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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. noxa

    Me? i haven't recieved any messages from you, please sent me another if you're still looking to sell.
  2. noxa

    Well i haven't owned a pair of iem's for a little while, i've been using a pair of Signature DJ on the go but really need a more portable solution. I recently owned the Mad Dogs and i really grew to like the darker, warmer signature and the SD3 sound like they have that kind of tonality? I saw somewhere that it was being described as a big brother to the IE8 which i also really liked especially it's forward projection and that's the kind of unfatiguing sound i'm looking for. I am interested in the 1964 Q comparison because i really loved it during an audition a year or so ago but decided i didn't want to go custom.
  3. Dumbleroar
    They look quite big compared to the heir 4.ai. Just wondering if the'd be a bit too big for my ears. 
  4. eke2k6
    I think they just might suit you then, but IIRC, the SD3 is even warmer than the IE8. I also didn't like how the center stage felt congested. Bass extension is also relatively poor down to the lower octaves.
    Since you and Sinth are both in the UK, maybe you guys could meet somewhere if you're close to each other.
  5. noxa

    Thanks, as you can see in my sig, it's not that i love the IE8 or don't think it has glaring weaknesses it's more that that is the kind signature i'm looking for ie. Big bass, not too forward mids and a more subdued top end and large soundstage, i'm hoping the SD3 is like that just implemented better than the IE8 could.
  6. Ultrazino
    StageDiver, right?
  7. Mimouille
    Second pm sent...
  8. tomscy2000
    I heard an SD2 a couple days ago --- pretty nice! I like the sub-bass presentation. I do hear some bass distortion, but it can't be avoided with BAs. The highs are smoothed, but not overly relaxed at all, leading to a mostly neutral but smooth tonality with a bump in the sub-bass. They are picky about tips, though.
  9. davidcotton

    What tips did you find best in the end?
  10. tomscy2000

    They were the RedGiant soft red tips. Also I used tips that looked similar to the red ones that the Heir Ai series uses, but the flanges are softer. Both did well. Basically, look for any tips that have a relatively solid inner core, and a wide mouth (>5 mm) but narrow neck so that the tips don't leak sound from the stem area. Sennheiser biflange tips should also work.
  11. Ultrazino
    Fully agree. I use these:
  12. tomscy2000
    For those interested, I wrote some quick & dirty impressions here... it also offers possibilities on how the industry can take the anatomical modeling used in the StageDiver to the next level...
  13. Ultrazino
    Why did you only listen to them for 10 minutes?
    I agree with your ideas on how to further improve the idea. I have thought a lot about it too, and where to you can take it! But sadly the market is not big enough yet for the wide-ranging possibilities you want to offer.
    However, this part is not true:
    I have talked with Marco about how they create the SD and it's a two-piece set. However, the nozzle is one piece with the bigger half, it just hasn't been polished so the tips fit better and don't slip off the polished surface. You can look closely and see where the two parts come together. It's pretty much in the half of the large body. So the criticism that follows about the stem coming off has no justification.
    If you had talked with Marco, you could have also answered this question:
    The impressions are from their customers who got customs done, obviously. So the market is actual on-stage performers. My guess is most are 25-40 years old and work in Germany. I think most customers from In Ear are Jazz musicians, so that gives a hint to ethnicity. They do show pictures from quite a lot female vocalists on their Facebook page.
  14. AmberOzL
    Ultrazino, I have a question about InEar, not directly related to SD series though. LivePro series is like custom versions of SD series but I remember reading that they will remake their 4 BA model. Did they already finished it or 4BA model is still the same one? I was curious about since their webpage has an English option. I learned that they can make their customs with soft canal option, it got my curiosity since I already have a silicone earpiece ciem and I love the comfort of it.
  15. tomscy2000
    They're not mine, but a friend's, and I didn't have time to listen to them for longer. 10 minutes is more than enough for me to write what I wrote about the sound signature.
    How do you know how big the market is? I merely outlined a concept, and it's not necessarily what would happen in real life. There are always differences between concept and real-world execution.
    I mentioned that "it's possible" for the stem to crack, and it is still possible, whether it's one-piece, two-piece, or many pieces. Even if the stem has been reinforced with metal, there's a very real possibility of the stem cracking --- I wrote "cracking" not necessarily it completely breaking off. I never claimed that whatever construction method I guessed was the actual truth, but there's no going around the fact that the thin stem is a weak point.
    One last thing --- the thing I wrote was labeled as a "Rapid Reaction", meaning that I didn't take my time to fully research everything fully and completely. There are no claims that whatever I write is "verified" by the manufacturer. For the record, I did try to contact Marco; I received a very short reply on Facebook, where he sent me his e-mail. None of my e-mails to him were answered, however.
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