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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. carboni
    Hello, glad to find so much activity on a headphone forum! And i gotta admit Zreviews reinvigorated the audiophile in me.
  2. bugger43
  3. BarryStanky

    I'm Barry from the great state of New Hampshire :) My love of music has been reinvigorated over the past two years thanks to the PONO hi-res music player. Since then I have been trying different headphones and IEMs to help me reach music nirvana. I think I am near there. I just wish I would start seeing more remastering of classic rock and folk albums in hi-res flac. But I have a healthy catalogue for now.

    Right now I have the PONO coupled with a set of Cardas A8 ear speakers. I'm liking this combo, especially with the PONO balanced cables.

    Anyway, that's my story. I'm no audiophile, although I have learned a lot about audio over the past two years. I am here to absorb from others and maybe note a few findings of my own.
  4. DrumsFillo
    Hi everybody!

    I'm a drummer, "photographer" and music lover
    Happy owner of Shure SE 215, Noble 5 classic and Fiio X3 2ndGen

    Hope to learn a lot from all of you guys, an looking for a new pair of DD in-ear

    Cheers from Italy [​IMG]
  5. mjbGOAT
    Hi everyone,
    I'm Matt from Sydney.
    Pretty keen to learn more from all you guys about all this fantastic audio stuff. Not sure where I will get started but will be sure to find out.
  6. BarryStanky
    Hi DrumsFillo,

    Although I am a PONO owner/enthusiast, I bought my wife a FIIO X1 last year. I was impressed with the sound, so much so I was considering picking up an X5 for myself to back up my PONO, for when I am out on a hike or jog as the PONO isn't designed for that activity. And they both support the same FLAC files.
  7. erich6
    Hello everyone.  I'm a new member though I've been following some of the threads for a few months.
    I recently got into the audiophile world.  Starting modestly with the following gear:
    Philips SHP-9500 headphones
    Onkyo H500BT headphones
    Bose QC-15 headphones
    Bose QC-20 headphones
    FiiO E12 amp
    FiiO E6 amp
    My source is my iPhone 6s while traveling and my desktop PC with Realtek DAC supporting 7.1 dolby surround. I also have a Acer Aspire S7 laptop that has Dolby Digital Plus.
    I play Tidal HIFI streams and high-resolution FLACs from online stores/CD rips as well as a couple of DSD sources using Foobar2000.
    Looking forward to joining the discussions!
  8. huyendep
    Hi everybody,
    I have been listening to music for 20 years but mostly via mp3. Now I want to immerse in the HiRes audio age.
    Looking forward to try some TOTL phones.
    Best wishes
  9. tdubya
    I'm head-fi's newest rookie and I'm from Michigan. I've been lurking on the forums for a year or two now and finally decided to join. I consistently do intensive research on the site and have used that knowledge to invest in better headphones. I started with Bose TriPort, then moved to KRK KNS6400, and days ago stepped up to Beyerdynamic DT1350. The Beyers have changed my (audio) life. I am really starting to feel like a novice audiophile. I'm working on my source audio too, ripping hundreds of CDs to FLAC and trying to decide on a DAP. In the interim, I'm using my laptop and foobar2000.
    I'm eager to continue my education in high-fidelity sound.
  10. fairShare
    Hi all.

    I'm John from Dallas. Got my start with the Sony mdr-v6 a decade ago. Was happy with those for awhile, have since moved onto the Fidelio X2, the ATH-R70x and the Sennheiser 598. Loving them all but I had to get an Uber Schiit stack for the ATs.

    Hope to learn more as i continue along with this hobby.
  11. Muinarc
    Welcome John. Those Fidelio's are a great headphone too. Looks like you have a nice stable there, hope you're enjoying the music!
  12. risstakerelse
    greeting from italy , hifiman he-350
    Hi everyone , I am 21
    I have got these headphone from a man in uk , for very cheap price (120€) , I'm looking forward to some used amp/dac to use with them !!
  13. justdoitbucks
    Hello all! Great forum. Been reading post from the site for years and just now joined. Too many pairs of cans to name all, but my newest working are an old pair of Superlux. Cheers!!
  14. bugger43
    I'm still working on the day when I will have "too many cans" to list. Ha!
  15. olsonjr
    New member here, joined to access the thread on the South East Michigan Meet. 
    Not sure why I have not joined before as I have four sets of cans and several head amps in my humble collection.
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