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New England (Mass, NH, Maine, etc) Winter Meet - 1-28

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  1. JoshMo
    We definitly need a headphone meet up where we can set up gear and trade opinions. I have a ton of gear in at the moment and would love to share. Being able to try out unfamilair amps and cans is always a highlight to me. 
    Cans (all cans modded to some extent):
    Campfire Orion
    Campfire Lyra2
    Eddie Current Black Widow
    P Millet Jonokuchi
    Schiit Gumby
  2. Luke Pighetti
    Yeah, I'd much rather get together for a headphone meet. I can bring my whole IEM lineup if we can nail down a date and location.
  3. dubblewubble
    I'm in Nashua, however I travel and I'm only home every few weekends. Late January would probably be best for me, as that would be around the time I make a trip home.

    If Audeze comes through with their b-stock sales, I should have a pair of LCD-2's and a Schiit Jotunheim (with DAC module) in the coming weeks. Also have a pair of HD600's.

    I'd love to try the HD800's and Campfire IEM's! IEM tips are pretty universal for fitting to the buds, right? Is proper etiquette to bring your own tips?
  4. darkblueabyss
    I've just signed up and a bit of a noob within this hobby, but I'm in western mass and would love to be able to come to one of these meets. The late january date sounds best to me. Im not picky about the location too much, but wouldnt fancy driving all the way to Maine if im honest.
    I've not got much to bring along, this is it so far:
    1. Schiit Magni2+Modi2
    2. SHP9500
    3. Fiio K1
    4. IE80
  5. JWizzlez
    I'm in Harvard Sq in Cambridge and would be happy to host a headphone meet in my living room. We could probably fit 15 people comfortably. I'm saving up to get a Vibro Custom IEM, so it would be awesome to have you down Luke!
    My inventory:
    Sennheiser HD 6xx with custom Impact Audio Silver cable [en route by xMas for both]
    Some Sony CD player open ends from the early 2000s that actually sound surpisingly nice when amped for some old $30 cans
    Sennheiser IE 800
    Final Audio Heaven III [en route from MassDrop]
    VE Monk + [who wouldn't travel across NE to listen to these?!]
    Klipsch X10i Lou Reed SE
    Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 with all the factory upgrades 
    Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo -DB DAC [has a power issue that makes it work inconsistenly though :frowning2:]
    HeadRoom PicoSlim amp [Amazing little IEM amp that is the size of a pack of gum]
    Creative SoundBlaster E5 DAC/Amp
    Centrance HiFi Skyn for iPhone 6
  6. Luke Pighetti
    Man, that sounds like fun! We should appoint an organizer for this meet. I vote @JoshMo
    As far as summer goes, I am 99.9% certain I'm going to host something small in Bar Harbor, ME.
  7. JWizzlez
    Second that on @JoshMo. He is the man. Can't thank him enough for converting me from an IEM guy to an open end Headphone guy.
  8. Hi-Fi EDU
    I'm down, for whenever. The closer to Boston, the better for me (since I have no car [​IMG]). Thanks for offering to host @JWizzlez...but I suppose the Maine/upper New England folk might similarly prefer a spot closer to home.
    Headphones: Audioquest NightHawks
    IEMs: NuForce HEM6
    DAC/Amp: Grace Design m9XX
    @JoshMo, If we can't settle on a spot, we could try raiding a Dunkin Donuts location for real this time [​IMG]...I wanna hear that dang HE6.

  9. darkblueabyss
    +1 for boston, i doubt a dunkin would have enough outlets for everything
  10. JoshMo
    I think in greater Boston meet is probably the best idea and will get the biggest turnout. 
    @Hi-Fi EDU was joking about a dunks', but his point is what we just need to find any spot is a good one. I will start the search, see what  can come up with. Does anyone know of any public spaces are are available, such as office conference rooms, libraries etc? Any hi-fi stores willing to help out some music nerds?
  11. pbandstefanwich
    One of the years past had a meet at a building in Cambridge. I can't remember the name for the life of me. It was in Kendall Square I believe. For some reason, I think the British Embassy is also located in that building on a different floor. Could be worth pursuing. I don't know if someone had to pay to rent the room, though.
  12. Luke Pighetti
    +1 for the Boston area. The lady and I have some friends and family we need to see in the area, so making the journey will be no problem.
  13. Richsvt
    I will need to see what the availability looks like for the dates everyone chooses...let me know.
  14. ninjapirate9901
    I'm in!
    Busy the weekend of the 7th but should otherwise be free in Jan next year.
    Would be great to finally meet the almighty Luke and check out some of his gear!
    Josh, if we can't get anything sorted out. I can always host a decent sized group at my place. Just need a count for the steaks ;P
  15. Luke Pighetti
    I've heard good things about ninjapirate's headphone parties, and it seems like a good central location for new england!
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