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New England (Mass, NH, Maine, etc) Winter Meet - 1-28

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  1. JoshMo
    Looks like we might have a spot guys. Ninja Pirate is cool as hell, had a mini meet there a couple months ago and it was the best I've ever been to. 
    Lets pick a day that works out for everyone. Saturday's or Sundays both work for me. Do we want a couple of weekends to try and see who is available? Does anyone have a preference between 2nd weekend (14-15) and 3rd weekend (21-22) in Jan?
  2. Luke Pighetti
    I would rather do 3rd week but either is fine :)
  3. ninjapirate9901
    I can stock the fridge full of Trillium as well.
    May struggle to get decent porterhouses this time but will get something sorted.
  4. darkblueabyss
    3rd weekend would be best, maybe even first or sedond week of february?
  5. Rynsin
    I can do either the 2nd or 3rd week of Jan.
  6. uhhmike
    Does anyone know when the meet will be? I'm trying to figure it out so I can get off from my job. Another thing - I might be selling my mrspeakers ether open 1.1 with dum cable. I'm still debating price but it wouldn't be more than a grand. Anyone attending this meet curious in them? PM me if so. Thanks
  7. JWizzlez
    I have work on Saturday the 21st but the rest of those dates work for me.
  8. ninjapirate9901
    Unfortunately it looks like I'm tied up on the 21st... Could do Sunday 22nd or the following weekend.
    Otherwise early Feb also works.
  9. Luke Pighetti
    Would we have a better chance of getting people together well after CanJam NYC? 
  10. uhhmike
    I'm off from work Wed and Thursday plus can take off other days. We should get this figured out
  11. Rynsin
    The 22nd or the following weekend works for me. Feb is less certain but I can probably make it work.
  12. uhhmike
    any update on this?  
    seems like interest died off. 
  13. jangojames
    I hope not. I'd totally be into this, now that I've found this thread. I'm just north of Boston.
  14. JoshMo
    Still have interest here, I know that there was some thought of pushing it back a bit if people were not going to this due to canjam nyc.... but will that affect anyone?
    So looks like either Sunday the 22nd or the following weekend? Saturday the 28th might work out better for me, and not interfere with any football games (GO PATS).
  15. uhhmike
    speaking of canjam, anyone going to the NYC one?
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