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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Migou67
    Using a lot my Note2 with Viper4android and Poweramp, I get some nice results equalizing the SD3, Viper Clarity DSP do a good job also [​IMG]
  2. Gitbags
    Has anyone with either the sd2 or sd3 spent any time with shures se530? If so could you give your impressions on any sonic differences?
    I've been considering giving a pair of the sd3's a go but I'm looking for something with a bit more treble than I get with my se530's. 
  3. stormmilk
    They do look like the fitears, which are much more expensive.
  4. nazrin313
    Ordered the SD3 based on Ultrazinos, Sinth and ijokers review....will arrive this or next week....
    good times..
  5. Rumpelstiltskin
    I held back for an age, thinking these were just the latest Head-Fi of the moment 'thing' .
    I was wrong.These fit my ears sooo well and look sooo cool and sound sooo great - note lack of analysis.
    You will not regret your order. ENJOY.
  6. nazrin313
    Thanks I think I will...from reading tons of stuff I guess the sound signature is up my noobish audiophile alley....sad thing is I ordered it from Thomann end of November and I have yet to receive it as the shipping company had shipped it around the WORLD and back to GERMANY..like What...
    Now its finally on the way to me...hopefully...
  7. davidcotton
    Well that's what you get for giving it the weekend to think it over.  AMP3 had one box-opened one for £311 all weekend.  Finally figured what the hell this afternoon at work, got home and it's gone.  Saved my wallet I guess.
  8. Rumpelstiltskin
    Yeh, AMP3 sell open box for a big discount. If you see it - get it - I got a lovely set of Grado GR10's heavily discounted. They were as good as new.
    I'm not an employee or advocate of AMP3 - just to say, in my experience, it was a good deal.
  9. ObeyurMaster
    I decided to go for the SD2 after reading about SD3 bass oriented SQ. I got them a couple days ago. Fantastic build quality and they fit really well for a universal. I was apprehensive as I have smaller ears but they fit me very nicely. 
    The sound is....different. I have only heard them for a few hours but I'm not completely taken in by the SQ. I'm bad at describing sound signatures, but they sound a little veiled. Is this because of the massive sound stage? I'm coming from UE900, I don't know if that's a factor to consider.
  10. Sludig
    I think so. I have a pair of SD3 and I was a few days heard them before my brain complete its burn in. They sound more like headphones, sound isn't veiled at all, but this isn´t a typical IEMs sound signature. To me, they are best IEM I had tried, better than UM3X, SM3, GR07, Tripple.fi... (and better than many headphones...) Highs are more realistic, without unnatural timbre like many of them and better extension. 
  11. Rumpelstiltskin
    + that from me too. 'Natural' is the word to me and unusual (for earphones) in a good way. SD3's have very realistic drum reproduction (IMHO).
  12. nazrin313
    Alas!!! My SD3 has finally arrived in my country after 2 months around the world(damn dhl international), since its a CNY holiday today, i can only get it tomorrow, stay tuned for some noobish impressions
  13. Migou67
    I hope you will love them as much as me :)
    At this point I am pleased with my little DAC iBasso D7 + Foobar + Viper4Windows as a source.
  14. nazrin313
    Hi guys, at last, I have the sd3 with me and been using it for the past 2 hours. First impressions later,
    FIT: I was actually more concerned about fitment issues more than anything else when I purchased the SD3, it could be hit and miss and from seeing 2 x sd3s put on sale here in head-fi because of fitment issues didnt help at all. Luckily when I first donned the SD3 it fit like a glove, putting it on and off was a breeze. I really felt that these IEMS were tailored for my ears. (10/10)
    ISOLATION: My 2 kids were shouting and crying infront of me (2 feet away) didnt hear squat...lol.. (10/10)
    BUILD: I have demo'd and held the JH13/16 pros, Vision Ears Stage3/4, Earsonics SME6, SM64, K3003etc and the Inear SD3 is by far the best build IEM I have seen. Its built like a tank and Im really confident that it can take tons of abuse. The stock cable that comes with it were really quality and plus its soft and supple too. (10/10)
    PRESENTATION: My second concern when getting these were almost everyone were saying that it was dark. I wouldnt say Dark actually, I would say natural (a hint of warmth)...I dunno maybe its because of my DAP (IHIFI960) and AMP(Elekit TU-HP01) at high gain. But it is definitely not WARM, the HD600, SME6 and K3003 were alot warmer to my ears. I found the SD3 to be perfect and natural sounding. (9/10)
    FIRST IMPRESSIONS ON SQ: For the past hour or so, Ive only listened to EDM albums, Infected Mushroom, Feed Me, Noisia, etc. These are my first impression:
    Goodness me...OMG...and What!!!! HOW??? AMAZEBALLS!!! 
    More impressions after a day or 2...
    SD3-2.jpg SD3-1.jpg
    So far these have been a joy. It beats my HD600, in almost all audio aspects..thats right, it beats a legendary headphone...NO JOKE
    EDIT: I played around with it and plugged it straight to my DAP's headphone jack and also on the AMP's low gain setting and its confirmed, it became darker and a little muddier than the settings I mentioned above. Oh no biggie, I'll just use the settings mentioned..
    For those who has the SD3, try the IHIFI960 + Elekit hybrid amp (Muses02 opamp) on high gain...its PERFECT!!! More natural than the HD600. I think what the amp does is bring the MIDS and HIGHS forward...now everything is just awesome
    davidcotton likes this.
  15. davidcotton
    Nice initial impressions. I must say it is only the possible fit issue that's stopping me getting a pair. 
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