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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. baxwar2092
    Hey guys,

    Troy here, from New Zealand! Just wanna say hi and introduce myself! Just another fellow fidelity enthusiast sharing my love of sound.
  2. Kyoudai
    Hello, just started getting into the high end headphone scene.  Already kicking myself for the ridiculous amount of money I have spent on "gaming" headsets in the past now that I know better.
    I am currently waiting on my Fostex T50RP MK3's with 1540 pads [​IMG].  Should be a nice upgrade from apple earpods huh?
    Now I just gotta get my amp life straight.  Already looking at a possible future purchase of the Fidelio X2's for open back goodness. 
  3. BunnyNamedCraig

    They are very hard to drive. (I own the ZMF Vibro). You will see a huge difference with it amped
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  4. Kyoudai
    I ordered a Fiio Q1 amp/dac but it looks like its a tiny bit weak for the MK3's
  5. Mikualotic
    Hi. I am new hear(sorry I cannot help the bad pun), I go by Miku. I started my hifi adventure back in January with the Snnheizer HD 598 SE. I wanted to get a better experience in sound than my Bose "true sound". I was so stupid for buying those. The thing I hated the most about them was the lack of bass. I am happy I sold them off. My current daily driver is the Oppo Pm3. I bought them over the Summer. Soon I plan on buying my first amp dac. I hope I can make new friends here and enrich my knowledge in audio in general. 
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  6. Kyoudai
    How did you feel about those Sennheisers?  I almost got those before settling on the Fostex MK3's
  7. Mikualotic
    They can be harsh with some songs. They are comfortable. They were an eye opener to me. I loved them when they were my first hifi headphone. Now they are eh. 
  8. Kyoudai
    Good to know. I am kinda peeping some Fidelio X2's right now
  9. Mikualotic
    I heard good things about the Fidelio. I am thinking about getting Oppo Pm2 or Koss ESP 950s. 
  10. Kyoudai
    How do you or anyone else reading this decide what the next pair of headphones you are getting are gonna be?  Who do you listen to for suggestions?
  11. Mikualotic
    Well for me where it can and should be used is one reason I can think of. Looks or sound are other reasons that I consider getting new headphones.Technology of the driver is another reason . Z Review makes great videos on youtube to make suggestions. 
  12. Kyoudai
    Z reviews is why I chose the MK3's with the 1540 Pads as my "first" high end headphones :)
  13. Mikualotic
  14. BunnyNamedCraig
    Z reviews guy annoys me ha. But if his tastes and ears are similar to yours then stick with it. Also read and watch innerfidelity for insight
  15. clouddasher
    Hi my name is Alex, and I am sort of looking at getting some used Audeze LCD-2 headphones on account of the fact that I am extremely broke and I had heard this place was good for that and also I figured this place would be good for advice for amps as well, but hopefully I don't have to spend more than $60 for that, but I am not sure.
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