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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. SeabeeRob213
    also, if anyone is one here who knows flac and sd card storage, can you help me out, I posted another thread in the help section.
  2. Devvre
    Hello, my name is Alfonso.,
    I'm from Italy, Milan. I am an actor but I also play the guitar and listen a lot of music from PC and iPod. I intend to buy a fiio x3ii in December. So I just got a new pair of headphone after reading a lot of your threads.
    I'm new here and i subscribed cause I need advice. I bought a pair of v moda m100 for 189€ from www.eglobalcentral.co.it (good price)
    As soon I received them I noticed that the right driver doesn't work (read in some reviews that is a common issue).
    Immediately called PayPal for a refund.
    I hope that they will not give me a new pair because I don't want the new pair to have the same problem after a while.

    Do you think that Sony MDR 1a would be a better alternative? Or they are cheap built?

    I am really confused right now.

    I don't consider myself a bass head, mostly cause I put the volume lower than every person I know.
  3. Koalacola
    Hy guys/girls.
    I'm quite new. Joined the forum to have access to ppl who have experience with audio equipment and to ask them about advices in the related subject, and post my experiences with other equipment.
  4. Ray3rd
    Does anyone know if there is a big difference between flac, wav and m4a aac files.  I copied all my cds via EAC to my hard drive and the all are wav files not flac. 
  5. JoiseP
    Hi I'm Josie, I just really enjoy good sound and good music.
  6. fullranger
    How are the *****cats? What kind of sounds do you like?
    This is mostly a music listening site, but it might be interesting if you enjoy sounds like glass-blowing, or other industrial sounds. I get a kick out of some hospital sounds...
    Welcome aboard!
  7. RawPhotographer
    I really doubt this post gets monitored.

    Hi, I'm Alan.
    My hobbies are, production of music (Mostly audio engineering), playing instruments, photography and coding.
    I have a lot of general audio knowledge but not until recently did I have any funds to fill my needs.

    My current gear/headphones:
    AKG 240 Studio
    Superlux HD 681
    Various Sony MDR's,
    A ****ton of chinese in ear headphones,
    and a motherboard that produces way too much noise.

    I'm pretty much joining head-fi so I can access the classifieds. (Not really)
  8. Clefebun
    My name is Nathaniel. Looking forward to reading and talking about headphones.
    I live in Australia. Prices of headphones are a bit pricey where I live.
    But looking forward to heeding advice for what headphone gear is worth getting.
  9. Neckrobeard
    I'm Neckrobeard.
    I love my CD900ST and HD600!
  10. puworld
    It would help people more to answer if you can tell us what you think you want or how you will use the files etc, otherwise you may as well do a search since so many threads here and elsewhere will give you the info. Sorry but your question just covers such a huge range of answers without knowing what you want etc.
  11. Anthony Frandi
    I have a question, since last month i use spotify as my goto app to hear music, my friends said if we use spotify on iphone or any apple products it will sound better, is it true?
    And some my friends said buy music from itunes have better quality than extrme quality music from spotify.
  12. Robert Turnbull
    Hi All,
    My name is Robert , I have a small budget setup (Fiio Q1 DAC/AMP + Monk+/Tennmak Pro) and looking to step up in the audio game! I have joined head-fi to gain the experience of the members to help myself get more immersed in the audio world..
  13. Kpala
    awesomeness. I'm looking to get into that Mid-fi Hifi world. How are the X2s? I'm really interested in them at the moment. Seems like the best choice for around $200 if you can get them used
  14. Kildras
    Hi guys

    I am from Hong Kong and occasionally will post some photographs on this forum :D

    I currently own a
    AR m2
    Nuforce hem6
    Philips l2
    Audeze el8 open.
    Oppo ha2

    Just want to share some thoughts on upgrading path:
    Dac is the first if only your player is terrible.
    Headphone or earphone always the first. They bring a whole new life to the music because each have its own signature.

    But most important of all, good audio quality music.

    In fact imo, flac is not that significantly better than mp3.
    But you should get flac because in my experience, flac format quality will always have better source than mp3 which is very unreliable.
  15. mashuto
    Greetings everyone. I have been lurking on here on and off for a while. I actually don't listen to a ton of music but I do enjoy high quality sound. Got a pair of some creative IEMs a long time ago and really liked the sound you could get out of such a small portable pair of headphones. Since then I have been looking for other pairs that are both cheap but can offer really good quality. So thats where I am now, most recently picked up senfer 4in1, ad01, and trinity vyrus to complement my older pair, the hifiman re-400. Still trying to nail down a sound signature I like, but I think I am leaning towards V shaped. Also recently got a fiio e17k as a way to introduce myself to amps and dacs and so far I am really liking the sound I get from it compared to just driving from my android phone (with sound mods).
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