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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. radici
    Atlas has arrived...

    Completely immersed in sound. Soundstage has me reaching out around me to touch notes, instrument separation is beyond words, so very much detail going on (I legit have never heard The Weeknd like this before)... And the bass, absolutely insane depths. Volume level is something serious... I have never played at such a low level.

    (and this is just Spotify on my S8+ ...good heavens!!) The audio gods have been appeased!!
  2. the diode
    I am loving the way the Comet sounds with the Hiby R6.
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  3. mashuto
    Early morning atlas delivery. First impressions... wow. These are fantastic. The best qualities of the vega and then some. Doing some quick a/b between the atlas and vega, the vega almost sounds slightly veiled compared to the atlas. I am not the best at describing sound, but atlas just sounds more crisp and clear. And bass definitely retains the vegas character. Currently listening out of a mojopoly.

    I was also slightly worried about the size and the fit, but they really arent bad at all, and it definitely is kinda nice having a pair I can wear down again. Time for some tip rolling. The final audio tips seem nice, but im not 100% sold on them. Currently trying out some of the newer style spinfit CP145's and they might be the winner, but definitely need more time.
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
  4. Benvoka
    The new silver cable is the best match for the Atlas. All of my upgrade cables actually feel like a steep downgrade.
    Will have the time soon to write a more elaborate impression/review.
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  5. Audiophonicalistic
    What other cables do you have? Also what music are you guys listening too with the atlas?
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
  6. mashuto
    Not who you were responding to about the cable... though I am actually kind of intrigued to see how the all silver cable will sound on my vega now...

    As for music, kind of all over the place this morning just to try and get a sampling of various things. Listening to some Above and Beyond right now, some good ol trance music, but they also have a couple acoustic albums that are excellent. Some 311, some michael jackson... Just have my library on shuffle right now actually. Though I definitely need some new music to listen to though.
  7. Audiophonicalistic
    Yeah i meant to quote for the other cables used, I also have a few aftermarket cables im excited to see how mine compare to the one provided. It comes in tomorrow buying a bunch of music now. I mainly listen to trance and electronic but have started incorporating some dsds of jazz and classical
  8. Benvoka
    I am a huge sucker for hybrid cables, like those from forza audio. Well, they don't do it for me with the Atlas, compared to the sheer amount of detail and (very natural feeling) clarity the pure silver cable provides. Wonder how the ref8 cable works with the Atlas (looking at Ken) .... I sold mine ... (well I confess and deeply regret).
    The only one of my cables that might be on a same level of detail is the WAGNUS Proton.
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
  9. r34p3rex
    Yup. I started with the SE846 and loved that signature. Then I got a set of Roxanne II's. At first, wasn't a huge fan of the signature, but the more I listened to it, the more I fell in love. Now I have an Atlas coming.
  10. Jackpot77
    I'm in the same boat - don't want to be too gushing and come across as a fanboy, but the Atlas really resonate with my personal preferences in terms of tuning, so are my current go to IEM over things like the Zeus-XR and Athena from EE.

    Have been listening to the Vega all day as I'm working on an A/B comparison for my Atlas review, and the Atlas isn't a million miles away, but there are just a couple of improvements in clarity and the treble presentation that take it up to the next level over its younger brother for me. Great piece of tuning.

    In fact, the last three models off the line (Comet, Cascade and Atlas) have all really hit the sweet spot as far a my tastes are concerned. I think @KB seems to be going for a particular house sound with these models, and that is just about perfect for my musical leanings. Good times! :wink:
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  11. mashuto
    Yea, I too dont want to come off sounding like a fanboy... but I loved the vegas, and even though I just got the atlas this morning, I definitely think they take the vega sound up to another level. And you are right, not a huge change from the vega, but definitely a little edge in clarity and treble presentation. To me, listening to them side by side the vega just feels ever so slightly veiled. Its as if they took the best parts of the vega and just tweaked up the few areas that could use it. Definitely feels like vega+. Its rather nice.

    Going to have to give the atlas a full work day treatment tomorrow and see how it holds up in terms of comfort as well as play with tips to see what works the best for me. If it holds up comfort wise like the vega, might be time to part with the vega, as great as it is.
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  12. davidcotton
    Do campfire ship to europe/uk? Tempted to give the comet a go.
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  13. radici
    Reggae, Rap/Hip-hop, R&B, Soul, Alternative/Rock. Gonna try me some jazz with em later as well, maybe even a little Soca/Calypso if the mood hits.
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  14. Jackpot77
    They ship to the UK. They use FedEx Intl. Priority or something similar, so my Comets arrived 3 or 4 days after I ordered. Very quick.

    The shipping is steep, so I'd advise if you are looking at anything else from CA like extra tips / anther carry case / cable etc, probably best to order it all at the same time.
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  15. radici
    Anyone using their Atlas over ear? I find straight in and wire hanging I have to push em back in periodically to regain my seal... prolly cause of the weight. Thinking maybe around the ear might reduce that gravity some.

    Definitely looking into getting custom tips done soon.
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
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