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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. music_4321
    When bass is done wrong, this track sounds pretty off. Here the SD2s do a very, very decent job: http://grooveshark.com/#!/s/Citizen+Erased/2oBhzk?src=5
  2. vwinter

    Definitely no worries. It was totally omni-directional.

    This will either cause mad rush to hand over money or a mass exodus.
  3. Ultrazino
    I'm glad you like them! I agree with your impressions.
    After some time and doing some comparisons, I tried to bring out the treble some more and reduce the mid-bass hump. Luckily, I succeeded by experimenting with different tips.
    From the IEMs I've heard, I do think the SD2 is the best all-rounder up to 500 €. (I preferred the demo unit of the custom Compact Monitors/ Rhines Customs Stage 3, though.)
    Still looking forward to try the K3003 someday but it is not a popular phone in Germany and I don't know of anybody who has it.
  4. davidcotton
    So would there be enough bass in the 2's for rock and metal (nothing too heavy).  I know I'm not a bass head but do like some bass.  As a reference I would have considered a westone 2 almost the perfect iem had it a touch more bass then it did.  A westone 3 was almost too much.
    I'd been on the fence about the sd 3's for a while but just couldn't bring myself to hit order.
  5. music_4321
    The SD2's are not bass-light. To me, they sound VERY good with rock & metal indeed — there's slam and decent texture (but this is a BA-based phone, after all), but it's not emphasised / overdone. Never heard the W2s, but the W3s had too much (mid) bass for my taste, and I found them somewhat similar in that sense to the 334s, with a WOW effect that would soon banish after 30 mins or so.
  6. davidcotton
    Thanks.  The design and look of the sd range is certainly impressive.  However all the attention seem focused rightly or wrongly on the 3 with the 2 barely getting a mention.
  7. music_4321
    At first the JH13 became the new king of IEMs ("WOW, 6 drivers per shell!"). Then came the JH16 (with 8 drivers per shell) and, of course, it had to be better — apparently it isn't considered so these days as more people currently seem to go for the JH13. The JH5 only got the attention it got because it was the entry-level model tuned by customs supremo, Mr J Harvey, and because JHA lowered the price at the last minute due to the competition from Ultimate Ears' new entry-level custom. The JH5 is said to be an excellent custom IEM, btw. The JH7 & JH10 never got any mention / attention at all.

    The 334 gets all the attention, and the F111 gets it because it's the ER4-lovers FitEar model, an ER4 that is actually comfortable, unlike the ear-raping ER4.

    The SE530 & SE535 got/gets all the attention, the SE420/ SE425, SE310/SE315 got/get none.

    The IE8 got all the attention, the IE7 & IE6 got practically none.

    The W2 got no attention, it all went to the W4 (and still goes, to some extent, to the UM3X, which some people still prefer over the W4). BTW, the UM2 is still a pretty good IEM, btw.

    The FI-BA-SS has always got all the attention, the FI-BA-SB very little, and only because of the huge price difference.

    The SM3 got all the attention, the SM2 none.

    The list goes on.

    This, I believe, is a clear case of more ain't necessarily better, but people do tend to believe so.
    Here's a track that sounds very, very good through the SD2s: http://grooveshark.com/#!/s/Ticks+And+Leeches/2vN95C?src=5  (the SD-2s handle speed brilliantly)
    davidcotton likes this.
  8. Migou67
    Have to be listened also with the SD3 [​IMG]
    Tool band album's are just really well mastered, one of my reference when I try new audio gears.
    Another Tool track sounding great with the Stagediver's : http://grooveshark.com/s/The+Pot/2yDmZo?src=5
    Happy to see you like also the InEar !
  9. music_4321
    Maybe it's a German / Austrian thing (bolded text). What's interesting is that the K3003, AKG's flagship ear/headphone, sounds much closer to Sennheiser's flagship (full-size headphone), the HD800, than Senn's flagship IEM, the $1,000 IE800.
  10. Inks
    Neither are really close though...
  11. music_4321
    I'm sorry but I own both HD800 & K3003s and have compared them side-by-side, using the same amp and source material. You, by contrast, do not own either of them and, although you may have auditioned both, I doubt you compared them side-by-side. AND, as you already know, there are several people—at least 6 that I know of—who either also own both, or have compared both, who have also stated the sonic similarities between the HD800 & K3003 are uncanny.
  12. AmberOzL
    That is actually very interesting music. So you say, if someone wants HD800 but doesn't want to wear full sized headphones and buy an expensive amp, K3003 would do fine. Not the same, but good enough?
    That's a nice point and made me consider it for ''home'' listening, not on to go unfortunately, I need an isolation for outside use.
  13. music_4321
    Yes, and though not exactly the same SQ-wise, the K3003s are much more than good enough. When I don't use my HD800s, because it gets to hot in the summer or simply don't want to wear cans, the K3003s are very, very close sonically, and I really don't feel I'm missing much at all.
  14. eke2k6
    If the 1Plus2 and K3003 are as alike as I'm told (I've only heard the 1P2), then it would me more than "good enough".
  15. AmberOzL
    Thank you guys. I'm on the same boat as music, wearing full sized cans, especially on summer time, is a real pain. Only because of that, I am thinking about sacrificing a bit from the sound but gain more comfort and easy use.
    When I am ready for another iem purchase, I will def. consider K3003 (not K3003i) and 1+2.
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