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New England (Mass, NH, Maine, etc) Winter Meet - 1-28

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  1. Hi-Fi EDU
    Enjoyed it as well. Good people. Thanks @ninjapirate9901 for hosting & to you too @porkfried for the rides. Much appreciated. I'll keep it...relatively short. The highlights to my ears (and mouth) include:
    1) Dat dip. Mmmm. Winner! Totally elevated the level of comradery and conversation. I'm not ashamed to say I ate about half the bowl of chips. Even the dam veggies tasted good. +1
    2) LCD-2: These belonged to Ninja. I listened to them more than any of the other headphones at the meet. And if I didn't own the NightHawks I'd be hunting them down. Like the NightHawks, they sound grain-free, clean and full from top to bottom, with a potent, deep low-end. Easy to enjoy. Also surprisingly comfortable with the carbon fiber headband & brown leather pads.
    3) HE-6 off @Rynsin's Tisbury Audio CA-1: Whoa this sounded good. Spacious but nicely balanced. It somehow maintained a strong low-end despite the spaciousness, so it avoided sounding thin. HE-6 owners might be interested in trying out this relatively unknown amp. Good stuff.
    Otherwise, everyone truly had great gear all round. A nice variety of stuff for less than 10 people, even had speakers out. I actually disliked nothing. To me, that's something to be proud of.
  2. uhhmike
    Yeah thanks ninjapirate for hosting, it was a great time. I was shocked at how good a good pair of lcd2s can sound. I might be looking for one sooner than later, it's just a shame they have funky qc. I also thought the hd600 is a great value can considering the used price is so cheap usually. Peace.
  3. ninjapirate9901
    I'm glad everyone had a good time. It was great to meet a few of you for the first time, and good to see some old friends again.
    Lots of good gear to demo, HE-6 from the F5 and the Andromedas were definitely my highlights of the day.
    @Hi-Fi EDU that dip is amazing haha.
    Definitely have to do this again.
  4. gc335
    Nice meeting everyone.  That was my first meet and won't be the last!
  5. JoshMo
    Quick impressions:

    I've told Pork this a few times already, but holy moly does he listen loud. My fav was in the beginning before we all knew this, Ryan thought his laptop speakers were on full blast in another room and went chasing after it. Nope, was just Mark listening to HD800's. You are going to put an addition on your audiologists house some day. 


    Code - X : wow this headphone lived up to the hype. Is a more beautiful HE-6 with a more even tonality. Still thick and powerful, but think more neutral. Wood cups and headphone adjustments look sharp. I compared this to the HE6's we had on hand and I easily preferred LFF's creation. Damn you Ryan and your selection of perfectly neutral headphones. Again I can see why people talk about these headphones in such a reverent tone, these are the rare one of a kind things I love going to meets to hear. 

    Andro's : another favorite of the day. I'm learning to love IEM's even if I don't have a ton of practical applications for their use. The owner was playing them out of the Fiio X7 with an amp module. Andro's were outfitted with spin fit tips. The owner said he used the spin tips to add a bit of brightness and x7 was slightly warm. I was amazed at the tone of these and how much they sounded like big boy headphones. Fiio X7's interface impressed me too, the Android gui was smooth, easy to scroll through tracks. I don't have any real DAPs to compare to, but it was a good start. 

    F5 Turbo with Valhalla as preamp - I recently acquired a DIY pass labs f5 turbo
    and a B1 buffer pre amp. Great combo, super super clean and neutral fantastic setup. For whatever reason the B1 buffer wasn't working on arrival so we used a Valhalla2 with some nice tubes it instead. I really like the added bloom and stage, so much in fact that I am looking at a Freya to see if I can create a similar sound.

    Other stuff I was interested to hear:

    HD800S - I have a HD800 and have always been curious as to how the 800S sounds in comparison to my modded HD800 (cork mod, sd Resonator, and rug liner). The 800S certainly sounds more tamed than the stock 800, but I've grown to prefer my super modded 800. For those that aren't a fan of modding, or have only heard the stock 800, this is certainly an improvement from House Sennehiser. 

    Woo WA6 - First time seeing or hearing this OTL. Owner had the fabled Sophia driver tube and this amp sounded pretty good. A solid performer with the HD800S - great match - output a fantastic tone.

    Nighthawk - This is the first version of the headphone, and while I've heard lots about it, but never heard on until now. Build / finish was cool and different. It sounds really fantastic up to 3k hz or so and then everything starts to roll off a bit. This still sounds fantastic and while noticeable on certain tacks I've listened to 10,000 times still very enjoyable. But while rolled off up top, the low end is superb. It makes me curious as to what AQ will do in the future. Hopefully this is just v1 and by v3 or so they have figured out how to have a very affordable great sounding headphone.

    BMR Philharmonitors - 
    @Ninja Pirate has a amazing pair of these. Front ported. Go to the BMR thread to see them, his photography does them justice. They are much much bigger than I expected - about twice the size of a normal bookshelf speaker. Ninja quickly set them up in the living room for a lounge setup on some Isocoustic stands and I thought they sounded pretty good. Bass was certainly there and fast, the top end sparkled and sounded very natural. The mids sounded a bit off, but again, this wasn't an ideal setup, more of a quick setup as a demonstration. 

    Audio GD NFB28: Sorry AGD fans. This is Pork's dac / amp and he makes fun of it more than anyone else. Sometimes its too bright, others too thick, and it just messes up the sound of electric guitars. The electric guitars sound very compressed, like someone too the dynamics and put them in a vice. I could see this as a solid performer for electronic music or where the timbre of mids arent quite as focused.

    Thanks to all for a fantastic time, I'm looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

  6. uhhmike
    I agree with the code x. Beautiful sounding can and I dig them more than he6 too. I was choosing between that and the pmx2. I'm going for pmx2, it has a fuller, even more natural sound, and obviously neutral. but the code x is still a great sounding headphone.
  7. gc335
    Glad you enjoyed them!  I actually had the JVC (M) Spiral Dots on there. I probably got the two confused. I had the Spin Fits on there but prefer the sound and fit of the JVCs.  
  8. JoshMo
    Oh shoot - I think you did say spiral dots, I just got confused. Thanks for clarifying. You have a fantastic set of in ears there.
  9. gc335
    Hey everyone. I wanted to give this group first dibs on them. I'm thinking about selling the Andromedas. I mostly use my home rig and I want the funds for a closed pair for bed. My open cans have a loe wife approval factor. PM me if you're interested.
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