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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. MusicalChillies
    Blimey Dave, you still haven`t bought a pair yet? (SD3) :)
  2. davidcotton

    Nope, it's my own personal way of beating upgradeitis.  It's called getting locked into a loop so you don't actually end up making a decision.  It's worked wonders for my wallet so far :)  Bloody annoying when I do want to get something though :p  I think it's time I changed my sig.  How about "I used to be indecisive, now I'm not so sure" :)
  3. nazrin313
    Gave a listen to my non audiophile friends yesterday and it was total shock and awe to them. They told me never they have listened to an earphone that "rattled their brains in a good way".

    Now, they are ruined and actually caught one of them surfing the net and reading about the sd3 lol... With a lil push i bet i can get them to make the purchase..

    Owh, and my wife wants one too hahaha
  4. tm.chen
    LOL congrats on your purchase.
  5. nazrin313
    Thanks buddy...owh I saw ure name on a custom Vision Ears (if im not mistaken) on facebook earlier...I think they posted it on their page..
  6. tm.chen
    oh? I remember seeing something about VE but I am not sure if I posted anything tho.
    What a great IEM![​IMG]
  8. nazrin313
    Yeah..I think it was VE who posted it on their FB page...good looking CIEM you got there..
  9. nazrin313
    agreed..its a monster of an IEM!! Love it too bits..Since Im new to this hobby (give or take 2 years) im wondering how other TOTL IEM compares to the SD3...as of now, I got the Rhapsodio Reference Titanium One &  NAD VISO HP50 coming very soon..soo I will compare these to the brilliant SD3...
    Also, the Tralucent 1plus2 has got my attention...anyone who has heard both care to chime in?
    P.s. How does your portable rig sound esp the MH Audio Amp with the SD3? 
  10. tm.chen
    Guess that wasnt me.
    Which cable is that you are using?
  11. NIVEBL
    A little bit expensive about 1plus2 and the isolation isn't good when it compares with SD3
    About the sound i think it seems like K3003
    That amp has some of tuning button..Hi or lo gain,mid low or low range enhance and evo or eco mode.Just like VorzAmp Duo's setting.
    HA-11's flexibility is good for many IEMS. Impression is quite for me! 
  12. nazrin313

    So u heard the 1p2 and you prefer the sd3?
  13. NIVEBL
    Whiplash Twag V3
  14. NIVEBL
    Yes,i think the isolation is necessary. Maybe 1p2 is not my type.
    Also i bought ER4S a few days ago i think it can beat 1p2...
  15. nazrin313
    Lol...dont say that in the 1p2 thread..anyways..thanks for that....
    Loving my SD3s btw..so natural, so powerful, so resounding, so effortless...so FUN!!! what a great gadget
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