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New England (Mass, NH, Maine, etc) Winter Meet - 1-28

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  1. ninjapirate9901
    Sounds like we've got a decent crew so I'll book in the 28th (if the weather looks rubbish, I'll probably have to reschedule).
    The grill is out of commission thanks to a unfortunate turn of events but I will sort something else out.
    Send me a PM if you plan to attend, we can exchange contact details and all that stuff.
    BTW JoshMo, I still have 2 cases of Trillium in the fridge :D
  2. JoshMo
    I'm excited ninja - will be another great meet.
    Hey @Luke Pighetti, @uhhmike, @darkblueabyss, @JWizzlez, @dubblewubble - can you guys make this? You previously expressed interest and I'm trying to peer pressure you guys to come (or let us know you can't).
    Also someone hook @Hi-Fi EDU up with a ride. I can vouch for him that he is a nice reasonable guy.  
  3. uhhmike
    I might be able to. Can we get an idea of what people are bringing? I only have a schiit bifrost multibit and mad ear+ amp. I just got done selling my ether headphone and I'm planning on buying and audiozenith pmx2 so I don't have too much to bring to the party.
  4. porkfried
      HD800, HD6XX, ZMF Blackwood, HE6
      Jotunheim, Valhalla2, NFB28, Bimby, Mimby
  5. ninjapirate9901
    I'll have everything in my sig, minus the HE-500.
  6. uhhmike
    would I still be able to go to this without headphones? I can bring my dac and amp of course. Porkfried is your hd800 modded? I'm almost sure I want the pmx2 but would still be curious about other options. I've never heard the hd800 modded and am curious about zmf even though I'm not sure if their house sounds matches my preferences. I want a neutral can, and the pmx2 fuss this bill perfectly.
  7. JoshMo
    uuuuuuuuh mike - just come. We will have more headphones than heads ten times over. Rynsins PMx2 is amazing, you will want to buy one after you hear it. Pork's hd800 is modded, as is Ninja'a, as is mine. They sounded different at the last meet from one another.
    What I plan on bringing:
    HE1000, HE6, HD800, HD650, HD580
    Black Widow, F5T, maybe Jonokuchi, Gumby
  8. uhhmike
    What time are you guys thinking about doing this?
  9. ninjapirate9901
    I reckon we kick things off around 10AM. Not too early, and should give people enough time to get here (I know a few of you are making quite the trek...).
  10. JoshMo
    Any chance on a slightly later start? I can be there by 1pm. Don't want to miss out on any of the fun.
  11. porkfried
    One is easier for me too.  Is there a list of who's coming and what people are bringing?
  12. uhhmike
    All I've got right now is a schiit bifrost multibit and a maple tree audio ear+ Amp. I can bring both and I think I'm going. No headphones right now, waiting to buy a pair after I sold my ether.
  13. ninjapirate9901
    1pm is fine by me.
  14. Luke Pighetti
    Hey, first glance says I will be there. Only thing I can think of that would change that is weather. I will be bringing the Vibro Labs lineup in universal fit.
    ninjapirate9901 likes this.
  15. JoshMo
    Weather looks good for Saturday according to Google's forcast. Everyone make sure to message ninja so he can give you the location for the meet. 
    Also - anyone coming from Boston area and can give Emmanuel (@Hi-Fi EDU ) a lift?
    Luke lemme know if you want to break up your ride and meet up anywhere in the greater Portland area.
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