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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Ultrazino
    I wrote a review here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/661009/budget-review-lg-quadbeat-se-vs-mh1-vs-ue200

    It's a good IEM but here are some points where it definitely falls behind the SD3 and many others:
    - As with the IE800, subbass is too much. IMO it does not extend "better" but it goes gaga with too high levels. This causes fatigue.
    - Mids are not only recessed but they also have a presence peak, making some female vocals sound forced and harsh.
    - Highs show some sibilance. It's not strong, but it's there!

    Finally, the cable design is the worst ever! You definitely need to recable the MH1 if you want to use it extensively.
    I do agree with it sounding very organic. Dynamic drivers do have an advantage there.

    Thank you for the recommendation, but from my experience it's not similar to SD3 in any way.
  2. davidcotton
    Looks like Inear are releasing a dynamic budget model later in september according to the posts on the german hifi forum :-
    "it is actually not a new top model, but a "budget solution" for ordinary consumers.

    I was informed of a dynamic transducer with tuning more fun (no quote, my choice of words). For details we will probably find out later. The name is "Ear - One"."
  3. Ultrazino
    I have a demo unit here right now. Obviously, it cannot compete with either StageDiver. It reminds me a lot of the Sony MH1, not only from looks. It sounds a bit more natural, though, and does not have as much bass. The tonality is between MH1 and LG QuadBeat.
    I have uploaded some pictures here:
  4. davidcotton
    Oh so it's just a normal iem, not in the sd type shell then,  Makes deciding a lil easier.
  5. zachgraz
    Hi there,
    are the StageDiver 2 & 3 available for auditioning somewhere in Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore ?
    I have not found any local retailers when I did a Google search and I got no reply from Jaben SG to my enquiry.
    Many thanks
  6. tm.chen
    There are no dealers in the region as for as I know. Jaben SG do not have them.
  7. adhara

    I come from Westone 4 IEM and I'm looking for something else.
    On my (current) short list I have 1964 V3 + Inear SD2/3.

    I'm kind of classical, vocals (jazz) et electronic music. Do you recommend me Inear SD IEMs ?
    What the difference between SD2 and SD3 (SQ) ? Which one is more appropriate for my need ?

    Thanks for your feedback.
  8. cucera

    For classical and vocal SD2 and for electronical SD3. Or you take the technically superiour SD3 and eq it for classical music.
  9. Ultrazino
    I hardly ever listen to electronical music.
    But I prefer the SD3...
    - in a loud environment, e.g. on-the-go. Bus, train, plane, street, etc.
    - for low volumes, e.g. when I go to bed and I turn down the music a lot.
    - for live experiences, e.g. when I want to remember a band for their live performance.
    - for detailed bass texture, e.g. when I want to melt with some crazy Rock riffs.
    - for huge soundstage.
    I do equalize the bass down for Classical from time to time, if I'm too lazy to switch in-ears. But at home I usually grab the SD2 and leave it be.
  10. Dumbleroar
    These earphones sound interesting. Do these need to be amped? Or would they be ok with an iphone? Just saw that the output impedance was 40 so I'm wondering if they are hard to drive. Atm my only portable device is my iphone. I'm quite happy to buy an amp if needs be. 
  11. Mimouille
    They are quite easy to drive to me.
  12. noxa
    I'm desperate to hear the SD3, these could be the iem i've been searching for. Can anyone compare these to the 1964 Q? Also anyone looking to sell let me know.
  13. xiangyinofe
    it´s going to be the first ~400 euro IEM to compete with the Sony EX1000 build quality wise.
  14. eke2k6
    What qualities exactly do you want, and what type of music do you listen to?
  15. Mimouille
    Well I told you twice I was selling mine and you never answered....not really sure why.
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