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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Rumpelstiltskin
    Yes, mine fit like a glove. Just felt 'right' from the first moment. Interestingly my SD3's also fit my Misses like a glove too and she has small ears. She normally hates in ear phones but loves the fit of the SD3's. 
  2. nazrin313

    Thanks David...

    Yeah, i just bit the bullet and had to try it cos the SQ impressions from earlier reviews of it was up my alley.

    Thomann does have a 30-day return should u have fitment issues... so I felt confident..
  3. nazrin313
    Okay guys some more impressions, I was listening to it the whole day yesterday so maybe I can give a little more on the sound and other stuff:
    COMFORT: As mentioned before, this to me feels tailored for my ears in terms of fit. This also applies to the comfort, was listening to it non stop for about 7 hours last night and my ears had no sign for stress, duress, pain and other words that are out of vocab. As I have never owned any customs i assume that fit and comfort is on par with CIEMs out there. (9/10)
    SQ: I have used this exclusively with my IHIFI 960 + Elekit Hybrid Tube Amp (on high gain) and I can confirm that this setting gave me the most natural presentation of any IEM I have tried and IMHO on par with my HD600 (with Little Dot mkIVse amp). It is uncanny how these 2 are similar in tonality as well as Soundstage. It has been mentoned so many times that the soundstage of the SD3 is huge and similar to headphones and I can confirm this. Also what I love bout the SD3 is the unfatiguing nature of the sound that it produces. 7-8 hours listening to it? No problems.
    DETAILS: My only gripe is in some tracks minor details were not as apparent as my A161p but funny thing is on other tracks it brings out some details that I have never heard on the A161p. Strange. 
    More to come....
    Note: Tried the SD3 with my little dot mkIV se when writing this (ALbum: Welcome Reality by Nero) and im in musical heaven...sooo much authority, dynamic like crazy, sound stage is now as huge as a grand hall. The bass it produces  is chest deep and makes my heart beat like crazy...never felt anything like this before...IM SCAAAARED
  4. nazrin313
    Guys, u gotta help me.. What is the best portable amp that will give the sd3 as much power like the little dot? I cannot be without that sound..im ruined!!! Heeeeelp me!!!!!!
  5. Migou67
    I'm glad you like the SD3 :)
    Personally I'm waiting on the Fiio X5, quality and level of output would be comparable with a good portable amp, from what I could read on Headfi. The paring can be also good with the signature of the X5. Hope so !
    At the moment on my desk I use with the SD3 a Maverick Tube A1 and a Ibasso D7. My HD650 are taking a lot of dust, I use more the SD3, love the fit and isolation they procurent with a non fatiguing presentation :wink:
  6. nazrin313
    I dont like it..I LOVE IT!!!! (lame I know, but its the truth).
    My desk set up is the Win 8.1>Foobar>Maverick Audio D1>Little Dot MkIVse....and when using the SD3, it is more engaging, more fun, and everything more than my HD600...
    Now the challenge is to get  the same sound on a portable setup..I think my DAP is great but as for the amp, portaphile 627x or Vorzuge PureII...
    but whatever it is, I need that Desktop sound..never heard anything better in my 2 years noobish Audiophile Life
  7. Migou67
    I think that the only (trans)portable amp that can reach or approach the D1+MKIV, is the Analog Squared Paper TUR-06 Hybrid Tube Amp !! Not very easy to carry :)
  8. nazrin313
    Yeah read about that but will look like a loon carrying that around lol...pass..thanks for the suggestion thou
  9. nazrin313
    Listening session with the Sd3 with my desktop setup. Again, Im shaking my head with disbelief. How are IEMs, universals even, can sound like this? The sound is coming from top, bottom, front, back.. it is crazy. When I read reviews here in head fi I thought it was good but I didnt expect this level of performance. My head is bobbing..my heart beating like crazy...what a sensation. 
    I reconfirm with most SD3 owners that the SD3 really sounds like Headphones. Its all about synergy and I think my Mid-Fi setup have taken me into Audio Heaven. I really cant ask fro anything more.
    So, If anyone who has the Maverick Audio D1 + Little Dot Mk IV se..please do yourself a favour and try the SD3...perfection
    P.S. anymore suggestions on a portable setup that I can use to mimic my desktop setup?? I really need this sound with me everywhere now..Im hooked for life
  10. nazrin313
    Guys....I highly recommend to listen to Micheal Jackson's Speed Demon...
    3-D sounding IEM? never thought it was possible...
  11. Migou67
    I will give a try this evening, thanks :)
  12. Migou67
    Listening on the SD3 using my iBasso D7 and Maverick A1, this clip shows off the fun side of the SD3, it's great :wink:
    nazrin313 likes this.
  13. nazrin313

    Glad you like it.. Its pretty fun hearing minute details all around you..3d presentation? Check!!
  14. nazrin313
    SD3baby2.jpg SD3Baby.jpg
    The wife with SD3s.. perfect fit too on a petite asian lady.
    So for those who are concern about small ears and issues of fitment...fear not.
  15. ObeyurMaster
    I can attest to the good fit for smaller ears....I had trouble with CIEMs (Heir 4A) but my SD2 fits like a glove.
    I did have some slight discomfort in my right outer ear after about 3 hours of continuous usage.
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