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New Hidizs AP200 double DAC Android-based smart music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by crabdog, Mar 6, 2017.
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  1. reeza
    Received mine this morning which was a total surprise, no tracking and delivered by a local courier (fastway)... Backer #12 - Black 32GB - Australia.

    Just downloading and about to install Firmware 0.1.9 which apparently should fix the Play Store issue.

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  2. Kervsky
    Yey! Let us know what you think once it's tested by your ears :)
  3. Apputty
    I thought there would be further delays after yesterday's email. I also ordered 32 gb version and I am in Melbourne.
    Hope I get mine soon.☺
    Looking forward for your impressions.
  4. reeza
    Will do :thumbsup:

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  5. reeza
    Firmware V0.1.9Beta


    A. Solve the charging issue when AP200 has been turned off.
    B. Optimizing the volume of the interface was tuched by accident shut down problem
    C. Optimizing the DAC sampling rate
    D. When listening to the music, the system will runs only the current opening/playing music APP, ensure the sound quality.
    E. Add Google store.
  6. reeza
    Very quick and dirty first impressions.

    Disclaimer: I'm a noob with this, I only have mediocre headphones and years of drumming in bands, my ears are probably toast!

    The packaging and presentation are fantastic, they did a great job of boxing and protecting the AP200 unit. It looks really slick and has everything you would expect in the box. It shipped with firmware v0.1.8Beta and updating it to v0.1.9Beta from the download from Hidizs website was a piece of cake. - Yes Google Play Store is now available.

    The UI is really clean and its faster enough to access the Hidizs music player (aka a custom HibyMusic) in either Android or Pure Music Mode. Otherwise the UI is pretty much stock Android. HibyMusic seems to be a little behind the Play Store version and is missing things like, “Hide Lyrics” “HibyLink” and for me the most important “ReplayGain”, fingers crossed these all come in a not to distant future firmware update. Also I couldn’t seem to find a the “Line Out” option, and thinking switching the output to “ Low Gain” maybe it;?? if this is the case it may need to be re-labeld or documented, if its not the case, I can’t seem find how to switch to line out unfortunately.

    Now the sound quality, this is always subjective and can depend on the headphones and the quality of the music media itself, etc… I tested it with my Brainwavz B400’s, using FLAC files ripped from my own CD collection.

    To be honest, I’m not really to excited about the sound, it does sound clean, but seem to lack any magic or punch as such. The same IEMs in my iPad with HibyMusic sounds cleaner and more defined at this point. I hoping I can tweak the EQ and/ or filters and get a better sound then the iPad. This will take more listening and playing, maybe I’m just doing something wrong or i’ve become custom to the iPad sound.

    As I said, quick and dirty and I’ll report back once i’ve spent more time with the AP200.



    1) Having issues with Play Store dropping account authentication and requiring a reboot to get working again, until it dies again. I can't seem to stay in the store very long.

    2) The keyboard isn't very accurate while typing, not sure if its the OS issue, or a touch screen calibration issue.

    3) Only twice, but I encounter some slight earthing/ static noise issue when no sound was playing and in Android mode only.

    4) A little bit of screen bleed on the bottom and bottom/left hand side.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2017
  7. Kervsky
    Thank you, it's cool. May need a burn in (if it has capacitors?) to sound better. The wm1a was good out the box but sounded more alive after 200 hours of burn in (the in dap manual says 200 hours to optimize, seriously) but other users say more use makes it even sound better, don't know much about that. So the ap200 could be better with a burn in, and/or a firmware update that's stable (non-beta)
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2017
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  8. DjBobby
    Any bigger on-ear/over-ear headphones to check with? Output impedance was claimed as 4,8 Ohms, which could be an issue with many IEMs.
  9. Kervsky
    Maybe there's a low gain/normal/high gain setting to help.
  10. Levanter
    Just received my tracking number, but am no longer interested in keeping this. Will try to sell it off the moment I receive it lol
  11. Kervsky
    If I hadn't ordered one, I'd buy yours, was it the 32 or 64gb version?
  12. Levanter
    32GB. Initially I chose 64GB, but dropped to 32GB after they announced the stretch goal perk. IMO for their 64GB pricing i'd rather get X5III which has better specs and more features for around the same price. Hidizs "discounted Kickstarter" pricing for their AP200 is average at best. At their RRP I'd say they are overpriced compared to FiiO's offerings.
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  13. Kervsky

    Hmmm, I see, afaik the main difference between the ap200 and x5mkiii is the volume wheel, balanced out, extra sd card. It does sound like it's worth a difference of $150.

    Still, I think I'll keep mine when I get it unless its sonically inferior to my a35 which I use for short trips within the metro.
  14. Levanter
    And a difference of just $60 at their RRP :p
    Hence their Kickstarter price is actually more reasonable as a RRP compared to their intended RRP.
  15. Kervsky
    I ordered mine with that lower price so it's fine, but at retail, yeah, it makes sense. Though I've skipped buying 2nd hand fiio x5mkiii because for some reason (and no one is saying really why) people who bought them new keep selling them in as short as a few weeks to a few months of ownership. It doesn't bode well for me so I decided to get the cheaper alternative and hope it's not a dud.
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