New Hidizs AP200 double DAC Android-based smart music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by crabdog, Mar 6, 2017.
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  1. almarti
    I am sure this has been answered previously but I don't find it.
    Has someone tested AP200 can play Tidal offline without upsampling as other Android devices do?
  2. OldDude04
    I quoted myself from another thread. Since that post, I was able to update to the 1.9 firmware and Google Play is back, however the unit still won't charge and has since died. I did hear back from Hidizs this morning stating that I needed a 5v2A adapter to charge the device and could I please try that. I told them that unfortunately I had already tried a 5v2A adapter (pic below) that came with my Huawei tablet with no success. I'm just waiting to hear from them about what the next step is.

    *EDIT* I just heard from them again saying they have transferred the issue to one of their engineers who will get back to me soon.

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  3. rr12267
    Glad to see that they are working with you in a timely manner and hope you get resolution quickly. +1 for Hidiz
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  4. IryxBRO
    Updated to 0.1.9beta. Google Play is back as well as Play services. Good. Made one trick and noticed the following: after updating from 0.1.8beta that didn't have Google Play my new FW had some hard times on launching Google play services. So, I've made a factory reset... To my surprise seems that my digitizer calibration became good now. It was hard to press some buttons on the right before. Now it seems to be working ok.
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  5. reeza
    So I have spent a whole battery playing with the AP200 today. I started with a factory wipe/ reset and its most possibly a placebo effect, but I found overall the sound was improved a little. I tested Apple Music and it worked well, even in offline mode. I will however say in Android Mode, the device is rather slow and has a delay when doing anything, either RAM or SoC issue. Pure Mode works fine with the odd HibyMusic dropping out and restarting itself.

    Not sure, maybe... I hope so.

    I tried my old Sennheiser HD25s rated at 70Ω - For some reason sound tiny and crappy. Not too sure why, maybe they have die I haven't used them for a while.

    It has a High/Low gain option. Tried both, I found low gain then pumping the volume sounded a little better, but I'm a little confused how that works.

    These are my current issues...

    1) Can’t use the side buttons to adjust the volume when screen is off. Need to activate screen then volume works.

    2) Can’t workout how to set it to “Line Out” mode.

    3) I encountered some slight earthing/ digital (like a hard drive) type noise issue when no sound was playing and in Android mode only.

    4) sometimes having issues with Play Store dropping account authentication and requiring a reboot to get working again.

    5) The keyboard isn't very accurate while typing, not sure if its the OS issue, or a touch screen calibration issue.

    6) Battery from fully charged drops pretty fast.

    7) Can't find location of a user manual.

    8) Some missing features from store HibyMusic. Hibylink, ReplayGain, Hide Lyrics.
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  6. Kervsky
    Thats a lot of stuff to process. I hope you also sent this to hidiz so they can fix it. Considering the firmware is beta, it's far from stable. Hopefully they can get to those points before a majority of people get their units.
  7. loungecat
    Reading what Ive read here, I'm not looking forward to receiving mine to be quite honest :triportsad::triportsad:
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  8. DjBobby
    "6) Battery from fully charged drops pretty fast."

    Thanks a lot for your detailed report. Did you try switching wifi, how is the battery life compared between wifi on/off?
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
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  9. reeza
    I have sent them an email with all all the above points. Fingers crossed.

    Once a few tweaks and kinks are fixed in the software, it will be a great DAP for its price.

    I didn’t turn wifi off and probably should have tested that... from what I could see, it dropped really quickly from 100% to 85% in about 10+- minutes, then settled fine till about 30%, then dropped quickly again.

    Saying that, I was having a good play with it, installing applications, listen to music and at lot of screen time I guess. If I had turned it on, plugged in headphones hit shuffle and let it go without playing out with it, I would say it would last a lot longer.
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  10. Kervsky
    They're pretty responsive so it should work out soon. I'm excited to experience the dap, had a few experiences with beta testing so things like that don't turn me off.

    In my experience with Android, wifi/Bluetooth is a power hog, turning them off increases battery life by a wide margin. If it's still draining fast/relatively fast, there could be a rogue/persistent app that wont stop when not needed. Manually shutting it down could help (settings, apps, running tab) to check whats eating your ram and processor power, you can force stop them there too.
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  11. IryxBRO

    1. Yep, the same issues with 0.1.9. It was ok in previous FW
    2. Low|High gain should do. Set it to LOW to have lineout. You know that LO mode is kind of output set to a certain level with no volume control.... I don't really treat it as an issue cause many music equipment have different outputs with different levels (-10dB, +4dB) and it depends where the device would be connected to...
    3. I would check as well...
    4. I had it once right after the update. No problems since than.
    5. Hard reset helped me... Have anything changed when you've reset AP200?
    6. Don't have this issue. Playing for 15 mins already and battery stays at 100%. But I had the same behavior right after I've received it. Battery came to normal after several cycles
    7. No user manual.
    8. Yep.
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  12. reeza
    2. That’s what I have been doing, so I’ll keep doing it, thank you. Would be nice if it was documented or labelled as such.
    5. It maybe a little better and I just have fat fingers, but still not the greatest.
    6. Fair call, I’ll give it a few cycles and see how it goes.
  13. reeza
    Definitely not turned off by it... It’s a great little DAP and the more feedback we give to Hidizs, the better for everyone.
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  14. Kervsky
    I really can't wait for mine, Hidiz please hurry up :)
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  15. Lcdxiii
    It has been a waiting game. Can't wait for our Daps :)
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