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New England (Mass, NH, Maine, etc) Winter Meet - 1-28

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  1. gc335
    I'll be there.
    Bringing HD800S, HD600, Woo Audio WA6 and my ifi iDSD micro.  Check out my profile... If you see something else you wanted to try let me know.
    Looking forward to it! 
    @Hi-Fi EDU Where are you coming from?  I'll be leaving from Westborough. 
  2. ninjapirate9901
  3. EthanB
    I'd like to come, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to figure out transportation in time. I'm just getting into this hobby, and thought it might be interesting to try out some other equipment. 
  4. uhhmike
    Where are you coming from?
  5. EthanB
    western mass
  6. Hi-Fi EDU
    Confirm me up @ninjapirate9901! Appreciate the campaigning @JoshMo. Were you part of Trump's campaign crew? [​IMG] The kind gentleman, @porkfried, is nice enough to put up with me for the ride up to Nashua. Props to @gc335 for the offer too. I look forward meeting all you good people.
    Again what I'll be bringing is:
    Headphones: Audioquest NightHawks
    IEMs: NuForce HEM6
    DAC/Amp: Grace Design m9XX
    +one set of ears
  7. JoshMo
    Wow porkfried and hi-fi edu back together like its @Ishcabible 's apartment all over again. Looking forward to seeing you all again.
    OK, final gear tally, as I don't see myself buying or selling gear in next couple of hours:
    Headphones: HD800, HD650, HD580, HE6, HE1000
    Gear: Blackwidow, Gumby, F5 Turbo, I also have a Sonic Frontiers SFD-1 on loan if anyone is interested in hearing a older tube dac
  8. uhhmike
    Just curious are the HD800 and HE6 stock or modded? Also, does anyone who is coming have the SonarWorks plugin for their computer? I've heard the HD800 modded w/ sonarworks is awesome. I'm still trying to decide what can to buy, as I sold my MrSpeakers Ether a week or so ago. Thanks for any info.
  9. JoshMo
    Both are modded, the hd800 is heavily modded, the he6 just has blue tack and new pads. 
    I've never heard Sonarworks either, but there are many other ways to EQ. From what I've read you trade away some detail when you start using digital eq. Some think it is worth, others not. 
  10. ninjapirate9901
    Can't wait to meet some of you for the first time, and see a few of the old crew again.
    Just a heads up for tomorrow:
    - Bring a power strip if you can, outlets are somewhat limited at my place...
    - I'll provide snacks/finger food + beer, you may want to grab lunch before hand though.
    - Plenty of on street parking available (it's a residential neighborhood).
    See you all there tomorrow!
  11. EthanB
    I think I may be able to come, when about will the meet end?
  12. dubblewubble
    Didn't know if I'd be home for this one, and it looks like I can't make it. Thanks for the invite, and you guys have fun!
  13. Luke Pighetti
    Hey everyone, I regret to RSVP as "not able to make it this time." My apologies and I hope to attend the next meet!
  14. bostown
    I attended the get together at Fidelis, it was a blast.  I've been keeping my eye on the forum here for this year's event (or any other meet ups) and see that a small group of folks are getting together which is great. Hopefully more social and gear related events can happen on a larger scale as well.    My headphone rig is pretty much comprised of old school Musical Fidelity components,   I brought it to the Fidelis gathering where it served as "vintage personal audio nostalgia"  :)   
    in any case ( I'll apologize in advance for the mild thread hijack)  - Just wanted to give folks a heads up to  check the events thread  here on Head-fi for info on an additional  New England "audio related" social which has been posted.  
    At some point it would be nice to see if we can put both  a Conventional Audio and Personal Audio   meetup together in one venue, in addition to some of the smaller socials , demo meet ups and marketplace events that happen.  seems that there are a few things that happen related to audio but no one central location where the invites and information is shared since folks are spread out over several forum communities.    Something I  really need to look into. 
    Looking forward to checking out the "impressions" post and photos from this gathering .
  15. porkfried
    Great meet all, and thanks Ninjapirate for hosting!
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