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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. lee730
    lol I'm sure not having windows contributes to that :wink:.
  2. AmberOzL

    Nothing helps mate, nothing helps. My ears get hot, sometimes sweaty. Mind you, Belgium doesn't have the hottest weather, despite that, it is still painful sometimes.
    Anyway, for an iem, I have to wait long. I still need a dap to pair with my SE5way. As you know, it performs way much better when driven correctly.
  3. music_4321
    Further impressions:

    Those who appreciate a solid midrange should seriously consider the SD2s; honestly, these IEMs have some of the best mids I've heard; The midrange is a frequency that isn't easy to get right.

    I need to stress this again: the SD2s are not bass-light; my ears tell me the bass on the SD2s is done very right, with the right amount of upper & mid-bass 'energy' to make the midrange sound as good as it does.

    I could do with a bit more sparkle up top, yes, but the SD2 manages to not sound muffled or dark, but it will lack that air and sometimes that accurate sound of cymbals, triangles, etc. that more treble energy usually brings to the table. But, such accurate rendering, unless listened to at low to moderate volume levels, can often get fatiguing.

    Now, this isn't exactly a German version of the UM3X or W4—but, from memory, it shares more with the latter though the SD2's midrange is more convincing, clearer, better defined— and it has absolutely nothing to do with the SM3, an IEM I found to be a sonic mess. The rather subdued treble of the SD2s is what also helps make this IEM a pretty good all-rounder, particularly being very forgiving of bright recordings (unfortunately, these days there are perhaps too many of those floating around, particularly in pop, rock & metal).

    I had mentioned the SD2s had a somewhat intimate presentation, and while this is true, these dual-BA IEMs sound reasonably spacious. In all honesty, perhaps my previous description had more to do with the fact I've been using some of the most open-sounding phones out there for quite some time (HD800, K3003, KAEDE, PF IX & 1601SS), so I think my "somewhat intimate" description was not as inaccurate, specially considering this is a sealed BA-based IEM — also, let's not forget the perception of soundstage also depends on the track / album we happen to be listening to.

    Here's a track where I had issues with IEMs such as the 334s, UM3X & W4. The SD2s render it really, really well. Add more bass and things are spoiled / sound off. Even the percussion isn't rendered bad at all by the SD2s here: http://grooveshark.com/#!/s/Lucky/4NpRB0?src=5

    And here's an example of a fairly bright-sounding track where an IEM like the SD2 can be very welcome (the good all-rounder thing): http://grooveshark.com/#!/s/Special+K/4ytFAb?src=5 —— Here, the 334s, in particular, sounded pretty spectacular; the SD2s don't sound quite as impressive, tbh, but they still sound pretty good. The thing is, I happen to have many more better-sounding albums and that's why the mighty 334s were, ultimately, not keepers. On this track the F111s sounded pretty anaemic and almost shrill.
  4. Migou67
    Thanks for your impressions !
    Reading it I'm thinking that the SD3 have more sub bass at the expense of the mid but increase at the same time the soundstage. At the end all is a matter of taste [​IMG]
  5. music_4321
    ** This post should be taken with a pinch of salt…...or two **

    Those who know me well will know that I've always been very sceptical about the magical / miraculous powers of burn-in, even of DD-based IEMs, which are generally said to require burn-in. And those who claim that after 50 hrs, 100 hrs, 300 hrs, etc. their phones keep / kept on getting better and better and better…. well, I often cringe when I see such claims… but, then again, I'm pretty grumpy, aren't I? I've always attributed such claims to a number of variables (I won't go into here as I've discussed them elsewhere, a couple of times)—among those, of course, our very good friend, Mr Placebo who so often seems to offend several people.

    Anyway, yesterday and today I've been noticing more extension at both ends of the spectrum, particularly the top-end, on the SD2s. I will confirm this in the coming days as this may well be one—or several—of those variables at play here. I'll need to do a bit of A/B'ing again (which I really, really dislike) to confirm my 'new findings'.

    The SD2 is a very, very good phone, there's no question about that. Again, this is not a phone that will wow (many) people, no bells and whistles….though, in actual fact, there may well be the odd bell and whistle here and there in the end. My current experience with the SD2 reminds me somewhat of my experience with the UM3X, over 4 years ago; with the UM3X I was coming from the then pretty 'wowing' W3, a phone I ultimately found quite fatiguing usually after just 30 mins or so. My first listening session with the 'oh sooo dull' UM3X unexpectedly went on for 5+ hrs. Now, like I said already, the SD2 is no UM3X—and I do prefer the former—but it reminded me of that not very exciting first time with the Westones which ended up being a very, very satisfying long musical session.

    So, this could well be a simple case of acclimatising to the SD2s—one of those variables—but I'm not quite sure right now it really is that—we'll see. Suffice to say that this indeed is a really very good, solid performing IEM, AND most definitely a great all-rounder.
  6. vwinter

    No one uses dollop anymore. :frowning2:
  7. music_4321
    This is one of those tracks, of several I've listened to this evening, that really made question the whole burn-in thing with the SD2s: http://grooveshark.com/#!/s/Web+Lascaux+Mix/2IIeZW?src=5
  8. vwinter
    lee730, eke2k6 and AmberOzL like this.
  9. music_4321
    Hmm... I don't quite see myself like that, but more like this:
  10. vwinter
    Haha, I need to show that to my gf. I'm pretty darn sure that's how she sees me in her mind's eye.

    Oh well, at least I learned how to make the Superman logo and a few nifty tricks along the way. I also like how Sparrowman stares right into your soul.
  11. music_4321
    ^   I actually think what you did there (in your previous post) was brilliant. (just didn't want to publicly admit it)
  12. vwinter
    No need to blow your cover, but thanks! If you ever wanted to use it for anything, I can make edits.

    I just hadn't done anything creative in so long lol. so also thanks for that opportunity. :smile:
  13. Ultrazino
    I just ordered the SD2 again. I miss them too much!
  14. music_4321
  15. eke2k6
    I just pulled out my Sony MH1C after being on an Etymotic HF5 diet for the last few weeks.
    What sub-bass and texture! 
    Anyway, I mentioned this because I was struck by how analogous the MH1c is to the SD3. The I find it to be extremely refined for an iem of its price, and the bass actually digs deeper than the SD3, with perhaps greater texture down there. I can't be sure of the last part though, because I haven't A/B'ed the two. What I'm hearing with Noisia is simply ridiculous though.
    Even better, I find that it has a more reasonable treble response than the SD3. It doesn't stifle the treble like the SD3 does, but it still does its part to smooth things out.
    Where it definitely might lose to the SD3 comes in the soundstage.
    I think every SD3 owner should give these puppies a try. At the very least, it will make formidable backup to your SD3. At the most...well, you might just be surprised.
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