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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. hmax50
    Because of a medical issue i spent most of the day at home and when my wife is at work i use my headphones.
    Got myself a Burson ha 160 and boy my hd580 is pretty impressive. As a source I just plugged in my Iphone.
    Last week I got a good deal on a demo Hegel hd12 and I am in trouble.all I wanna do is listen to music.
  2. Tworats
    Hi everyone. I am here just to get the approval :)
  3. Cheaplad
    Hi fonkepala.... good questions indeed.
    SE215 and EX1... I would say I like SE215 about its stronger bass and better isolation; but I also love the open-back design of EX1 and its airy style, wide soundstage - that I enjoy using it for live albums and female vocals.  Couldn't say which one is better, but I am the proud owner of these two budget kings.
    The HD650 - I buy them because I have read so many reviews, by Headfi'ers and else, about the HD600/650 siblings.  When I saw there was an online sale last week (almost USD$100 less than the local listed price), I jumped at the chance (after getting my lovely wife's blessing and understanding) and bought a pair.  
    I am super-excited now.  HD650 would be my first audiophile-grade headphones that show I have come of age, embarking on the quest for the better, more detailed sound.  I understand that E12 is not enough to drive HD650 and I am thinking of buying the budget Little Dot MK2.
  4. cyanb
    Hey folks.
    New here as well.  Got bit by the headphone bug.. and now I'm doing everything backwards.
    "Buy nice headphones.  ****, now I need a DAC.. now I need an amp.. cables.. yadda yadda."
    My poor wallet.
  5. fullranger
    Now have at it.
    Spend your money wisely... :0)
  6. Ashrunner
    Hello Head-Fi community!
    I'm a long-time lurker so finally decided to create an account.  I'm not even allowed to edit my profile picture as a new member so apologies in advance for the stock avatar.
    I'm a tech M&A attorney based in San Francisco.  I read the forums daily and over time have started to be more and more into sound, both from a pure enjoyment perspective at home and from a technical, scientific perspective.  My background is in biochemistry and I've always been interested in engineering and technology.  For some reason, audio equipment and sound just wasn't on my radar screen until later in life but I've really been digging them recently.
    I currently own a Schiit Rag / Yggy and HD 800S.  Yesterday, I ordered a Focal Utopia and black dragon cable from Moon Audio.  No idea when they will arrive - Moon said new shipments should be in this month but there is a waiting list.  I'll read your enjoyable and informative posts about the Utopia while I wait for mine to arrive.
    In any event, just wanted to say hello and that I look forward to being part of the Head-Fi community.  Glad to have a resource like this available for my relatively new hobby.
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  7. Mikualotic
    Hi. It took me seven or eight posts to edit avatar. Nice gear you got there. I am currently ampless and dacless :frowning2:
  8. timwarrior
    Hello my name is Tim and I'm joining here to watch for info regarding small amps. I'm not much of a headphone person but do have efficient speakers (95db or better) that can enjoy small amplifiers. 
  9. OnTheMark
    Hello every one out there in the Head-fi community. I am new here and looking to learn as much as I can about this new hobby. I stumbled across this site after I bought a pair of Grado SR-80's on clearance and now I am sucked into another hobby. So here goes my money and time but it is fun learning about something new. I have already purchased my first upgrade of a Schit Audio Vali 2 and I am loving it. Well hopefully I can hold on to these Grados for a little while before the upgrade bug hits again, but probably not, but that is OK.
  10. Bleach-Free
    Hey everyone!  Been lurking for a long time, but finally decided that I need to make an account.  Having a desk job allows me the opportunity to listen to music pretty much all day uninterrupted, which is awesome!  Hoping to continue learning as much as I can as I have done over the last 2 years lurking around here.
    Currently own:
    Samsung Galaxy S7 (primary source as I stream Spotify)
    MEE Audio Pinnacle P1
    Fiio X1 DAP
    Previously owned:
    RHA MA750
    MEElectronics A161P <- First "serious" IEM purchase
  11. frigginloony
    I have joined the ranks of you crazy, insane people who spend thousands of dollars and then wonder "why the hell exactly am I doing this"  but then the best part is I actually answer myself (there's a clue) and say "cause I LOVE it ".  Got some gear  yep  will list it later when i make my bones here. In the meantime I'll be watching and learning and making a complete fool of myself when i post. Then ya'll can have a good laugh at my newbie expense and kick me to the gutter.  It's ok, i'll dust myself off, get right back up and make a fool of myself many more times in order to be of some use ..... any use to the community. 
  12. fonkepala
    Hi and welcome! I own a pair of Grado SR125e and I love them. Let me know how nicely your Grado pairs up with the Schiit Vali 2.
    Welcome! I own a Pinnacle P1 & X1 as well, love both to bits. Did you sell off your MA750 and if so..why?
  13. fonkepala
    Thanks for your input on the EX1. I like my SE215, although when I first got them the earpiece housing made my right ear lobe hurt to no end. Now I put them in at a slight angle and the pain is gone, so I can wear them longer. The SE215 is not my nicest sounding IEM, to me they sound a bit too bass heavy and not really detailed. However, there's something about them that makes me put them on time and again.
    The E12 is quite powerful as far as portable amps go, although for the HD600 I think you might need a better amp in terms of power and not care about portability. Little Dok Mk II sounds good. I wish you all the best buddy.
  14. IamNewbie10
    Hello guys, I'm new here just wanna say hello. Cheers
  15. nuance
    Hello everyone!
    A long time lurker, I finally decided to join! Part of the reason is I broke my constantly WIP Grados for good (sob), so I'm looking for a new pair of headphones.
    There's an exhausting amount of info on head-fi, so it's good to finally be able to ask questions and join in the conversations. I'm really very glad this remains a friendly and helpful community, I hope I can chime in and help keep it that way.

    Cheers, N.
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