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New England (Mass, NH, Maine, etc) Winter Meet - 1-28

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  1. Luke Pighetti
    @JoshMo why don't we start from scratch and run a poll ( https://www.easypolls.net/ ) for month, and then run a Doodle for the exact day? I'll set it up if you're in favor.
  2. Rynsin
    I won't be at CanJam, and both of those dates work for me.
    We could also create a poll and choose a date more directly, although fuzzy-RSVP's for these things are kind of inevitable. A week and a half of notice is enough for me, but we should probably pick a date soon. @ninjapirate9901, do you wanna make an executive decision since we're using your place?
  3. JoshMo
    I wont be at canjam either - the 28th might work out slightly better for me and give us an extra week to recruit. Anyone else have opinions about dates? Luke - can you do 28th?
  4. porkfried
    I'll be at NYC Canjam.  Sorry won't see you there Josh.  I could probably make 28th or other weekends.
  5. ninjapirate9901
    The 28th should work for me. Early Feb is also fine if we can't get a decent group.
  6. JoshMo
    Lets tentatively say the 28th - who is in? I see Ninja, Rynsin, PorkFried maybe JWizzles and myself.
    Anyone else? Nashua Meet last year had 20 people or so there - where did everyone go? Where is Luke?
  7. uhhmike
    I'm interested but I only have an Amp and a dac. Just sold my ether, waiting to buy a new pair.
  8. porkfried
    Ill come.
  9. jangojames
    The weekend of the 28th doesn't work for me, though the weekend following would.
  10. porkfried
    CanJam nyc weekend would be about the only one I couldnt make.
  11. Luke Pighetti
    I'm pretty well open. :)
  12. JoshMo
    Majority looks like 28th works for them (sorry jango!) so speak now or forever hold your peace. Sooner we get this date locked in the sooner we can discuss gear, beer, and steer.
    Anyone else from Maine or just Mr Pighetti and I? I'm offering a car pool if you think you could stand me for the 2 hours from Portland to Nashua. Ive got a big cozy truck that can handle plenty of gear and people. 
  13. jangojames
    No problem. Them's the breaks.
  14. Hi-Fi EDU
    If anyone's kind enough to offer a carpool from around the metro-Boston area, I'd be happy to hop aboard. Otherwise, no-car-me will have to gracefully bow out.
  15. porkfried
    I'll be driving from Framingham if that works.
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