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New England (Mass, NH, Maine, etc) Winter Meet - 1-28

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  1. JoshMo
    Hey trying to drum up interest in a winter meet. Last couple of years there has been a meet at Fidilis in Nashua NH, but haven't heard anything about it happening again this year. 
    So lets try and get a roll call of who is still in the area and who would be interested in a meet. The two general time frames I see are late Nov / Early Dec before the holidays and Mid - Late Jan after the holidays. Post which times work best for you. 
    Lastly, we will need some type of venue. I could arrange something in Maine, but I am guessing people will likey want a more central location, either something around Boston or North Shore areas. Not sure if they are interested, but I know Natural Sound in Framingham has a Utopia which would be an interesting headphone to hear.
    Again - post if you are interested in a meet, and a general time that would work for you guys. I know there are lots of us itching for a meet.
  2. TRapz
    I've been to the past two Fidelus meets in NH and they worked out very well. It's also a great store. I'm free most weekends and I'd love to have another up there.
  3. decur
    I spoke to walter@fidelis 2 weeks ago at the newyork audio show at the park lane hotel,and he mentioned to me about having another meet at his store. The issue is when to have this meet?
  4. pbandstefanwich
    I would be interested and could likely make it to a meet in late Nov or early Dec.
  5. Luke Pighetti
    I would be down for a Jan meet in NH/Boston, or even up here in Bangor which I could host.
  6. JoshMo
    Awesome looks like this is gaining some steam. Would be awesome to have someone like Vibro Labs there to represent their brand. Maybe Luke could even convince his buddy from ZMF to come and demo his new products as well...

    Januarary meet looks likey at this point, I could also host about 20 min outside of Portland Me if there was interest. Would love a meet at Fidelis again, now that I'm a bit more versed in two channel gear and vinyl, I've been anxious to check out their shop.

    I think if interested parties could respond with their location we could work on a central meeting spot. Don't be shy, all are welcome!
  7. bostown
    I'd be interested in attending.  given the time frame looks like a POST holiday meet up may be more likely.  it's a lot to pull together before the Holiday I'd imagine.   There's also the NYC Can Jam that is  coming up as well so that may or may not be a factor.    Setting up a bus ride out there shouldn't be too difficult as another local get together option in addition to what's on the table currently.
  8. Richsvt
    I'd like to go as well, let's see what the date and location hammer to be,...
  9. skullguise Contributor
    If you're interested in visiting anyway, on Saturday December 3rd Fidelis is hosting some manufacturers for the day (12-5).  Last year they mixed the headphone meet with one or two reps, it turned out OK but the manufacturers probably prefer a dedicated audience.
  10. Luke Pighetti
    What are the details here? I'm curious.
  11. JoshMo
    I got the same email about Fidelis open house: copied below
    Save the Date

    We're celebrating and cordially invite you to join us! New Products amazing sound and industry dignataries to mind share with. 
    Come enjoy the day in honor of our loyal customers.

    Saturday, December 3rd
    Noon - 5pm

    Sounds interesting enough for a drive down to me.
  12. skullguise Contributor
    Yeah, no manufacturer details yet...I THOUGHT I had seen something more detailed, but can't even remember if, or where..... [​IMG]
    Fidelis has some good vinyl systems, and some new and used vinyl as well.  One of their employees had an older but superbly-rebuilt table that was kicking some nice butt over digital in their main system.
  13. skullguise Contributor
    Got the updated email (and they spelled the RSVP email wrong but I corrected below).  Come on down for $200K worth of source and speakers [​IMG]
  14. JWizzlez
    I live in Cambridge and would love to go to a meet in the area. I've got the Sennheiser x Massdrop HD6xx [plus an Impact Audio Silver cable with Eidolic Rhodium connectors] coming around Xmas to pair with my Maverick Audio D1 plus the Sennheiser IE800 IEMs. Not the most exciting stuff, but I figure someone will enjoy it.
  15. Luke Pighetti
    So are you guys planning on hitting the speaker day, or do you want to try to arrange a headphone specific day?
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