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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. unknown master
    Hello everyone,
    My name is Marcelo from chile,and i'm getting started on the audio market. I currently own a sony xb's line headphone, but i am looking forward for a new pair of in ear headphones. This is my first time posting, but i've been reading head-fi posts for a while now, and it has been very useful for me. Great forum!
  2. Tompie913
    Hi guys,
    I've read Head Fi for some time, but have only now registered (admittedly because I need help lol).
    I use a pair of Panasonic HTX7s and have a pair of Sony MDR V6s for use with my guitar amp, and most recently had to jump on some Griffin Woodtones because they were on sale.
    Good to finally add to this community!
  3. thewatermellon
    Hi all, 
    I've been a regular over on r/headphones for a while, but after reading countless reviews and browsing around over here finally decided to join your ranks.  
    Currently I'm running a Schiit stack with some HD650s, as well as Sony MDR-7506 for travel and Mee M7P for gym use.  
    My next big project is ciems, because I'm tired of my current portable/gym setup.
    See you around!
  4. Luis Luquis
    Hi Everybody
    My name is Luis and I'm from southern CT. I'm somewhat of a noob still but been learning lately. So far I have agk q701,  Sennheiser HD 439 and mee audio m6 pro IEM. I also have an little fiio E6. Speaker wise i ave pair of m-audio bx5 that i use with my PC. I'm planing to get a nice amp/dac setup for my PC and also a fiio x3/x5 with a nice portable amd/dac and more headphones lol.
  5. tjeco30
    new member here!
    ATH M30x - Thoughts for PS4 Gaming, home & mobile audio and movies?
    I currently use the Razer kraken for my PS4 and general audio and movies. I know, it's not that good, I know. And I'm looking for some good quality cans. The M50's is too expensive for me at the moment. So is the M30x any good? Mainly gonna be using it for PS4 gaming, audio and movies. Also, will it need an amp since it's 48ohms? How's the Bass on this as compared to the kraken? How's the soundstage for gaming? Also, by no means that I am an audiophile as you can tell. All I want is a headset that will offer BASS when the Game and Music calls for it BUT I would also want some clarity and good soundstage. 
  6. mvenegas98
    Hello! I'm Matias from Chile, I've been lurking on Head-Fi for a loong time and always when I want to know something on the audio subject I end up on this forums, so I decided to create an account and try to be part of this awesome community.

    I'm just starting as an aficionado in this matter so my gear is very basic:
    -Sennheiser Momentums Over-Ear
    -Senn's CX5.00 (For portable use)
    -FiiO X3 2nd gen, for amp - dac use and for hi-res portable music

    I'm also very interested on buying a pair of HD598 Se 'cause I've read a lot of good reviews about them and I like them a lot as I'm a sennheiser fan, and also because I love my momentums and I think the 598's are a great upgrade to my gear.

    Well that's all from me now. Awesome community.

  7. fritobugger
    How do I edit the items list below my post?
  8. Maulik112
    You can go to your profile. Click on the headfi icon on right top and click on your username.
    Scroll down, you'll see "Forum Signature" field. Just edit that. :)
    fritobugger likes this.
  9. OlDNuke
    Hello from sunny California,
    Semi-New here.  Rigs, Modi 2 Uber to modified BH Crack with HD600 with 650 drivers and upgraded cable at the office, BiFrost MB to upgraded BH Mainline with HD800 with upgraded cable at home.
  10. CStian
    Hey fellas, figured I would post here, being that I'm new and all. I've lurked here for around a year, but do my posting on other websites usually. Figured it was time to make an account. My current setup is a pair of HD598s and a recently acquired Schiit Stack, but I'm looking into buying some nicer cans, being that I've got the power for it now.
  11. RichardLoveMusi
    Hi All,
    Nice to really join this forum now, and my gears are ifi micro idsd + Grado RS1i. 
  12. jvinhj240
    Just want to say hello everyone, I am new to vintage audio. Now i just got thorens turntable < i hope i can learn from you guy.
    From USA
    thorens td 166 mkii
    Ar 2a speakers
    pioneer sx 980 receiver.
  13. fritobugger
    Thanks!  You rock!
  14. theorist
    I suppose this is the best thread to post to as a newbie, prior to making the post to the LCD-4 thread (that I joined to make) in a couple of day!
    I have had the use of my local New Zealand dealer's demo Audeze LCD-4s for the last two months (he's a good bloke!) as I have awaited deliver of my pair. Anyhow Terry delivered them yesterday.
    I have about 500 hours of listening on Terry's pair which were delivered to him at the start of November, so they have the old 100 ohm driver films and the ones I just got are the revised LCD-4s with the thinner 200 ohm films with the 'fixed' headband.
    With only 25 hours or so of burn-in, the new version LCD-4s are already sounding better than the original version. Obviously 'voiced' essentially the same as the older version, they have notable better detailed resolution, most apparent in music such as the Chvrches 'You Caught the Light' where the reverbed treble and bass now has significant more depth and three dimensionality with the male band member's voice sitting nicely balanced in between.
    Yes, their lower efficiency now needs a hair higher volume setting now at about 9:15 on my Auralic Taurus II head amp then the 9:00 setting with the older version at my highest listening volume.
    My source is an Antipodes DX driving a Auralic Vega DAC with good USB and XLR interconnects.
    Will make a more detailed post on the LCD-4 thread once they have a few more days of burn in.
    Assuming this one works!
  15. Badfish5446
    That's seriously awesome first post there... leading into Head-fi with LCD-4's!  Welcome and be prepared for this place to burn a hole through your wallet like Thermite...
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