be able to afford, but I will say it opened my ears to what's possible.  The HD600s are lovely.  I picked them up after the event.  It's pretty amazing how much of a difference it makes, although now I feel like I've jumped down the rabbit hole.  I obviously need to get a DAC and amp for them.  Sigh.  This is going to turn into an expensive habit!
    I, too, yearn for a day when I can say I have too many headphones to list.  I'm not holding my breath.  I do have some IEMs and a closed-back headphone on the way.  Hmmm...maybe this is all happening too fast!  [​IMG]
    The real reason I replied to you is to give you a heads-up that the HD600s and 650s are at a pretty solid price over at Amazon at the moment.  If you're considering them, definitely check it out if you want them new.  I think I've seen a couple of folks selling them, too, here and over at Audiogon as well...good luck finding what you're seeking, and have fun!
  12. Watchman323
    Nice, welcome
  13. Watchman323
    Hi everyone.
    Been here a while. Need to sell a DAP. But need 15 posts. I am usually a quiet person. 15 is a big number for me. I doubt i had more than 20 posts in all of my forum memberships combined. Anyone have any suggestion on how i can force myself to get 10 more posts?
  14. voxie
    Hi Watchman. Shoot me a PM regarding the DAP. 
  15. tiedyeMacaroni
    Hey, how's it going?

    My name is Mac and I'm new to this stuff.
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